After taking a shower I took out all the changed clothes still a little cramped looking around for the washing machine Ye Lan stood at

Is there a person you and he were once so close that no one can match or replace but now you are not together after many, many years He and she are names that you will not click on and will not be deleted on your phone When we met, there were thousands of words and words, but the person who just nodded and smiled at the end never remembered, never forgot, did you ever want to find him in the past, her pseudo-brother Wen has no blood relationship, two-way secret love on the surface is cold and awkward, but in fact is a moron star who has a crush on his brother Brother Ye Lan is a talented student who studies architecture.
He has a good temper. When he was young, he was very close, but because of various reasons, he became estranged. Because he was looking for a job, his brother came to Ye Lan’s city and temporarily lived in his home.
Although both of them wanted to do something, but The huge gap in life has become a gap between the two Ye Lan’s middle school second temper is not a small obstacle Well that’s it Xu Chen is a talented student who studies architecture. He has a good temper. When he was a child, he and Ye Lan were very close, but they became estranged for various reasons. Even though they both have special existences in their hearts, he came to Ye Lan’s city to live temporarily because he was looking for a job.
Entering his house, although both of them want to do something, the huge life gap has become a gap between them.
Because of a relationship when they were young, they kept each other in their hearts, but because of each other’s specialness, they became timid.
Both of them hesitated to take the first step. Love is such a wonderful thing that even people with a bit of a wild personality can learn The author’s writing style is very fresh and gentle, and there is no need for deliberate rendering.
The contagious text tells a story with a bit of sadness, and the psychological action of the two-way secret love is portrayed very cutely. The plot development is also very exciting.
The chapter Ye Lan is not I don’t know if it’s a customary practice or the result of research.
Anyway, the big screens in the waiting rooms of airports have always shown things other than advertisements, and there are only some very short videos.
It only needs to write five words that you can go at any time.
Now the big screens are showing The latest single of the most popular idol group at the moment is an idol group, even if there is no music, just watching the screen is pleasing to the eye. Even so, the audience knows from the familiar lyrics and composers that this song is absolutely not bad The single is a magical concept.
Xu Chen doesn’t understand these. He just thinks that the prelude looks like a foreign blockbuster. When the members of the group appeared one by one, he realized that it was a love story. It was probably just to take care of the mood of the young female fans. A few youths in the group are dressed like medieval fantasy blockbusters. They look softer. Two are elves. A youth with mixed blood marks on his face looks like a werewolf and he can dance very well. The young man couldn’t tell what it was. When Ye Lan’s face suddenly appeared on the screen, Xu Chen instinctively took two steps back, no matter how many times he watched this.
.. The close-up of Ye Lan and Ye Lan’s perfect facial features that can’t be picked out even if his face occupies the entire screen is still shocking.
Ye Lan’s face stayed for a few seconds.
They got together and let out a low scream when they met the male god, they were probably fans and the girls who had been waiting for this scene for a long time took out their mobile phones to take pictures Xu Chen heard them saying that they can see Lan’s combination here Everyone in the book has English names, such as the mixed-race one, and the captain, who seems to be called only Ye Lan.
Everywhere is a word for Lan, especially in this chapter of the album. He is the protagonist, so every time Xu Chen passes by the video store outside the school Like a thief, he dare not look at the full of Lan characters in the window.
Fortunately, he is studying the only few girls in the construction class, and he is very sensible.
No one discusses stars in class, otherwise he probably won’t even be able to get close to his relatives in class.
It may be a good thing for others to have a star in the movie, but the Xu family avoided mentioning it tacitly. Even the youngest daughter of the second uncle’s family who went to junior high school didn’t bother to ask Ye Lan to bring her an autograph. During the Chinese New Year, I stared curiously at Ye Lan, who stands out from the crowd.
Usually, everyone praises people for being good-looking and dresses like a star, but the real star dresses like a model every day. Mi Ba has a beautiful face and body, and has passed through the stage of high school where he was as thin as a skeleton because of malnutrition.
After that, no matter what clothes he wears, he is basically a person who blocks people and kills Buddhas. He is unmatched, but the Xu family is I don’t think it’s pleasing to the eye, but I feel that Rumang is on my back, even if it’s New Year’s Eve at the reunion dinner, Ye Lan is there, and even chatting about the family, I feel that they can’t do whatever they want.
They treated Ye Lan’s mother too badly, although Ye Lan has grown up now. Xintiandi, and he has a cold personality, usually talks less and doesn’t seem to hold grudges.
When Xu Chen graduated, he directly gave an alien computer. Xu Chen is a student of architecture and has high requirements for computer configuration, so he knows that the price of this computer is not too dare to accept it.
At that time, Ye Lan hadn’t spoken to him for half a year. In fact, if the Xu family was willing to curry favor, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Even if Ye Lan didn’t treat them as relatives, it would still be a luxury to occasionally give them anything, but although the Xu family was not kind, they were very backbone. Ye Lan’s mother also felt that her sloppy private life had disgraced the Xu family. Even if Ye Lan had become a big star now, they were unwilling to follow suit. She still looked lukewarm.
Xu Chen was staring at the screen and was suddenly pushed behind him. Someone was rushing to catch a flight and bumped into him. He fell forward a little, but a hand reached out to support him. Xu Chen turned his head and was startled. Although there were many people at the airport, Ye Lan was still too conspicuous, even if he wore it. sunglasses