After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

He has been holding back for so long tonight my junior sister lives in his room, and if you show him his arm, guess they will be laughing while talking.
Hua Liran looked at him for a long time and said she is your junior sister, but you still have the heart to tease her She Shen Luo smiled and said, “Isn’t the younger sister just for teasing?” Besides, Gu Qingyun has been tortured by this matter for many days, and now it’s not too much to let this kid get some sweetness.
You are kind, Shen Luo puffed up his chest and said, I am always a kind-hearted person, why did you realize that Hua Liran turned his eyes away and said indifferently, you are not planning to let them get tired of being together in the future, your junior sister will have no time to trouble you, Shen Luo shook Seeing him dryly laughing twice, not daring to say anything, suddenly Hua Liran asked coldly, you are already twenty-two this year, you must have been to the place of fireworks, and you have been close to women, Shen Luoqing coughed, cold sweat broke out on his forehead Li Ran had already grabbed his chest and dragged him to the door, opened the door, and pushed him out, only to hear two ouches, but Shen Luo collided with a person’s forehead and screamed out in pain at the same time, the person covered his forehead with his hands, but his expression was in a state of embarrassment.
Zhang Datou Hua Liran and Shen Luo were stunned at the same time and asked in unison what are you doing here But Fanghua Liran snorted, closed the door and turned around, only to hear the door was knocked several times, he walked to the door with a sullen face, opened the door, and said impatiently, what nonsense was there to say? It wasn’t Shen Luo but Gu Qingyun who was standing there. Gu Qingyun’s face was reddish and he whispered, “Is there any medicine for Li Ran to clear his heart?” Li Feiqing woke up the next morning and saw that Gu Qingyun was no longer in the room. I don’t know when he returned to the room last night and where he slept, she stretched herself, jumped out of bed, finished washing, opened the door, saw Zhang Datou was already waiting outside the door, and wondered why are you here again But the big head didn’t answer, just looked at her secretly, Li Feiqing looked at her up and down, he felt hairy in his heart, and asked, what are you looking at, no flowers grow on my face, Zhang Datou smiled a few times and nodded again and again, saying yes, it is Li Feiqing’s heart I just felt weird, ignored Zhang Datou, and wanted to walk out of the courtyard, but I heard a few people whispering faintly from outside the wall. When the owner walked out of the room this morning, I saw that his eyes were black.
Could it be because he was unwell? After a good sleep, the eye sockets are dark. The owner can’t sleep, but it’s a big deal, please go and ask the playboy to show him. Look, I don’t know about your size. Miss Li, no, Ma’am, I showed the owner the Shougong Sha and then stayed with the owner.
The guy in the room coughed and coughed after working all night.
The owner didn’t want to sleep, but it’s not that he couldn’t sleep. So that’s the case, but when the owner came out this morning, he seemed to be in a bad mood. What’s going on? Well, it’s a long story.
I’ve never been close to a woman before, this is the first time, there’s always something unsatisfactory, I’m in a bad mood, it’s understandable Brother Hu, you even know that the owner of the farm has never been close to a woman said He also heard from the old grandson in the kitchen. Anyway, it was Zhang Datou who heard what Mr.
Shen said with his own ears. Li Feiqing’s face turned green, and he turned around to see Zhang Datou with an embarrassed expression, his eyes flashing, and he was tiptoeing towards the gate of the courtyard, ready to escape. Crimson Lightning grabbed his chest and pulled him back, gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, what’s going on? Suddenly, I heard a scream from inside the wall, and then I saw a dark object falling from the sky. They hurriedly hugged their heads and acted like birds and beasts. Calling herself Madam, she felt angry for a moment and almost went crazy. She rushed into the lobby of the inn in three and two steps, but she saw Shen Luo and everyone in Feihua Zhuang sitting in the hall for dinner.
They exchanged glances with strange expressions, and looked at Gu Qingyun one after another. Li Feiqing walked up to Shen Luo, stretched out her hand and slapped the table violently, shaking all the dishes and chopsticks on the table, and Shen Luo was startled. Sure enough, the skill is profound and Gu Qingyun is still so energetic after spending the night with Gu Qingyun, but with a cautious smile on his face, he said, “little junior sister, who is making you unhappy?” By the way, senior brother, why do you want to spread such rumors? Tell Zhang Datou about this, now this big mouth is rambling all over the place, making everyone think that Gu Qingyun and I have already passed away, she paused so angry that she almost cried, reached out and raised her left arm sleeve, curled her mouth and said, you look after Gongsha well I’m still here, I’m obviously just before she finished speaking, suddenly I saw a figure flashing, and felt that my body was lifted into the air and flew away. Without saying a word, with a stern face, he stretched out his hand to pull her left arm sleeve under his feet without stopping, hugged her all the way back to the two-person room, Gu Qingyun put her gently on the bed, turned around and closed the door, walked back to the bed and reached out to tease her Pulling up her long sleeves and exposing her left arm, he stared at the smear of red on the snow-white forearm for a long time before turning his gaze to Li Feiqing and asking why he didn’t say that Li Feiqing saw him with a faint expression and could not see happiness or anger.
I can’t help but feel a little guilty, and I said, you don’t know now, it’s the same if you say it sooner or later, Gu Qingyun raised his eyebrows and said lightly, you think it’s the same, he lowered his face, stared at Li Feiqing with deep eyes, and said slowly, I’m not The passing wife ordered Shougongsha