After searching for a long time in the nearby study he found a book An ancient scroll with a torn seal Xiaoxiaomei can Xiaoxiaomei hear

The past is unforgettable, the north window is lost, and the heart is locked.
The heart of the prince is still cool.
Chongyang is elegant and famous. Tanhua is also frivolous. Zhu chatting is the most absurd, knowing how to grow up, asking about the canal to be loyal, Liangxi unharmed, cloudless, rippling, night Wu, bustling with dreams, a lyre is hard to play, floating life is exhausted, but the characters are named and source Ji Ci is named after the country’s title, born on June 6th In order to show his favor to Ji Wangfu, Emperor Shici bestowed the national title on Ji Ci with a big stroke of his pen.
Therefore, Ji Ci caused countless people to hate the nickname Xiaoxiao was adopted by his grandmother from the orphanage when he was a thin and small Tao Rong. On August 16th avoid the bustle and reunion, only the lonely and desolate form is left alone, only cultivate and educate, cultivate and coordinate all parties to govern the country. The Huang family is ripe with the king, one drunk, one Tao Ranyun Shi and Zizi Yanshi and Suifeng Haiyan River Qingyun Suifeng Shi and Suifeng Shen Half stream half stream water green thousands of trees falling flowers red sound Enlightenment Shen once golden wind and jade dew once met Victory, but there are countless clouds in the world, and one is devoted to meeting the kindness of acquaintance Xiao Wenqu asked the canal to get it clear, so it is a source of living water to say goodbye Gulan raises the orchid, Yiyi raises its fragrant bamboo, forgets the words under the bamboo, forgets the words to the purple tea, the feather guest is drunk, the chrysanthemum flows, the chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum, the tears, the lonely boat, the hometown, the heartfelt words of Momoge, Qin Xi, give it to Zhonggu Weiye Mo Mo is mowing, it is clean, it is as clean as a master, Ye Ye promotes acquaintances everywhere, it is as pure as Cen Jing, the sea is difficult to be water, but Wushan is not Yunji, Jinghan, Yanjing, appreciate the cloud mountain, Hanmo Jiwan, the cool moon is like the eyebrows hanging willow bay, the more Zhongshan Seeing in the color mirror, Ji Sui gentleman Wannian Fulu Sui The place name is named from the empty Mengting Pavilion, empty and drizzled and confused Xiangyi Yuan Xiangyi also looks very beautiful The elders live in the main hall, Yi Fan, a good example, the waterside where the crane lives, the sound of the ground, the sound of the cloud, the talent residence, the white cloud, the beautiful sound, and the ability to stay in the cloud, the Simei Pavilion. The beauty of words in the article Liu Kun answered Lu Chen’s poems with appreciation of the taste of the poems with special treasures with clear words to express the son of God’s journey to the four beauties without perfection Princess Mansion Cobblestone Trail Weixian Pavilion Gazebo Ke Nian Zhai Ke Nian Do Holy Private Study Room Wen Yu Pavilion Su Xing Wen Yu Warm in winter and cool in summer Ji Shao Jubu leads the translation of the Pitching Gallery Temple, conforms to nature, cultivates virtues and accumulates blessings forever, how beautiful it is so calm, you can walk with your head up, every move is as dignified as in a sacred temple When the wind blows in the pond, the leaves rise like a song and overflow nine Song cloister, Lingge pool, upper corridor, rain beats banana banana forest, rain beats banana wind, Xiao Xiao rain also Xiao Xiao Suian Temple, Buddhist temple, lush forest, bamboo landscape, Jinlou, Yunmo Pavilion, Chapter 1 is dead, God will not accept his resignation. Seeing through the whole country, the people are all reveling and celebrating, running to tell each other joy, playing firecrackers for six days and six nights, and it has not stopped. Who let Ji Ci rely on himself as the princess of Prince Ji’s mansion, with the support of the queen mother? The emperor favors the queen and kills friends. The cruelty of Zhongliang is simply the wrath of man and god. Heaven and earth do not allow the funeral. On the day of the funeral, only the crown prince Ci Moyan Fuling cried so heartbreakingly that not even a single tear fell.
At the same time, Ji Ci’s crystal coffin was filled with eager knocking sounds. Ji Ci, who had died so thoroughly, miraculously came back to life on the first seven days, so everyone put away the firecrackers and gongs tremblingly.
Came here with a hippie smile to curry favor with Ji Ci After waking up, Ji Ci closed the door to thank guests for three consecutive days and locked himself in the boudoir What kind of crooked idea do you think to deal with them? In fact, Ji Ci has done nothing these three days. He just stared at the bronze mirror and was depressed. These three days, Ji Ci’s mood was ups and downs like a roller coaster.
When he just woke up, he faced a strange and unknown world. Ji Ci was ignorant I understand, and then I know that I have traveled through the original owner, and I am so ecstatic.
She, the owner of an antique shop who has been tricked into debts, not only does not have to pay huge debts, but also inherits the squandered family property.
After doing all kinds of crimes, she couldn’t hold back. Isn’t this the vicious female supporting role in the movie she watched when she was hiding from debts in the sewer? The day and night are so natural that he offended everyone, especially the vicious and vicious male protagonist Tao Rong who never blinked.
In the end, Tao Rong made her experience eighty-one tortures from ancient times to the present, and she was cut into three thousand and four. It took more than a hundred knives to die so that she could not die.
She was dressed as Ji Ci.
When she thought of Ji Ci’s final fate, she trembled all over.
She hasn’t lived enough. She really doesn’t want to die. She wants to go back immediately.
Important ding, the system has been activated, the guilty Ji Ci looked around but saw nothing I can’t see the cute and lovely me, Ji Ci is at a loss, master