After going out everyone just boarded the boat and saw a large number of whiteclothed navy chasing them let’s leave quickly Tsunayoshi Sawada hurriedly said

Lufei Gangji, Fosha Village, East China Sea, you must be careful! Upslap, Maggie and the others stood at the pier and shouted loudly at the two departing boats, waving their arms. Don’t worry, I will definitely become Dai of One Piece. The boy in the straw hat shouted, and on the boat next to the boy was also standing a boy in casual clothes with loose brown hair on top of his head.
This boy was also waving at the people on the pier at this moment.
Tsunayoshi really doesn’t think about coming to me.
Are you on the boat? The straw hat boy asked Tsunayoshi Sawada. Hearing this, Tsunayoshi Sawada replied with a helpless expression on his face. Since Ace went to sea, are you asking me every day? Is it annoying? I want to form my own pirate group. Luffy, who will keep his hand, heard the words and laughed and said okay, Tsunayoshi, let’s see who gets it first. After speaking, he quickly walked away in one direction. Sawada Tsunayoshi watched Luffy leave quickly and smiled faintly, looking at the blue sky. I said to myself, I don’t know how my family members will come to me.
Tsunayoshi Sawada, formerly known as Ye Fan, is from another world. How did he come here? Tsunayoshi Sawada has no memory at all.
The child was thrown into Fosha Village by Garp and lived with Luffy and Ace for more than ten years.
Ace went to sea three years ago, but according to Sawada Tsunayoshi’s memory, he should finally enter the sea of ​​Whitebeard. The bandits regretted the death of Ace at the beginning and lived together for so long, so Sawada Tsunayoshi did not want Ace to repeat the same mistakes, so when Ace went to sea, he told him to be careful.
Tsunayoshi Sawada is not very clear about the impact. As for his own name, it should be obvious that the world of tutoring has been integrated into the world of pirates. If the result does not change much, he should have fourteen names. The crew didn’t know how they would get in touch with them.
Tsunayoshi Sawada was full of anticipation.
After some time, Tsunayoshi Sawada suddenly discovered a pirate ship appeared in the sea in the distance. Who will the captain be? Are all seven here or one of them? I was thinking that the pirate ship has already approached to feed the kid. You use such a small broken boat to go out to sea and a wave will overturn you. Hearing this, Tsunaki replied, “Let me take a casual boat.
” Then he jumped on the pirate ship and came to the deck.
The first thing he saw was a boy tied to a pillar on the deck with a full head of white hair. The scars on the body look like they have been tied on the deck for several days. I think he will die in a few more days.
Who is this person? Is he a member of your pirate group? Will he not die if he hangs here? Brat, who are you? We pirates You are in charge of the regiment’s affairs.
Those who dare to jump directly on our pirate ship are you the first to seek death? Looking at the viciousness on the faces of the people around you, Tsunayoshi Sawada knows that a battle is inevitable. Based on the principle, Sawada Tsunayoshi rushed directly towards a weaker looking pirate, passed by and Luffy Years of life have already made Sawada Tsunayoshi’s martial arts reach a certain height, and he came to that person in an instant.
Sawada Tsunayoshi stretched out his palm and hit that person on the neck, knocking him out directly, and then turned to the other side without stopping. One person knocked down the three in an instant. The pirates didn’t expect someone to make a move so decisively, so they didn’t react at the beginning. By the time they reacted, Sawada Tsunayoshi had already knocked down eight people. Seeing this, the others immediately rushed forward.
After the beginning Tsunayoshi Sawada gradually adapted to fighting with multiple people at the same time, and he became more comfortable with his shots.
Just when he thought that this pirate group was nothing more than that, a pirate with a giant hammer suddenly rushed up and waited fiercely with the giant hammer. The sound of breaking wind hit Tsunayoshi Sawada’s head, Tsunayoshi Sawada kicked the person in front of him, and with the rebound force, he was ejected out of the attack range of the giant hammer. Yoshi’s pupils shrank so quickly, and then he bent over to avoid the blow, but the pirate didn’t hit the hammer for a while because of too much force. Seeing this, Tsunayoshi Sawada hurriedly seized the opportunity to fly forward Hitting the pirate on the waist, the pirate burst into pain and shouted, let go of the giant hammer, kicked at Tsunayoshi Sawada, reached out his hand, turned around, and hit the pirate’s head, the pirate extended his hand to block Another blow to Tsunayoshi Sawada, Tsunayoshi Sawada couldn’t dodge and was knocked down on the ground. Seeing this, the pirate turned around and picked up the sledgehammer and smashed it at Tsunayoshi Sawada.
Looking at the rapidly enlarged sledgehammer, Tsunayoshi Sawada felt a little desperate and wanted to die.
I didn’t expect to die just after going out to sea. Sure enough, I can’t underestimate anyone.
I want to form my own pirate group and compete with Luffy for the pirate king. It seems that there will be no chance in the future, can’t I just let it go like this, I’m not reconciled, at least I want to stay in this world Write down my name to let the world know that I have been here and fought hard, even if I gave my life, if I don’t fight, I will have no chance to fight. Suddenly, Tsunayoshi Sawada’s eyes changed and became calmer, and his forehead was actually on fire. At this moment in the sea On the height of the thief ship, there is a baby and a girl standing side by side.
The girl looks at the baby from time to time, but love is revealed in the eyes of the baby.
The baby is staring at the flame on Sawada Tsunayoshi’s forehead, that’s right, that’s death. The flame of qi, the symbol of the head of the Vongola family, did not expect to see it just after arriving in the East China Sea With a bang of the hammer, a hole was smashed out of the deck, and Tsunayoshi Sawada was smashed down.
I thought it was so powerful.
I didn’t expect Master Lalu to be dealt with as soon as he made a move.
Yes, he was quite arrogant and went directly to ours. ferry