After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

Gu Zhuangzhu, I want to talk to you Gu Qingyun interrupted her with a slight smile and said it was a coincidence that I was just about to tell you that Guzhu Ye has invited us to Fuliu Valley as guests, please go and tidy up, we are leaving soon Li Fei Qing was stunned for a moment and blurted out, saying so quickly Gu Qingyun nodded and said, I’ll go see how the others are preparing, then she turned around and walked towards the guest room, Li Feiqing opened her mouth behind him, but seemed to think of something, and finally endured Without opening her mouth, she lowered her head and went.
Gu Qingyun suddenly stopped and turned her back to her and said softly. I was on the deck that morning. I’m sorry.
Hesitation, if you are unhappy because of this, just pretend nothing happened and I won’t in the future He lowered his head and still stood under an osmanthus tree in the courtyard. He was dazed, hurriedly stepped into the courtyard, lowered his voice and asked why you didn’t say that Li Feiqing complained in a low voice, he was in a hurry to go to Fuliu Valley to find the owner Ye Gu Why do you want me to bring up the matter of going out to the market together? Zhang Datou touched the back of his head and wondered, this red dress will look even more beautiful after you wear it She thought hard for a while, and suddenly glanced at Li Feiqing’s chest, and said to herself, could it be that the owner of the villa pays more attention to the figure? Miss Li, you don’t usually wear men’s clothes, so you don’t need to wrap your chest. Li Feiqing blushed when she heard the words There was a slight look of anger in his eyes, his head was wide open, he smiled awkwardly, and suddenly his expression was strange, he stretched out his head and asked, yes, what happened on the deck in the early morning that the owner just said, Li Feiqing was silent for a moment, and suddenly pushed out with a palm and hit Zhang Datou’s belly shocked him so that he flew straight out of the hospital, then clapped his hands and turned back to the room, brushing the willow valley, as its name suggests, the mouth of the valley is full of weeping willows and blue willows hanging down densely, like a natural curtain covering the entrance Ye Hongyun took it with him Two beautiful young girls have been waiting at the entrance of the valley to welcome everyone from Feihua Village into the valley. Everyone saw the silence in Fuliu Valley. Not only are there weeping willows everywhere, the trees are lush, but there are also colorful exotic flowers and grasses everywhere.
Most of the flowers and plants are highly poisonous, everyone, you must be careful when you walk in the valley. She turned her head and ordered two maids to arrange a place for everyone in Feihua Village. Then she smiled at Li Feiqing and said, Miss Li, you live with me and stretched out your hand Li Feiqing followed Ye Hongyun and was held by her hand all the way to the residence, with mixed feelings in his heart. He glanced sideways and saw two small dimples looming on Ye Hongyun’s brows, eyes and white teeth smiling.
There are all kinds of amorous feelings in every gesture. Ye Hongyun suddenly smiled and turned to her and said, Miss Li has something I wanted to ask you for a long time. You have never had a chance.
Now it just happens to be the two of us.
Don’t blame me for being abrupt.
Seeing Li Feiqing looking at herself in confusion, she smiled again and asked what was the relationship between you and Master Gu. What’s the matter? Li Feiqing still thought about it.
When she noticed it, she hesitated and hesitated for a while.
Ye Hongyun smiled and asked, have you been engaged for a while? Engagement is just a temporary measure, Li Feiqing’s face changed slightly and she said in a low voice, how do you know it was he who told you? Ye Hongyun shook his head and said with a smile, I felt a little strange when the owner of Gu Zhuang said in public that there was love between you. He went up to the mountain with you There is no communication between the eyes, so it looks like a private couple for life After designing and framing you, Gu Zhuangzhu said clearly and took out the token of love between the two of you, why did I have to force myself to be that villain Li Feiqing lowered her head and remained silent Ye Hongyun glanced at it with a smile She said it at a glance, and seeing that you have not announced the marriage news, it further confirmed my guess, but Miss Li, you have been dragging on like this, there is no way, Gu Zhuang said what is your plan for the future? He said that he said that he would find a way to dissolve the engagement when things calmed down. Ye Hongyun smiled and said to himself, since the engagement between you two is fake, I have nothing to worry about. Li Feiqing couldn’t help but look up.
Ye Hongyun blushed when she asked him, but she didn’t avoid her gaze, and she looked at her calmly.
Master Gu is so talented, handsome and martial arts.
If I say I’m not attracted to him, I’m afraid I won’t even believe Miss Li. Since you have no interest in Zhuangzhu Gu, let him be with me.
Li Feiqing tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep for a long time, thinking about what Ye Hongyun said during the day, this woman frankly confessed to Gu Qingyun in front of her Li Feiqing sighed and turned over again and covered her head with a quilt.
She had clearly decided to find the main altar of the Demon Sect, and then I will leave on my own, but that day when I saw Gu Qingyun’s back when he left, I don’t know why there was a trace of loss in my heart. Ye Hongyun said that Gu Qingyun is so talented, beautiful and martial arts, which woman would not be moved by him every day, let alone him.
I have always cared for her carefully and cared for her that day on Longyin Mountain, I saw him standing at the door with a smile and looked at myself for a while, my heart was pounding for a while.
Why was Rouxi Yaxi forced to ask him those questions? Why was she alone when I returned to the room? Facing the wall with a smirk for no reason, and the way he leaned over gently on the deck at the sunrise on the sea that day, Li Feiqing blushed and her heart beat suddenly lifted the quilt, sat up, stretched out her hands to cover her cheeks, could it be that she fell in love with her unconsciously? got him