After flying less than half a foot they landed with a bang and before they could be triggered the talismans turned into pieces of paper

After finally becoming a Taoist couple with Lin Monan, Ge Huan died in order to save a pair of siblings.
Ge Huan’s death made Lin Monan, who had broken the path of extreme love, suddenly understand the long-lost Dao of Xiaoyao. From then on, Lin Monan was The widow who has entered the Xiaoyao Dao is steadfast and dedicated until his death. The path of extreme love is the best way to become an immortal, but it is also Lin Monan’s catastrophe. It cuts off the path of extreme affection and then enters the path of Xiaoyao to pave the way.
The author’s writing is sophisticate and has a sense of humor. The characters are full of character and each has its own characteristics. The spirit beasts have added a lot of fun to Lin Monan’s long and long journey of cultivating immortals.
The wedge of Yuetai Mountain is full of strange peaks. The scenery is beautiful.
It has always been a place for young couples to meet. This time when the sun and the moon are in the sky, the highest Shaming Peak of Yuetai Mountain falls from the top. A white figure shone under the soft moonlight, making his already beautiful face even more clean and gentle.
He listened quietly to the sound of the sand, like the sound of heaven, and the moonlight was better than being a fairy. Even his voice was very elegant and pleasant, full of joy. I want to have a night meeting with my sweetheart in this beautiful Yuetai Mountain. The man in white clothes is full of emotions.
His fair face is dyed with layers of blush, his lips are red and his teeth are white. The description is beautiful.
There is a strange fragrance of flowers floating in the air.
Although Shaming Peak can overlook the peaks of Yuetai Mountain But its shape is like an hourglass, and when the wind blows, there is a sound of rocks, so it is named after the peak does not grow a piece of grass, so where does the fragrance of flowers come from? Normally, the man in white has already noticed the difference, but at this moment, he is excited and full of thoughts. After a while, the person he likes comes, how to please him, what else is there to care about, so he didn’t change his color until the real energy in his body suddenly stagnated and couldn’t move. Take out a hand to snatch the amulet away from the seal. In the middle of the night, Mr. Lin was so excited that he was wandering in the platform mountain, reciting poems. Lin Monan suddenly turned around and saw two men in black robes standing behind him, with vicious faces and obscene expressions.
Second, the key is theirs. A hideous ghost face is tattooed on the cuff of the black robe. At this moment, the man in the black robe on the left is playing with the amulet seal with a sarcastic smile on his face.
It was only then that Mo Nan remembered that he had been tricked by a conspiracy, and his true energy couldn’t function, so what? Mr.
Lin has always loved exorcising demons and defending Taoism. I don’t know how many disciples of the Heavenly Demon Sect are in your hands. It’s better not to stretch out your hands and point randomly, otherwise the black-robed man who was playing with the amulet seal sneered halfway through the conversation, and suddenly grabbed Lin Monan’s hand and folded it fiercely. He broke out in a cold sweat under the severe pain of breaking, but he still managed to restrain himself from screaming, otherwise this would be the end.
The man in black sneered and finished his sentence. I am the chief true master of Haoran Sword Sect. Destroy the Gate of the Heavenly Demon Sect Although he is in a dangerous situation, Lin Monan has no fear However, today he will die on the spot and he will not beg for mercy. It seems that Mr.
Lin’s mouth is much tougher than his hands.
How powerful is the Haoran Sword Sect? It is stronger than Kunlun, or it is stronger than Emei Shushan.
None of these three major sects dare to say that they will destroy my Heavenly Demon Sect.
Haoran Jianzong is not afraid that the cowhide will be blown to pieces, I am so afraid, hehe, junior brother, are you afraid that the man in black robe turned around and asked another man who has not spoken? Raise the amulet seal and throw it down the peak, then step forward and hold Lin Monan’s shoulder with a malicious smile, Mr.
Lin, our brothers are entrusted to teach you a lesson, don’t worry, it won’t hurt your life Although the Heavenly Demon Sect is not afraid of the Haoran Sword Sect, our brothers don’t want to be hunted down yet. If you want to hold grudges, you don’t have to hold grudges.
Our brothers have grievances. We have a head and a debt. In the future, we just want to take revenge, and we recognize people. Follow his words, Lin Monan’s shoulder bones His shoulders have been crushed by someone who is dripping with cold sweat Lin Monan is still enduring the severe pain, his face is pale and he squeezes out two words from between his teeth Naturally who came here is the one who came here, otherwise the two of us brothers would have been able to hide here early and plot against you. Lin Monan is furious, how can he allow others to slander his beloved? The man in the black robe moved his hand to his face, Lin Monan wanted to get out of the way, but his chin was pinched by him. Look carefully, Mr. Lin is really handsome, he is still a boy of Yuanyang! There is a healing technique, do you want to try it? Lin Monan’s face turned from white to purple and shouted angrily, if you dare, you can do it if you say so, of course you dare, junior brother, you first me first The other person frowned and said, “Senior brother, Yuetai Mountain, people come and go late, and things change, nothing will happen. The black-robed man smiled nonchalantly, and said, “Senior brother reminded me that I really need to change the place.
” The strange smell of medicine permeated, Lin Monan couldn’t catch his breath, he had already inhaled it into his nose, and suddenly he felt his whole body gradually went numb, even the root of his tongue couldn’t move He looked like a flying bird and disappeared into the night in a blink of an eye.
Lin Monan’s face was ashen at this time, but there was still a glint of hope in his eyes.
The person who asked him to come here is about time. As long as he comes, he will definitely be able to save himself.
Suddenly, out of the corner of Yixi’s eyes, an unforgettable figure was reflected in the moonlight, standing not far away, watching him quietly, save me, Ye Zhiqiu, save me, but the person didn’t move, just watched quietly