After such a long time the girl finally spoke again and the voice like a silver bell came to my ears again I felt a

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Click back, I’m afraid I’m going to become a lonely ghost, I looked at my watch, clicked to separate, dawn is running out, it’s only my fault that my profession is a dreamer, after working for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be all kinds of supernatural side effects, just as I don’t know When I was at a loss, I suddenly remembered the method of ancient Indian wizards using salt and vinegar to restore the soul, so I hurried to the kitchen to prepare.
I used a pot in the kitchen to prepare the materials and started the soul-returning ceremony according to the steps in memory.
I turned on the gas stove and gas wafted out.
The eerie blue flame I recited the ancient Indian mantra, although I can’t guarantee that there are no omissions, but right now I can only treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor After I finished the mantra, I sprinkled a handful of salt into the boiling vinegar and the surface of the vinegar formed immediately A rapidly spinning vortex, I watched the vortex keep turning, felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, my body getting lighter and lighter, the surrounding environment became more and more blurred, then I slowly lost consciousness, I woke up again, and stood up from the bed I sat up and rolled up the sweat all over my face, and quickly checked my body.
Everything that happened just now turned out to be just a weird dream.
I looked at my watch and washed it for a while before starting a new day of work as a dreamer. Dream chasing is not an ideal career. If someone asks me for advice on career planning, I will definitely not recommend the career of dream chasing for two reasons. First, the income is not high and unstable. Second, I have to bear huge side effects I became a dreamer by accident. A depression a few years ago made me almost collapse, so that all my relatives and friends around me left me one by one. After I recovered, I felt like a big hole was dug in my heart. It was filled, but I don’t know if this is a blessing in disguise. With this defect, I can actually feel the energy of the subconscious mind flowing. It is an indescribable perception. To use an inappropriate metaphor, it is like seeing with the whole body. The flow of the essential energy of all things in the universe.
For me, all things in this world are unchanged, but at the same time have a brand new look, just like the Diamond Sutra.
After working, with this supernatural power, the choice of occupation seems a bit simple The job of a dream chaser is somewhat similar to that of a psychological counselor. The goal is to improve a person’s character and thinking mode. In other words, it is to turn the treacherous into kind, the timid into brave, the despicable into kind, and the bad into good. The process is to enter the hypnotic state with the other party and feel the energy emanating from the other party’s relaxed subconscious mind.
The black energy is depression, the red is anger, the light pink is cowardice, and the normal energy is hard to tell what color it is like.
The white color is also transparent. A dream chaser needs to maintain a clear consciousness under hypnosis to disperse the ominous energy.
Repeating this several times can change the opponent’s personality and thinking mode. Although the theory of dream chasing is chaotic and difficult to clarify the goal, it is very clear. The ominous part of the energy can be dispelled, so it is very direct and effective.
It only takes one or two times for a high-level dreamer to completely change a person’s thinking mode. However, due to the vague theoretical basis of dream work, it is very difficult to train. Some people have been trained several times.
There are people who give up after a year and can be fully proficient in months.
Although there is no accurate measure of the talent of chasing dreams, in general, people who are delicate and sensitive are more suitable for some. I almost spent all my savings as a behavior planner. Relying on the special ability given to me by depression, it took me a month to complete the training and successfully become a dreamer. The train was speeding westward. The car was empty.
I sat diagonally across from a woman wearing sunglasses, who was tightly wrapped from head to toe.
In fact, on the last train in the middle of the night, it is rare to meet people, let alone such weird people in strange clothes. I looked up at her, she was sitting facing forward, and her body remained motionless, but I always feel that the idea of ​​her squinting at me behind the sunglasses is a little bit It’s creepy.
I looked away and began to think about the training during the day. I have been in the dreamer business for many years, but in order to ensure the level of the dreamer, the company still conducts training and assessment every year.
The task of the dreamer needs to contact the subconscious mind of the customers The ominous energies of dealing with these energies are often unavoidable and sometimes side effects are inevitable.
Some of these side effects are nothing more than vivid nightmares, but some are very strange.
For example, there was a time when I dreamed of a giant snake every night. spring and autumn dream