After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

Ms. Li seems to have visited there before.
Is it fun? Li Feiqing suddenly coughed repeatedly, her face flushed and she supported the table and said, “I, I’ll see you when I’m done eating.” Yun Yan watched her leave with a smile, and suddenly said lightly, “Let’s go out.
” After a while of giggling, Rou Xi and Ya Xi poked their heads out from the door, one rubbed their stomachs, the other covered their mouths, and walked forward to Gu Qingyun.
Li Rouxi pursed her lips and smiled and said, Mr. Gu seems to be in a good mood this morning, Gu Qingyun smiled and said, should I thank you two, but I don’t know what the two girls’ intentions are in teasing us like this Rouxi rolled her eyes and said that it’s true The young master must have already known in his heart that the young master sent us to you with malicious intentions.
Ya Xi smiled and said before leaving, the young master told the two of us to try to make trouble between you and Miss Li.
Can’t be a relative, Gu Qingyun said with a soft smile, then why did the two of you act in the opposite way, softly, blinking, and said, “Little son, the little ghost, likes to think of weird things to tease us. Although we have many sisters, Yaxi” Mrs.
Meng has taken in a place to live, but she has also been bullied by him. Yaxi caressed her heart and said, now that I think of the days with the young master, I still have nightmares.
Rouxi smiled, so let’s think about it this time. Let the young master Ruyi Yaxi smiled and said that he wanted to separate you and marry Miss Li as his wife hee hee, we had to do our best to match him up so that he would have no chance Rouxi looked at Yaxi and said leisurely, thinking of the appearance of the young master jumping in anger, the two of them Thinking about it for a while, they all covered their mouths together, looked at each other, and laughed.
Gu Qingyun couldn’t help but also laughed when he saw them, and asked the two great favors, but asked me how to repay them. Qiang has a good family background, which is an excellent choice for my sisters to choose a husband and son-in-law.
Rouxi said, but Mr. Gu, I’m afraid I don’t like anyone else except Miss Li. Yaxi nodded and said, Miss Li is straightforward and kind, and we are sorry Robbing her husband Rouxi smiled and said, so I still hope that Mr. Gu will give me two free bodies when I arrive in Kongtong. My sister really wants to play everywhere and pick a man who closes her eyes to accompany her forever.
On such a lonely night, in the vast wilderness, there are faint bursts of qin sounds.
At first, the qin sounds are sad and lingering, and then gradually become high-pitched, and at the end, they are mixed with a bit of chilling.
A self-deprecating smile appeared on his lips, and he turned around slowly.
In the darkness, Elder Zhai seemed to have a trace of sadness in his eyes, and then he calmly stepped forward and said respectfully, Lord, subordinates. Ruan Ziya nodded and said how things are going, Elder Zhai, Dao Xuecang, and the two hall masters have summoned the old department to wait for the master’s orders at any time, but the master Feng of the Brown Leaf Hall is a little hesitant Ruan Ziya raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly. With a cold chill, could it be that Hall Master Feng took refuge in Murong Wuhen, Elder Zhai bowed his head and said no Murong Wuhen somehow found Hall Master Feng, Hall Master Feng refused to surrender and was killed by him Now Deputy Hall Master Liu has taken over as Hall Master and has pledged allegiance to Murong Wuhen With the ink bamboo order in hand, the situation is very good! Elder Zhai showed worry in his eyes, and said slowly The assassination of Gu Qingyun outside Wuzhou City has damaged my Ziyetang elite, and now the brown leaf hall is taken by Murong Wuhen for himself and used in his hands Then there are Wutang manpower and the two elders, Yun He, who are helping from the side. The power should not be underestimated, but if Jiu Zuntang can stand on the master’s side, the situation will be different. Elder Zhai sent a letter from the master of Daoqu, saying that everyone in the Zhanjiabao had been locked up. It was only because of the dispute over the leader. He said in the letter that he had lived overseas for a long time and had no news.
After making a decision, Ruan Ziya sneered and said that being the head of the Nine Halls will also block the news of this fox, so let’s go back to the island immediately and see what kind of tricks this kid Qu Yan wants to play.
Kongtong master Fu Chong and Li Feiqing imagined The difference is that he is an extremely modest middle-aged man who has just experienced the pain of bereavement, and has lost a large number of masters one after another in the sect.
His expression is unavoidably haggard.
Gu Qingyun has already sent a letter informing him of the murder of Kongtong disciple.
Fu Chong of the Kongtong area has already brought Lu Zhan and other experts from the faction to meet Hua Liran.
He will tell him the situation when he found the deceased in Kongtong. The grievances must have been caused by the Devil Sect. There is no doubt that the Devil Sect has even killed my beloved son and dozens of disciples. As long as Fu is still alive, he must swear to the death with him. There is also such a master of poisoning as Zhou Yidao, the purple-clothed saint of the Demon Cult, Ruan Ziya, who is known as the ever-changing spirit snake.
The word snake refers to her superb ability to use poison. Could it be that the disciples of the Kongtong Sect were killed by her again this time? Fu Chong gritted his teeth and said. If I don’t cut this demon girl into pieces, it’s hard to get rid of the hatred in my heart.
The flowers are dyed and pondered. Dodge is strange.
The poison is not easy to prepare. Although the death is terrifying, but when the poison is onset, the medicine is not strong. It is quite time-consuming to use it to hurt the enemy. Why does she want to use it? It took so much effort. Could it be that she just successfully prepared it and wanted to test the poison on this group of people? Lu Zhan said in a deep voice, the devil’s idea is weird, and I can’t speculate with ordinary people’s hearts. Perhaps the purpose of her poisoning is to use the tragic situation of the dead to scare her devil’s religion. Yang Wei Gu Qingyun said that he had written to Master Yichen of Beiyuan Temple earlier to inform him that he wanted to go out to sea to find the main altar of the Demon Cult. In the next few days, the reinforcements from various factions will arrive in Kongtong one after another Putting Fu Chong on his behalf, clasping his hands and saying that this is Kongtong’s duty