After taking it I smiled at Yuan Zidao Brother Yuan you don’t have to be too selfconfident your aptitude is the number one person in

After experiencing a catastrophe known as the catastrophe, most of the creatures on the earth died directly. Human beings are struggling to hold on in the last safe zone, but they are not only facing mutated beasts, but also those who can break through the space barrier and enter the earth at any time.
The giant source beast grew up in adversity, and the young Luo Yunyang got the attribute regulator and embarked on a road to rise Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Admission Qualification The purple sun shining on the barren land of Donglu Town seems to add a little vitality to this small town in a quasi-safe area. On the playground, you can see the sky like broken glass in the distance and the giant mountain looming behind the sky.
The giant mountain is not in this void. This is the conclusion of the scientists. It is the mountain of the devil. If you don’t obey, you will be thrown away. Go to the mountain, if adults scare children, that is the mountain of wealth. If you go to the mountain, there will be endless wealth. This is the fanatical words of adventurers. It is the mountain of broken souls.
Countless orphans and widows are looking at the vast mountains.
Sometimes there is resentment in their eyes, because their fathers or men were buried in the wild mountains, Shen Yulang passed the pass, Zhu Ming failed, Luo Yunyang, the playground that was flattened with black and purple soil followed by that Wearing a rough blue shirt, the not-so-handsome but handsome boy swung his fist and hit the target, causing cheers.
Luo Yunyang, this guy is really perverted.
In just one month, his strength has increased to 500 catties. Maybe he really is. Yes, he is only fifteen to twenty years old.
His strength should reach 1,000 jin. Becoming a warrior is very simple. I don’t know if he has a girlfriend.
People are attracted to him.
Another boy in the crowd’s discussion Walking up, his clothes are the same color as the boys present, but they are two grades higher in terms of fabric and workmanship. This boy is very handsome, but there are some mean eyes and the upturned expression of the mouth, which is really not pleasant.
Hehe, it’s quite a lot, but it’s still a lot worse than me. The moment he said this, the young man walked quickly to the front of the boxing target, and then punched it hard. He’s teachers were all amazed, not to mention those students, how could it be possible to practice Yubi’s last test, it was just that I was not as good as him, why did it take half a month to increase to this? This is cheating, the chubby Shen Yulang yelled, “Other students.” Half of them were noisy, but there were also some who were silent, but many people looked at Luo Yunyang subconsciously. Luo Yunyang, who was wearing a blue linen school uniform, also became gloomy.
At this moment, a thought came to his mind, don’t yell. Let me tell you that brother Yubi took a body-building potion ten days ago, and now this is his true strength, a skinny young man said proudly As soon as the exercise potion was spoken, it not only surprised the noisy students, but even the teacher standing aside was full of shock.
Lian Yubi, a $100,000 body workout potion, was really willing to hear that the potion was Refined from the true blood of ferocious beasts, I had only heard of it before, but never thought that there was such a medicine. Lian Yubi ignored those critics, he proudly came to Luo Yunyang and said with confidence, I said we are in Donglu Town. This recommendation quota is mine, although your aptitude is not bad, but why do you, a poor ghost who relies on first-level energy bars for food every day, compete with me for the noble son? He clenched his hands tightly and his heart was full of resentment. His hard work for many days was in the end no match for someone else’s medicine, Yunyang, and the place to be sent to Qitian Martial Academy is you representing our Donglu Town to win the first place in the Dongshan County League.
No one can take away the reward, the little fat man Shen Yulang came to Luo Yunyang’s side to comfort him, before Luo Yunyang could speak, Xiong Zhenshan, the teaching director whose head had thinned into a basin, was already heading towards Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang, come here, Xiong Zhenshan usually smiles at Luo Yunyang, but Now his expression is incomparably serious Luo Yunyang Qitian Martial Academy’s recommendation quota, our school can only give to the strongest if you don’t make progress for a long time, then don’t blame the school for not being sympathetic But this does not mean that he can let others bully you, and don’t be unconvinced.
The quota is not for you, but for the school. In addition, I just inform you that it is not a discussion with you.
Xiong Zhenshan left this sentence and walked away.
Lips, he was unwilling, but felt that there was a huge pressure that made him breathless, Yunyang, hurry back to the classroom, the ultraviolet tide is coming, Shen Yulang ran over, pulled Luo Yunyang, and ran towards the classroom, the ultraviolet tide is actually ultraviolet light, but With the rupture of the void, the mild ultraviolet rays have turned into ultraviolet tides.
The four-hour ultraviolet tides in a day have become the most difficult time for ordinary people. Only by hiding in the room can they avoid the invasion of ultraviolet tides. Let me go to rest. After Luo Yunyang came to the corridor outside the classroom, he said firmly. During the conversation, Luo Yun ignored Shen Yulang’s persuasion and ran towards the dormitory, but halfway through, Luo Yunyang thought that there should be many students in the dormitory who were avoiding the ultraviolet tide.
I don’t want to see those classmates’ pitiful expressions. The broken cave behind the school is where Luo Yunyang usually practices martial arts. At this time, after he came to the cave, he punched the broken wooden pile in the middle of the cave with one punch, two punches and three punches.
Luo Yunyang didn’t know himself.
How many punches have been punched? His strength is constantly being consumed by these crazy fists.