After looking at Yan Hao he directly asked You are fourteen years old and ten months old today right Yan Hao frowned slightly wondering what

I have the ultimate magic weapon, I have the perfect system, I have high-level elixir, I have the perfect system, I have a powerful magic talisman, I have the perfect system, you shut up, turn on the system, hum, hand over the elixir, or don’t blame me for disregarding blood friendship An arrogant voice rang in Yan Hao’s ear, Yan Hao only felt a tearing pain, which didn’t come from the body, but from the whole thing of the soul, Yan Hao felt somehow and clearly remembered that he should be in I was performing an assassination mission in the game, but when I was about to complete the mission, I heard this inexplicable sentence when my eyes went dark. In my dazed vision, I only saw a strong guy in front of me. According to his height, he should be no more than eighteen years old.
Yan Hao I just feel that the whole body is weak and the reason why I can stand on the ground is because there are two other people supporting me, and my head seems to explode.
What is going on? Yan Hao really feels so tired and wants to sleep, as if the power in his body has completely disappeared. The black spot magnifies in the field of vision, and a huge impact hits his cheek. The two people who supported him also let go at the same time.
Yan Hao’s weak body flew back like this, and slid on the ground for several meters away.
Mommy Yan Hao Immediately after falling to the ground, he came back to his senses and cursed secretly in his heart.
Although he didn’t feel any pain, Yan Hao knew that he was beaten for no reason, and he was still hit hard. The anger rose, and the originally drowsy head actually became sober because of the anger. It also began to become clear, gritted his teeth, Yan Hao controlled his weak body and stood up slowly.
Although he had never felt so uncomfortable before, he knew that he had to stand up. This is the dignity of a thug. He can still stand up Ah, not bad, the arrogant and piercing voice came to Yan Hao’s ears again, Yan Hao could only feel that the annoying voice trampled his dignity to pieces, Yan Hao finally saw clearly that it was a young man in a gray suit The man’s skin is soft, black and shiny, his appearance is flat, his short hair stands upright like a steel needle, his body is covered with blue veins, his eyes are full of playfulness, just looking at him like this, Yan Hao stares at him coldly, although he doesn’t know where he is A thug can only keep calm under any circumstances, and only the enemy’s murderous intent is gradually revealed in his eyes. Yan Hao’s eyes are getting colder and colder, and the man standing in front of him is also frowning slightly, as if thinking that Yan Hao has something wrong today.
The place is different, look at you, the man obviously doesn’t like this, he punched Yan Hao in the head again, Yan Hao finally stood up and fell to the ground again, but this time the opponent didn’t give him another chance to breathe. He kept beckoning Yan Hao with punches and kicks, but he wanted to resist, but he couldn’t use any strength from his whole body, he could only be like a lone boat in the sea, despite the rainstorm-like fists hitting him, images kept flashing in his mind.
There are two kinds of memories that keep overlapping, and the tingling in the depths of my soul is getting more and more severe. My head seems to be exploding.
It’s a waste that our Yan family has someone like you. It’s a shame. up You are a rubbish, a scum Yan Hao’s head is buzzing, the anger in his heart seems to have reached a critical point, as a gold medalist, when has he ever been so useless? More than 50 people can be easily brought down without getting tired, but the helpless thing is that this body can’t control that kind of anger, it can only keep soaring, it can’t explode, it’s extremely uncomfortable, Ade, stop it, if you hit again, you will die. At this time, one of the two people who had been watching the show said, Ade gasped for breath, then stepped on Yan Hao’s stomach before he stopped, then laughed loudly Yan Hao lay on the ground with his mouth closed, trying to prevent blood The blood-red eyes were staring at the three of them, especially Ade and the others, which had been deeply imprinted in his mind.
Ade laughed for a long time and rummaged through Yan Hao’s body to find a ball-like thing. Then he turned around and left with the other two, no longer caring about Yan Hao, the three brothers of the Yan family, Yan De, Yan Xing, Yan Bang, very good. The long-suppressed blood came out of the person’s back, and he passed out completely.
In a daze, Yan Hao finally had a sense of his body, but the pain of the next moment, like a broken body, made Yan Hao gasp. Then he screamed, Haoer, you woke up, at this moment, in the hazy field of vision, a blurry figure approached him, Yan Hao took a few deep breaths, clenched his teeth, endured the pain, and his field of vision began to focus. The care on the face of an old man makes the wrinkles deeper. The messy silver hair has not been tidied up for some time.
The most surprising thing is that the old clothes on him may be comparable to those of a beggar. Where is this place? Yan Hao frowned.
Clutching his lower abdomen and chest, he asked, because these two places are the most painful, Hao Er, are you okay, this is your room, the old man in front of him worriedly looked at Yan Hao who was on the bed, how did Yan Hao feel at this moment? It seems a little different. Yan Hao felt a pain in his head again, and let out a soft cry, a lot of information appeared in his mind, as if he had experienced another life, so he wouldn’t be fooled, right? The old man murmured worriedly and looked at Yan nervously. It took a long time for Yan Hao to feel the information in his mind clear. He looked at the old man in front of him and said, “Second Uncle, I’m fine, I’m so tired. Can I take a rest alone?” Nodded, sighed and said, well, don’t think too much, get a good night’s sleep, I’ll come see you tomorrow and watch the old man leave when the dilapidated wooden door is closed