After reading it again I only feel at ease when I think about Bai Bing Facts prove that he was right to find Bai Bing

Zhang went down to pick up girls, and the distant rooster crowed in the morning mist, drifting among the mountains in the misty mist, and in the misty clouds, Wudang’s Golden Summit looked like a fairyland in the Cloud Palace.
Tianzhu Peak showed the whole picture.
It was only at this time that Wudang Mountain, which was full of incense, lost its mystery.
There were a few fireworks in front of the Golden Summit Hall.
A hundred Taoist priests in small navy blue robes were practicing in the morning.
The array is not necessarily rigorous, but it doesn’t feel messy in the slightest. Hold your knees, walk with your knees bent, concentrate on looking down on the majestic hall. In the hall, a white-haired old man dressed in gray and white cannons stands with his hands behind his back and faces Beixian. The old man suddenly opened his mouth, although the voice was majestic, but it was a funny and angry tone. Outside the temple gate, a young man of eighteen or nineteen years old poked his head, first showing a forehead, and then that The double-dropped eyes turned straight and finally stepped into the hall hehehe hehe master, how do you know it is me? Flattering face master, you are so powerful, you can guess that I really deserve to be the ancestor of the world, no wonder so many female pilgrims like to look for your palm reading alone, no wonder so many pilgrims at the foot of the mountain say you are a true martial arts living Lu Zu Linfan, you young people are just one pass up The irrelevant flattering old man’s face turns red and white at times, but he really doesn’t want to talk to him. At this time, he can’t listen anymore.
Shut up, brat, as soon as you poke your head, I’ll know whether you want to shit or fart. If you fart, it’s okay. Hurry up and turn around, old man.
His face is clear and simple, his white beard is fluttering, his bones are fairy-like, but his beard is blowing and his eyes are staring, and he has a somewhat exasperated taste. The young man shrugged and muttered softly, didn’t he just accidentally broke your glass cup a few months ago? A broken oil lamp that you don’t need It’s just worth remembering this for a long time. What did you say? The old man raised his eyebrows and raised his eyebrows. The young man hurriedly flattered him and said hey, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.
Isn’t this going down the mountain today, so I came here to say goodbye to the master? Even so, the old man’s expression has obviously softened. The young man doesn’t care anyway. The old man said so on the surface, but he knows that the other party is also affected.
Turn around and leave, etc.
Hey, master, what else can you order Liao Shan is away from home, no matter what happens, you are not allowed to tell others that you are my apprentice, especially in front of acquaintances, if you let me know that there is even a little bit of wind in the rivers and lakes Humph, you just wait to die, the old man squinted his eyes slightly The young man with a murderous face curled his lips, turned around, and left, don’t worry, master, I wouldn’t even say it if I was killed, yes, the old man with a bone fairy style is a little surprised In my mind, so at most I just quietly write it down for others to see that my master is the Taoist ancestor hahahaha low key, the corner of the old man’s mouth twitched violently Turning from white to green, I couldn’t help but want to scold my mother, I knew this kid would not be so obedient, but this kind of emotion didn’t spread in the old man’s heart for a long time.
I’m sure the young man has gone away.
But the same smile was almost fleeting, and then the old man looked worried, he said to himself, doing everything, obeying the fate and the old way, I have done this thing in my life, it’s a pity that so many disciples have failed. Boy, don’t let me down again. The old man has no time to train a disciple who is as good as you.
Outside the gate of the main hall, many sneaky figures suddenly appeared, just like before. The young man looked around in the store like he was looking for something.
A group of people are like thieves.
Master grandpa, junior master, is it gone? With a wry smile, he also relieved his burden and said yes, the little bastard went down the mountain and probably won’t come back in a short time I’m so happy, oh my god, this bastard little bastard finally got out of the way. Wudang walked up and down the stone steps on the halfway up the mountain.
The corners of his mouth twitched slightly and he said, you heartless guys, just wait, I will definitely come back, one leaf falls, and in the autumn and autumn, the Wudang Mountains are full of yellow leaves, and the stone steps are like a bed of golden blankets stretching to the foot of the mountain. Brilliant Fang Hong stepped out of the soles of his feet with one step.
The crushed yellow leaves were soft and waxy.
His body looked like a frightened dragon.
With one leap, he was several feet long.
On a certain day in September of the 21st century, the incarnated demon king of Wudang Mountain in China, Fang Hong, the most proud disciple of the contemporary Taoist ancestor Going down the mountain with a secret mission towards the city of mortals What is the secret mission? If you ask what the secret mission is, then you don’t have to ask, of course it’s about picking up girls.
A very interesting young man with an excited voice like chicken blood. Ten o’clock in the morning. In the tallest commercial building in the center of Shanghai, China has just negotiated a big deal.
Zhan Hongtu is in a good mood. He asks his secretary to open a door. The bottle of Romanée-Conti Latache’s scarlet liquid was shaking gently in the goblet, and a faint fragrance of wine permeated the air. Congratulations to Mr. Zhan for his congratulations to this proud secretary of Shangfeng.
The mountain is still not visible, the water is not leaking, just nodded slightly, then lowered his head to sip the wine, and the moment he lowered his head, there was a sudden change in the goblet in his hand, which suddenly vibrated violently