After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

Murong Wuhen looked back and saw her standing still outside the cave, said in a rough voice, hurry up and dawdle, Li Feiqing was even more confused when he saw his urgent tone Hen hereby swears that he won’t have any intention of getting involved with you in the future. Can you rest assured to follow? Murong Wuhen led her inward for a few steps, Li Feiqing saw a group of figures on the ground in front of him, lying face down, motionless, not even breathing up and down, as if he had died for a long time, Murong Wuhen cursed in a low voice Stepping forward, she hugged the man into her arms, Li Feiqing said in a low voice, Ruan Ziya saw that Ruan Ziya’s black hair was scattered, her eyes were tightly closed, her lips were blue and purple, and there was a pool of blood on her chest, she looked seriously injured, Murong Wuhen stretched out her palm Ruan Ziya gradually took a breath, but she opened her mouth with a wow and spit out blood, Murong Wuhen didn’t dare to lose any more qi, withdrew her palm and said to Li Feiqing that what you want you to do is join hands with me to help her Healing Li Feiqing doubted that her skills were far from those of the two of them, why did she insist on helping herself, but Ruan Ziya sighed in a low voice, Mo Zhu, I am so sad, this is going to die, Murong Wuhen held her hand and saw that she was still closed Looking at her eyes, she knew that she had lost her sanity and was talking nonsense, only to hear her murmur again, Daddy, senior brother, I want to eat sugar man Li Feiqing’s heart skipped a beat, remembering that when she was a child, whenever she was sick, her master or senior brother would always go down the mountain to buy a candy man and send it to her Over time, she also developed the habit of eating candy when she was sick, and she thought that the short sword Ruan Ziya used that day was very similar to the left-scar sword drawn in the Shadow Mountain sword manual.
This sword and Juying Sword are both Shadow Mountain The Supreme Treasure Master once gave this sword to his wife. After her death, the sword was buried with her coffin. Why did it appear in the hands of Ruan Ziya? The sword moves that Ruan Ziya used that day also have some shadows of Yingshan swordsmanship.
Could it be that Li Feiqing stared blankly at Ruan Ziya, the answer in his heart was about to come out, but he still felt unbelievable Murong Wuhen said in a deep voice that she has gone mad and her life is at stake.
Working together to channel the energy in her body may save her life Li Feiqing said in a low voice she is Murong Wuhen with a look of impatience in her eyes and said impatiently she is your second senior sister Mu Qingqing, do you have the heart to see death instead of saving Li? Fei Qing nodded without any hesitation, and the two sat cross-legged on both sides of Ruan Ziya’s body, reaching out to hold one of her palms.
Sensing the upright and softness of the inner breath is the authentic inner force of Xuanzang School of the Shadow Mountain School, Li Feiqing added the inner force to guide the inner breath to disperse to her eight meridians, but suddenly felt a burst of coldness, an extremely cold true energy Li Feiqing suddenly felt that Ruan Ziya’s whole body was trembling slightly, and she knew that if she was not careful, she would vomit blood and die on the spot.
A thin layer of sweat could not help oozing out, and in the midst of a critical situation, another gust of yin and cold inner breath came pouring in to envelop that qi in it.
Li Feiqing must continue to slowly channel the previous qi in Ruan Ziya’s body for a week.
The sky will melt all of them into her eight meridians. After all this hard work, Li Feiqing is already sweating profusely. Opening her eyes, she saw Murong Wuhen beaming with joy, nodding slightly at her, and seeing that Ruan Ziya’s breathing has become much more stable.
With a slight frown between her brows, she gradually regained consciousness, she opened her eyes and saw Murong Wuhen and Li Feiqing were beside her, and she was startled, remembering how her whole body was paralyzed and vomiting blood before she fell into a coma, knowing that the time limit had come, Murong Wuhen sighed softly Hen held her palm and comforted her in a low voice, don’t worry, Miss Li and I will work together to heal you, you will be cured Ruan Ziya gasped and said, who told you to find her to heal me, Li Feiqing looked anxious and scared when she saw her She vomited blood again and hurriedly said, Second Senior Sister, don’t be angry Ruan Ziya stiffened and said slowly, you know, Li Feiqing nodded and said softly Murong Wuhen told me Ruan Ziya looked at Murong Wuhen with doubtful eyes Murong Wuhen slightly With a smile, she turned her head and said to Li Feiqing that you can go back and come back tomorrow morning to continue to channel the qi in her body. Although Li Feiqing has many doubts in her heart, she knows that Gu Qingyun is worried at the moment, and she is afraid that she will not speak anymore and turn around hastily. Leaving, Ruan Ziya waited for her to leave and asked softly, you already knew it, Murong Wuhen smiled and said, at first, I was only suspicious, and then I noticed the two kinds of qi in your body, and seeing you aiming at Zhanjiabao everywhere, I was sure again, Ruan Ziya was silent for a moment Suddenly, you and Li Feiqing worked together to heal my wounds.
If she sneaks up on you while you are dissolving your true energy, you will be killed on the spot.
Don’t you worry about Murong Wuhen, laughing, this little girl is pure-minded, I’m afraid she can’t think of such a plan. After taking a look at Ruan Ziya, she said, besides, if this is the case, you will definitely vomit blood and die because of it. She thinks so much about the relationship between her teacher and her family, so how could she have the heart to hurt her own senior sister, Ruan Ziya, knowing that what he said is easy, but in fact, he has a great burden.
The risk is not easy for ordinary people, let alone a deep-minded person like Murong Wuhen.
She remembered that after escaping into the snow valley yesterday, her hands and feet were numb and unable to move. Under the circumstances, he must have been the one who set fire to help her escape in Qianjiazhuang. No doubt, the two were supposed to be rival enemies, but it was he who rescued her several times.
Irritable and inexplicable, her breathing gradually became rapid, and Murong Wuhen felt the heat in her palm, and said warmly, “You are tired, go to sleep for a while.” As he spoke, he wanted to let go, Ruan Ziya suddenly grabbed his palm with his backhand