After several times of changing directions the system collected more than three data and got The Precise Position of Sensing Soul Masters Volume 3 The

Chapter 1 Soul Transmigration Advent Head hurts, it feels like it was hit by a sledgehammer, the brain is buzzing and hurts like it’s about to split open After the slack eyes touched the ceiling, they instinctively began to focus and look at the completely unfamiliar surroundings.
In the gray-white room, a white desk was placed in front of the window. In front of the window was a high-backed chair that seemed to be medieval Europe. The bed I was sleeping on was not my own wooden bed, this is not my house, where I am, Shi Lie’s voice was very weak, and he seemed out of breath.
Staring at the white palm of his hand, which is thin and tender, it is more delicate than a woman’s hand. Shi Lie is sweating coldly. This is definitely not his own hand. He has been on a construction site before, moved bricks and carried cement, and his hands are covered with big He hurriedly glanced at the cocoons and scars.
The black patterned robe on his body was just fitting.
A dark green auspicious cloud and python pattern belt was tied around his waist.
At this moment, his brain felt another sharp pain. The pain came suddenly and brought with it many strange memories.
Strange memories in the picture caused Shi Lie to roll his eyes and faint again. After an unknown period of time, Shi Lie slowly woke up again.
There was a part of memory in his mind that did not belong to him at all. This is a man named Shi Lie. The only son of a nobleman, Fredericks, whose first name is similar to that of Shilie, and whose surname is closer to that of Western Europe.
Frederick, the head of the Kars family, is also a tragic Baron of Fredericks. The old man was killed by a spirit beast when he was besieging the spirit beast a few days ago. Shi Liefud Feidicars rushed back from Nanluo Town on the way, but encountered a bandit, and Shi Liefud Feidicars escaped on horseback. Come back quickly. When I got home, I accidentally fell off my horse and hit my head.
It was a tragedy. That’s why Shi Lie took advantage of it. At the same time, some memories about his life also flooded into Shi Lie’s mind.
This is a medieval European world, but it is more I don’t know how many times the size of Europe is called Illusory Soul Continent.
There are powerful knights, mysterious soul masters, huge and mysterious soul beasts. A fantasy world soon appeared before Shi Lie’s eyes. The Illusory Soul Continent is respected by soul masters. Noble and mysterious profession. They can manipulate wind, rain, thunder and lightning to change mountains and rivers. Research all mysteries. A group of people who can live for a long time. Some kings of small countries have to be respectful and respectful when they see a soul master. People with powerful professions and no soul master talent practice the way of knights. Shi Lie’s father is a great knight.
Shi Lie was detected as a soul master when he was young. When he was nine years old, he was sent to Nanluo Town by the baron father. Only six years have passed since an old soul master apprentice, Oss, has learned soul art. Shi Lie has only trained a good-for-nothing with a similar soul pattern.
Shi Lie’s father, the baron, has always had strong expectations for Shi Lie The real soul master revived the Kars family, so even though Shi Lie’s poor and messy results in the past six years, the old baron His father didn’t let him give up on being a soul master and become a knight. The Dokars family is a baron family in the Dragon Flame Kingdom. The ancestors of the Houdekars family can also be considered a relatively wealthy little noble in the countryside. There are three rich villages.
The three villages guard the three passages of the Danmeer Forest. It is easy to obtain the materials in the forest. Although the territory is not big, it is better than the rich Kars family. They rely on the three rich villages to live a life without worry It’s been through time! Shi Lie rubbed his head and still can’t believe it.
At this moment, the door was pushed open, and a handsome maid in maid outfit came in and saw Shi Lie leaning on the edge of the bed, rubbing his head.
Young master, you finally woke up, maid.
Excited and authentic information about the maid automatically appeared in his mind.
Fanya, the maid of Shi Lie’s family, was sold to Shi Lie’s family since she was a child.
Young master, are you all right? Is it still hurting? No need, Fenya, I’m fine now, butler Rhodes must be busy now, so don’t bother him, I can just take a rest, you go out first, Shi Lie waved Fenya, step back three times, Shi Lie waved Fenya, went out and closed the door Shi Lie got up and walked in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror. His smooth and fair face was still a little immature, his dark eyes glowed with a charming color like sapphires. His nose bridge was tall and straight, his eyebrows were like willows, and his bright cherry blossom-colored short hair was just a beautiful boy.
Put it properly on the earth, a piece of fresh and tender meat, no matter which world it is in, it is the truth if it is good-looking, suddenly I am full of expectations for life in the new world. The big-hearted person immediately accepted the reality after he was surprised.
I will be Shi Liefud Feidicars in the future. I am the man who is going to be the Pirate King, no, I am the man who is going to be the soul master. The evolutionary system restarted, started data access, linked the world link, completed the import of world information, calculated the world’s energy operation mode, and docked with the host. Just as Shi Lie was looking forward to the future life, a mechanical female voice suddenly appeared in his mind. Who was talking? Shi Lie was frightened.
The infinite evolution system restarted, the host got a novice gift package, a mechanical female voice once again thought of Shi Lie’s scalp, who are you? What is the infinite evolution system? I am the intelligent program of the infinite evolution system.
Infinite evolution system It is a super-intelligent program system that assists the growth of the host. You are the host selected by the infinite evolution system.
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