After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

Tomorrow, if that girl seeks her own death, the big deal is that her skills will recover and she will have to go out of the valley to make plans. With my protection, no one will bully you. Ruan Ziya nodded and said that if there is any change in her tomorrow, you must take action immediately, otherwise you and I Both of them are in danger for their lives, Murong Wuhen chuckled softly and said don’t worry, now that the true energy in your body is no longer colliding with each other, I’m prepared, don’t you still fear that this little girl won’t succeed? He hugged Ruan Ziya even tighter and said in a low voice Go to sleep, don’t think about ink bamboo anymore tonight, Li Feiqing tossed and turned all night, opened her eyes at dawn, settled down, sat up and served Gu Qingyun, ate some wild fruits, Gu Qingyun knew her heart when she saw her expression We have already made a decision, said in a soft voice, be more careful, Li Feiqing nodded silently, seeing that it was already daylight, he walked towards the cave, and in the cave, Murong Wuhen exchanged glances with Ruan Ziya, held her hand and smiled, let’s start, Li Feiqing stretched out his hand to hold Ruan Ziya The other palm silently poured its inner energy into her body, Gu Qingyun said in her head yesterday, when the two of you draw Ruan Ziya’s true energy to the Jianjiao point, immediately shoot Murong Wuhen to death This place is the intersection of Ren and Du’s two veins There may be a place to keep her true energy alive, Li Feiqing is not sure about the blow, but she knows in the center that if Murong Wuhen’s inner breath fluctuates slightly when she is dying, Ruan Ziya’s internal energy will scatter, ranging from complete paralysis to immediate death. She is the most beloved daughter of the master, she really hesitated in her heart for a moment, and thought for a while, if she didn’t make a move, would she really have to wait for her skills to recover and kill Gu Qingyun with her own hands? The pulse leads to the Jianjiao point Murong Wuhen leads Ruan Ziya’s internal energy to walk along the Ren meridian to the Jianjiao point while paying attention to Li Feiqing’s every move, his skill is much higher than Li Feiqing’s, and he senses that her inner breath is getting closer to the Jianjiao point As the acupoint approached, the fluctuations became more obvious.
Knowing the picture in her mind, a sneer appeared on her lips.
Once she pulled out her inner breath and was about to strike at herself, she would also withdraw her strength to subdue her.
Just when the two people’s true qi was about to meet at the Jianjiao acupoint At this time, the ground suddenly shook slightly, Murong Wuhen and Li Feiqing were stunned, and suddenly Ruan Ziya’s true energy suddenly became disordered, moving around in the body and colliding with each other. The zhenqi that was so easily gathered in the past two days appeared to be dissipated, and Murong Wuhen felt the ground shaking again and again. Knowing that it was the aftermath of the earthquake a few days ago, he couldn’t help but secretly startled. What if Li Feiqing made a move to kill the two of us at this time? It’s not easy, but Ruan Ziya will die if he withdraws his palm at this time, he hesitated for a moment, and poured all his internal energy into Ruan Ziya’s palm to suppress the chaotic zhenqi in her body, but Li Feiqing didn’t move, just held back another zhenqi from the side.
Guided again to Ruan Ziya’s governor’s channel, the two of them worked together until evening to reintroduce the zhenqi in Ruan Ziya’s body into the eight extraordinary meridians At that time, the little girl seemed to have spared her energy on purpose. He didn’t have time to think about it.
Li Feiqing had already stood up and touched several places on his chest.
Murong Wuhen’s internal energy consumption at the critical point was quite huge, but he couldn’t dodge it, but his chest was paralyzed, his whole body couldn’t move at once, Li Feiqing drew out his long sword and said coldly, Murong Wuhen, today is your death day Knowing this sudden change, I didn’t find out for a while, but Li Feiqing, this little girl’s way, Li Feiqing stabbed out with a sword, but heard Ruan Ziya whispered, junior sister, don’t kill him, she heard Ruan Ziya’s first opening, telling her junior sister to move the sword in her heart He turned his head to look at Ruan Ziya before stabbing her eyes, seeing a slight panic in her eyes, he couldn’t help saying bitterly, Second Senior Sister, why are you protecting this villain, do you know that Master is the one he poisoned to death, Murong Wuhen snorted Talking nonsense, when did I poison your master again? Li Feiqing said bitterly, you sent five senior brothers to poison me. Ruan Ziya said softly, junior sister, I questioned Lan Lang in detail that day, and Murong Wuhen never ordered him to attack me. If Daddy poisons you, if not, I will be the first one to let him go.
Li Feiqing was stunned and only heard Ruan Ziya say, “Let him go!” It was she who took a look at Li Feiqing and said that if you kill him, there will be no one in this world who can join hands with you to heal me. Li Feiqing had already realized that the cold and cold inside Ruan Ziya’s body was strong and strange, and knew what she said was wrong. But if she let her go, Murong Wuhen would never dare, Ruan Ziya said just now when my true energy was lost, you didn’t take the opportunity to make a move because you were afraid of hurting my life, junior sister, since you care about my fellowship, I Ruan Ziya also I won’t do that treachery. Li Feiqing said, I believe you, but don’t you believe him? Ruan Ziya said, Murong Wuhen, you quickly swear a poisonous oath to my junior sister.
Seeing Ruan Ziya’s beautiful eyes looking at him without blinking, she was full of pleading, and said softly in her heart, “Murong Wuhen hereby swears that I will never hurt Gu Qingyun in the valley for one day. This oath made me suffer from the poisonous bite of ten thousand insects, and I died without a place of burial Sitting and lying down, I couldn’t move for a long time Murong Wuhen suddenly smiled softly Ruan Ziya blushed and asked why are you laughing Murong Wuhen said leisurely You never bowed your head to anyone and now you don’t hesitate to beg for me She still says you don’t love her As the author has something to say, for the sake of the update time, the writing is not good, so don’t shoot me, go to Sujue Xuegu Bingfeng, Ruan Ziya, turn your head and say softly, I’m just trying to save my life, I’m just being passionate, Murong Wuhen sees her stubborn Slightly smiled and stopped talking, but in my heart I was happy