After she appeared she also thought about the purpose of the old man Pengci but she suffered from no clue and a familiar The voice

What kind of hidden weapon are you? Why did you break my Vajra Glass Body so easily? Looking at the great monk Meng Yan who was dying in front of him, he hurried forward and took back the dart that was stuck in the opponent’s forehead.
Author’s custom label Chapter Traveling Easily Chapter Bad News Shuzhou in August is particularly hot and humid, with the noisy cries of summer cicadas everywhere, and Tianfu City, the largest city in Shuzhou, is no longer as lively as it used to be, even under the scorching heat Those martial arts knights who are full of martial arts are not willing to go out in such a weather, let alone those ordinary civilians. Selling watermelon, sweet and refreshing big watermelon, come and buy it! Many people who had been hiding at home to enjoy the shade were shocked. They opened the door and looked towards the source of the sound.
At the end of the street, which was so hot that the air was twisting, a figure pushing a tricycle slowly appeared.
The watermelon is shaking slightly in the water basin. The black lines on it are so attractive in the eyes of everyone. It’s really coming.
I don’t know who made the sound like a stone breaking the water surface. The long street, which was originally only accompanied by the cicada’s cry, suddenly became lively. Finally, the young master came. I have been waiting all morning. Boy Meng, leave me half a cheapskate while I go to Brother Meng. I want two junior brothers, everyone.
Disciples of the Tang Sect first choose one for senior brother, take your time, take your time, everyone has the tricycle, and the tricycle is crowded with people in an instant. The young man pushing the cart doesn’t care to wipe his sweat, while holding the awning on the cart, he greets everyone to be quiet.
Take your time and put the watermelon on the ground, none of you can eat it. A voice with a hint of anger resounds in the crowd. Even with anger, the voice still sounds very sweet. One can imagine that the owner of the voice must be poor. Nowhere to go, and after the sound came out, the crowd slowly quieted down, afraid of offending the female devil of the Tang Sect, Senior Sister, thank you Seeing that the scene finally settled down, the melon seller hurriedly thanked the woman in red who made the sound The woman in red smiled and patted the young man’s shoulder, leading his chest to shake violently.
The young man couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. It’s no wonder he was so shocked by the holy light in front of him.
Does the person look good? Look good, do you want to touch it? Do you want to feel something is wrong? The young man hurriedly said at the same time secretly scolding himself, Meng Yan, didn’t Meng Yan tell you to be a man long ago, you have to be determined and don’t just be fooled by some little ones? What kind of temptation is she not wanting or not? The woman in red obviously doesn’t want to let him go easily with her hands crossed over her chest and jokingly looking at the holy light on his chest. This action makes her look even more dazzling, senior sister, don’t make fun of me, this is for you The watermelon was just taken out of the well, and I specially picked out the sweetest one for you. Meng Yan, who dares to tangle with this female devil, is there not enough people in Tianfu City to be cleaned up by her? Hurry up and take out a watermelon from the basin and hand it over to me. She hehe you kid took it with one hand Watermelon Tang Yueying looked at Meng Yan who turned her head aside with a half-smile, and finally decided to let the kid go for the time being, and then saw her perform Tang Sect’s unique lightness dance flower steps into a flowery step. A gorgeous crabapple flower floated into the distance, ah, no, Qian Mengyan sighed in his heart, and then said to the rest of the crowd, come, come, come, come, come, the big sweet watermelon just fished out of the well, first come first That’s right, everyone who was still obsessed with Tang Yueying’s demeanor when she left also came to their senses and picked his watermelon at Meng Yan’s. That’s why it’s hard to see at ordinary times, or buying watermelons to satisfy your cravings is the real problem. Soon the car full of watermelons will be swept away by everyone.
Spending so much thought on old man Xu, these big families are happy to spend money, just such a carload of watermelons has earned me at least one hundred taels. You must know that an ordinary family probably can’t spend so much money in a year, and I spend a day. After earning so much, he simply packed up.
Meng Yan pushed the cart and walked out of the city.
After walking for about half an hour, he finally came to a valley. In the depths of the valley, there are dense buildings.
You can vaguely see someone performing light kung fu on the eaves.
On the top, Brother Meng has sold out of watermelons again today. A disciple in the black costume of Tangmen in front of the valley saw Meng Yan who was pushing the cart back and said with a smile, yes, they were all robbed in a while.
The fact that this disciple is yelling in the street like a street peddler is really embarrassing to my Tang Sect.
At this time, another disciple guarding the mountain gate said to Meng Yan with disdain, Lu Wenzhuo, you seem to have not been beaten last time.
Hearing the words, Meng Yan put down the cart, moved his wrists, and walked towards Lu Wenzhuo with good intentions, Meng Yan, don’t go too far, let me tell you, don’t think that you will be lawless with the support of the three elders, you don’t know, right? After today you will I see how long you can be arrogant. Lu Wenzhuo looked a little panicked when he saw Meng Yan approaching. Although both he and Meng Yan have not yet reached the ninth rank, this kid is relying on the floating movement technique he learned from the third elder. I am really not his opponent, what did you say, what happened to the third elder? Hearing this, Meng Yan’s face suddenly changed.
What has become? You have to know that this is the Tang Sect. Although it does not belong to the way of magic, the Tang Sect, which has always followed the law of the jungle, is not a good place. Hehe, you don’t know yet.
Devil boy