After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

Why didn’t I know where to come? Looking at this ghost mountain, I just felt uncomfortable. As I was talking, I only heard a burst of old laughter. The eerie laughter came to everyone’s ears. Why did I come here at this time? I have been waiting here for a long time and shouted Oh, it’s not good, there are ghost flowers, Liran and Buming Yiwenjian yelled at the same time, shut up, everyone followed the reputation, and saw a group of people appearing in the bushes in front of them, one of them was Situ Qing with a blue robe and a long hook, but he saw a slight smile on his face Apologetically, he smiled awkwardly at everyone in Feihua Village. The other person was short in stature and had a serious expression.
Of course, it was Situ Qing’s junior master uncle, Han Kui.
The old woman stood with her hands down, her face was ugly, her face full of hostility, and she looked coldly at the crowd, she suddenly reached out and pointed at her name, Yi Wenjian said, brat, you come out of no name, Yi Wenjian smiled and asked the old lady, tell me, the old woman should ignore him and turn his head Ask Situ Qing, I heard that you lost in the sword competition on Shadow Mountain two months ago, and you were forced to swear that you will not be able to use a sword in this life. That person is this kid. Situ Qing blushed and said in a low voice, Master Zeng did have this matter.
But before he finished speaking, the old woman interrupted impatiently and said coldly, “It’s a shame to throw it home.” She then turned her head to Han Yu and asked softly, “My dear, is it the person who bullied you yesterday?” Han Yu frowned and moved his right hand He held me up in front of the old woman and replied that he used brute force to hold me tightly and pinched my wrists green. Yi Wenjian took a step forward and said with a haha, yes, these things are all done by me. If you want to find me bad luck, just send them The man let the horse come over, the old woman stared at him for a long time and slowly said, I am afraid that in this Longyin Mountain, there is no place for you to act wildly, and everyone in Feihua Village was shocked when they came out.
What is this place? Longyin Shenshan, the descendant of Longyin.
Longyin Shenshan is not the name of a mountain, but the hidden place of the legendary Longyin Old Man.
According to legend, Longyin Old Man is the number one martial arts genius in the world. The essence is integrated and integrated into a self-contained school, and then recruits disciples to choose their qualifications and teach them various miraculous martial arts, so that they break away from the sect and create their own sects. Therefore, many famous sects in today’s Jianghu are created by the disciples of the old man Longyin. In the martial arts world, no one can match the respect of seniority. Over the past decades, many famous masters and solo swordsmen in the martial arts world have been looking for the whereabouts of the old man Longyin.
It seems unbearable to be troubled.
He often changes residences, but I heard that he likes to live in the deep mountains, so the people in the rivers and lakes call that mysterious hermitage the Longyin Mountain.
Now when everyone hears the old woman say the word Longyin Mountain, how can they not be shocked? After being surprised, he was overjoyed and asked anxiously where the old man Long Yin was now.
The old woman said coldly that she was about to die, but she dared to have any unreasonable thoughts. She suddenly deceived her with two palms in front of her, fluttering towards Unnamed Wenjian, and slapped Unknown Wenjian on her chest. The sword was never wary of her, she said to hit, just wait to see her palm position is weird, palm strength is hard to tell, it is known that this old woman is extremely powerful Gong felt a sense of superiority in his heart, and shouted, he was very concentrating on his chest, and greeted him with a palm, but he saw the old woman suddenly bowed her head, bowed her body, and flew past him like a ghost. A light iron sword had been taken away by her, and she couldn’t help being very angry.
The old woman took the iron sword and rushed towards Zhou Yi non-stop. Zhang Datou kicked back from his side and hit Zhang Datou’s lower abdomen Zhang Datou groaned in pain and bent down to Hua Liran, saw the old woman was already seven steps in front of her, stretched out her fingers, flicked a cloud of reddish smoke flying towards her, the old woman sneered When the long sleeves were shaken, the cloud of smoke flew towards Hualiran under the vibration of the sleeve wind and returned Hualiran stretched out his palm and lightly waved to gather the smoke into his sleeves, but suddenly felt a strong wind hit his face.
Qingyun shouted, be careful, the man flew over, pulled him back to block him, and at the same time blocked the old woman’s sleeve with a blow, the old woman sneered again and again and flew up again, she was as light as a ghost shadow, not at all. The way of receiving force turned around in the air, and everyone felt a flower in front of them. Gu Qingyun secretly said that he was not in a good mood, and rushed towards the place where Li Feiqing was, but it was still a step too late.
He only heard Li Feiqing’s exclamation that he had been clicked by the old woman. After touching the acupoints, the old woman kept grabbing her body for a moment, then threw it behind Gu Qingyun, wanting to chase it out, but she felt the sword energy was like a rainbow, the old woman stabbed at her with an iron sword in her hand and shouted, I heard that you kid has some unique sword skills Let my mother-in-law let me see how much you weigh.
Li Feiqing flew straight to the place where the old woman was standing, Situ Qing jumped up and caught her.
After you leave, let’s go back to the mountain. Situ Qing blushed and shouted at everyone in Feihuazhuang, Master Gu, Mrs. Zeng’s order must not be disobeyed.
I have offended you, so I took Li Feiqing and walked away quickly with Han Xiao. More than a dozen men and women who came with the old woman have already rushed out to fight with everyone in Feihua Village.
Everyone in Feihua Village saw that Li Feiqing was robbed, they were all very anxious and helpless. I can only grit my teeth and fight bitterly, watching Situ Qing and Han Xiao go farther and farther in the bushes until they disappeared.
Ying followed, Gu Qingyun took a deep breath, stabilized his mind, let out a whistle, the sword was out of the scabbard, he could not block or evade the sword attack on the old woman’s chest, and the sword stabbed straight at the Yintang point between the old woman’s eyebrows The old woman was slightly startled when she saw how brave he was. The long sword crossed to block the move.