After getting up the water surface was shining brightly his eyes were blurred he tightened the rope on the horse put his body weight on

Hey, you can tell the winner just by looking at it. It’s not interesting. It’s not interesting.
In a tall and wide house surrounded by a wooden fence, there is a tall and a short two people fighting with shirtless and empty hands. Different people are yelling, let the people inside fight more fiercely.
This is a arena opened by the Liu family in Fengpu Town.
Dazhao advocates martial arts. The lord Hongyu is said to be a martial arts idiot. He likes to read books about martial arts on the market.
Also collected a lot of so-called martial arts cheats, a group of tall and strong guards were kept in the palace, and they practiced according to those so-called martial arts cheats every day. In this way, there are more and more fake cheats, and the common people read more One after another imitated what the chivalrous men in the storybook did, so the folk customs of Jokhang Kingdom became more and more fierce. Fights and fights occurred in the streets and alleys from time to time. In order to prevent such things from happening frequently, and to prevent the government from having a headache From the very beginning, a place dedicated to fighting was set up on the street, and now the arena has become a place for martial arts contests between knights and knights, and it has also become a unique form of entertainment that the people of Jozhao like. An order was issued that the most powerful fighters in the arena can go to Kyoto to compete, and those who win can directly get his rewards.
Serve as a low-level military officer in Kyoto to discuss martial arts with the king. As soon as this order came out, some rich families saw an opportunity. They have set up their own arenas one after another to lure those who can fight to join their arenas to compete for imperial rewards and even official positions to gain a place in front of the king to consolidate their power.
Although almost all the people are armed, nothing has actually happened For real martial arts masters, those supernatural skills and martial arts that come and go only exist in story books and people’s imaginations, or those who are truly capable martial arts masters disdain to participate in such competitions, and they are the ones who win in the end It is often those tall and strong people who rely on their advantages and brute force, just like the two tall men who are fighting in the Liu family arena at this time.
The shorter person on the opposite side is actually a skinny young man. His arms are like thin sticks of firewood, which makes people feel that they can be broken with a little effort, so there are very few people who bet on this game because there are almost none. It’s suspenseful, hurry up and finish the game, let’s change the game, it’s really boring, what are you doing here, it’s obvious that the result will come out soon, but the fight lasted as fast as a stick of incense, and there’s no winner Impatient, the burly Zou Eryou in the center of the arena is in distress.
He just touched the boy on the opposite side, and he is as slippery as a loach.
He had a dangerous feeling that Zou Er was originally a pig slaughterer with a lot of evil spirit, and he dared to fight and kill. Now that he won the money by fighting, he no longer needed to kill pigs. several games This is the first time I encountered such a situation. Hearing the impatient urging voices from the people outside the arena, Zou Er looked at the people from Liu’s family on the high platform opposite, and he was also a little impatient.
With a single sound, he charged forward with his feet on the spot, and he charged forward with all his strength. The young man had no way of confronting him head-on. The two were not at the same level. He could only turn around and dodge the blow, and before Zou Er turned around, he was like a monkey. Nimblely climbed onto Zou Er’s back, clamped his waist with his legs, clenched his fists with both hands, curled up his middle finger, and slammed at the acupuncture points on both sides of Zou Er’s head, and Zou Er was not clumsy either. Caught the young man’s fist, then bent down and pulled the young man forward.
He was strong enough, and the young man did not resist. He followed his strength and rolled over from Zou Er’s back, but his hands were still pinched by Zou Er, and he rolled over. At the same time, the boy kicked on Zou Er’s face, and his nose was also a weak point.
After being kicked, Zou Er burst into tears and finally let go Frowning, while Zou Er covered his face with the other hand, he quickly reset the dislocated joint, and then rushed towards Zou Er without the slightest pause.
Where did this kid come from? On the high platform, the steward of the Liu family squinted his eyes and wiped the beard on his lips. The confidant boy beside him hastily reported that he came by himself and asked how much silver he would get if he won a game, so he signed up. I’m afraid of killing people, I don’t want him, and I don’t want him, but this kid voluntarily signed the book of life and death. It’s interesting. Although his body is weak, he still has some tricks in fighting. If he raises it, he might be worse than Zou Er.
Followed by a smile, the younger one will ask him later, the chief manager shook his head and looked at the center of the arena, the young man was too weak to dodge, and was hit in the face by Zou Eryi’s punch, half of his cheeks suddenly swelled up, and he fell down He fell on the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time, and Zou Er didn’t feel well.
The kid on the other side was like a loach soaked in oil, and he didn’t hold back his hands. He just attacked his vitals. It’s because he’s stiff, the two of them can’t move for a while, but this kind of play also makes the people outside the field who lack interest cry out excitedly. This kid still has a few tricks. What’s the use? His lack of physical strength can’t last long.
This guy It’s not for nothing to watch the excitement.
The young man is already thin and persevering for so long.
It’s almost the limit.
In addition, he just received a solid punch from Zou Er. Can he stand up again? Zou Er’s eyes are red. It was so easy to endure the piercing pain