After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

Do you know whose hands the ancient strange recipe fell into? Gu Qingyun asked if Madam Mu didn’t pass the recipe to the girl.
Ruan Ziya shook her head and said that before her mother passed away, she secretly passed on my poison technique, even my father didn’t know about it.
I was young and my mother said that I would pass on the ancient prescriptions when I grew up.
Unfortunately, when I was six years old, she passed away suddenly due to dystocia. Afterwards, I searched all over Yingshan, but I still couldn’t find the whereabouts of the prescriptions.
Li Feiqing thought of it. It is said that those who died from the poison of Biphosphorus, Senior Sister, were not killed by you. Ruan Ziya sneered slightly, and said that the more stinky disciples of the Kongtong Sect would deserve to die. Those people were indeed not killed by me, but since Fu Chong believes they were I’ll kill him. After I leave the valley, I will go to him.
The Kongtong faction will kill more.
Li Feiqing sees her murderous look, secretly worried, and says that when I leave the valley, my senior sister and I will become enemies again.
If she kills people indiscriminately, how can I sit idly by? Ignoring Gu Qingyun, pondered for a moment and said, “Ma’am, looking for the whereabouts of the ancient Qifang, could this be related to Mr. Mo Zhu’s death?” Ruan Ziya sighed lightly, and said that nothing can be hidden from Master Gu, who holds the poisonous prescription. Zhu’s real murderer, Li Feiqing, clasped his hands and said in a deep voice, this person should also be the murderer who poisoned Master, Ruan Ziya’s eyes flashed and sneered, and he said with a sneer, this person holds the poison in his hand and has been hiding for so long. A fight made him also taste the taste of being poisoned to death. She thought for a while and said to Gu Zhuang and Li, Master Gu, junior sister, come over tomorrow, wait for me to recover my skills, and we will go together to explore the way out of the valley. Things are unpredictable.
Ruan Ziya watched Gu The two of Li left and turned around, but saw Murong Wuhen leaning against the exit of the cave with a sullen face, couldn’t help but smile and asked, what’s the matter? My junior sister Murong Wuhen said lightly, you already have a way to get out of the valley, why didn’t you say it earlier, because I was afraid that I would leave and throw you in the valley after I found out, ignoring Ruan Ziya, she just smiled and said, why do you think so? She didn’t look like a joke when she saw Murong Wuhen In a blink of an eye, I was sullen and felt aggrieved, silent for a moment, turned around, walked to the corner of the cave, and sat down slowly, Murong Wuhen would be sullen if he gave birth alone, and Ruan Ziya would not hear Ruan Ziya’s voice, and when he turned his head, he saw that her face was pale and tears filled her eyes.
Ruan hurriedly went over, hugged her into his arms, bowed his head and kissed her on the lips, Ruan Ziya snorted coldly, hit his lower abdomen with an elbow, Murong Wuhen bent down in pain, but with a compensating smile on his face, he gasped and said, “You want to murder your husband, Ruan Ziya Consciously making the shot, I felt a little regretful, seeing Murong Wuhen stretch out his arms again, he stopped struggling, let him hug Murong Wuhen, leaned close to her ear and whispered, It was my fault, should I doubt you? The voice is always in your heart, you are always afraid that I will plot against you, Murong Wuhen smiled and said, every time we fight, I will be your defeater, I will inevitably be afraid that Ruan Ziya will raise his eyes and stare at him, Murong Wuhen took the opportunity to hang his head and peck her lips lightly Ruan Ziya slapped him on the chest, cursing in a low voice, shameless, angry in his heart But it also disappeared. After a while, she said softly that the way out is in the middle of the mountain.
I didn’t tell you a few days ago, because she suddenly blushed, took a look at Murong Wuhen, and stopped talking. He hugged her tightly and said, “Are you afraid that after leaving the valley, the two sects will continue to fight and want to spend a few days of quiet life here with me?” Ruan Ziya lowered her eyelashes and Murong Wuhen saw a faint teardrop hanging on her eyelashes, feeling sorry and annoyed She stretched out her lips and kissed the tears from the corners of her eyes and said softly, after we leave the valley, I will order the congregation not to fight with you, why should you worry? You are also willing.
Murong Wuhen hesitated for a moment and saw that Ruan Ziya’s eyes were slightly disappointed, so he took out the ink bamboo token from his bosom and handed it to her with a smile. Now I have handed over all my wealth to you.
You are determined for the rest of your life. My woman was my woman that night, when the two of them thought of tomorrow, Li Gu couldn’t help thinking about it.
Murong Wuhen sat cross-legged, his eyes were deep, and he didn’t know what he was thinking. Why aren’t you sleeping? Murong Wuhen responded but didn’t move Ruan Ziya muttered in a low voice impatiently, “I’m cold” Murong Wuhen finally got up slowly, dawdled over and lay down beside her Ruan Ziya smiled satisfied and embraced him Snuggled up to him and touched him, screamed, pushed him away, blushed, scolded in a low voice, brat, how dare you, Murong Wuhen felt helpless, coughed and said, I can’t help myself, so it turns out he was in the daytime After some intimacy with Ruan Ziya, at this moment, facing her glamorous real face, I can’t help but think of the graceful figure I saw when I was healing her, and I became more and more distracted.
Blame him for having bad intentions Ruan Ziya sees his dejected embarrassment but still looks carefully at himself, can’t help covering his mouth and giggling, Murong Wuhen sees that she is not angry, then coughs and tentatively said, it’s actually so cold and can’t sleep Why don’t you find something else to do? Ruan Ziya blushed and sighed with a pooh smile, how could I fall in love with you, Murong Wuhen, who is such a pervert, turned over with joy in her heart, hugged her and smiled and said, “Okay, dare you scold me, watch me treat you.” How will you be punished? On the second morning, Murong Wuhen woke up and saw that Ruan Ziya was still sleeping on his chest, with black hair like a waterfall covering the naked bodies of the two, making the ambiguity even more ambiguous. His fingers touched Ruan Ziya’s body softly. The smooth skin swayed in my heart, and I remembered the scene when the two were lingering and ecstasy last night. The lower abdomen suddenly became hot. Complaining but expressing affection