After Feiyang entered the hall he didnt care about Yi Feng who was behind him bowed to Mu Feiyu and smiled at the ground saying

The expressions on their faces looked a bit strange and difficult to distinguish. After a while, several black figures flew into the hall.
Yi Feng and Mu Feiyu looked at each other with a worried look on their faces.
These people’s martial arts are unfathomable and they are the disciples of the guards in the mountain. There was no one to warn, could it be that something happened to them? After entering the hall, the men in black didn’t say a word, they just bowed to Murong Wuhen, and then stood aside with their hands down. Don’t hurry to submit it, lest the old man lose his temper at me.
A man in black with a sack in his hand stepped forward a few steps, walked up to Wang Tiezheng, squeezed his voice and laughed, Chief Escort Wang, please accept the gift, this man’s voice is hoarse Those who heard the hissing sound felt as uncomfortable as a hundred claws scratching their hearts. Wang Tiezheng couldn’t help taking a step back. The man in black hissed and laughed, shaking the sack to the ground, and dozens of round objects rolled out of it.
Looking carefully, it turned out to be a star. Wang Tiezheng’s face was earthy and Murong Wuhen smiled again and said, “It seems that Chief Escort Wang doesn’t like this gift very much, and he said that old friends are always very happy to meet each other.” Wang Tiezheng stared at a human head on the ground suddenly. He hissed and said it was Chief Lu, your man in black hissed and laughed and said, “There are thirty-eight hands in total, see if they are all here.
” Let’s return to the rivers and lakes.
The short man who was captured has been standing by the side and suddenly shouted, I said, aren’t you the master Pei of Biyetang? Where have you been hiding all these years? I didn’t recognize you all of a sudden.
The man in clothes turned his head and smiled and said, Old Bian, who hasn’t seen you for several years, why are you still a coward? The boy made the man in black look down, not to be rude in front of the Taoist leader, the short man was surprised, but the Taoist leader was not only him, everyone present secretly said that it was strange that everyone in the world knew that the leader of the Demon Cult, Mr. Mo Zhu, was dead, and when did he appear again? The leader Murong Wuhen let out a long laugh and slowly took out a black token from his bosom and held it up over his head.
The men in black next to him immediately knelt down and knelt down. Pulling the bearded man next to him, he also knelt down. For a while, the crowd in the hall was aroused. Everyone knew that the Mo Zhu Token was the token of the Demon Sect’s orders from Mr. Mo Zhu back then. As soon as the order comes out, it means that the demon sect will recover from now on, and there will be another bloody storm in the rivers and lakes. Li Feiqing couldn’t believe her eyes and said in a low voice, you are the leader of the demon sect.
Yes, I am the leader of the Xuanyi sect, and I told Mu Feiyu that it would not be rude to come to the door as the leader and ask for your disciples, right? Jia Mu Feiyu’s complexion fluctuated, he gritted his teeth, the Dao Demon Sect was the Demon Sect’s gaze again, Yi Feng also looked ashen, and his expression was painful Mu Linlang frowned slightly, took a step, and softly called his father to reach out and hold his palm.
Mu Feiyu left his seat, looked at Murong Wuhen and said slowly, Your Excellency, since you entered Shadow Mountain, please fight Murong Wuhen’s eyes Flashing and shaking his head slightly, Master Mu is Miss Qing’s master, how dare I fight with you old man, then sighed, it seems that Master Mu doesn’t welcome the people I teach, so let’s leave as soon as possible, so as not to anger the old man Zhan Hengye sneered and said only I’m afraid it’s easy to come, hard to go, Master Yichen He Shidao, Amitabha Buddha’s benefactor, when he first entered the rivers and lakes, he hurt many lives, sins and sins Lu Zhan moved to block the entrance of the hall, Bi Jianchun caressed the blade of the sword, Ye Hongyun’s wonderful eyes did not blink Blinking and staring at Murong Wuhen Feihua Village, everyone looked at Gu Qingyun and waited for him to show it.
Gu Qingyun lowered his eyes and tapped his finger on the table lightly. Even if this person’s sincerity towards Li Feiqing has caused our school to be ashamed in front of the martial arts fellows all over the world, we must not let him go A few people, but wouldn’t this move be upright? Hall Master Bi Ye hissed and said, it’s a pity that if you talk about methods that are not upright, you are still far inferior to my teacher.
At this moment, the mountain has already gathered the four halls of Bi Zhe, Qing Chi, and I, who are waiting for the order of the leader. You can enter this hall Murong Wuhen glanced at the people in Feihuazhuang and smiled and said, “Since the deer will die, it’s not sure who will win the battle.
Both sides will be harmless. Master Mu, I will make a deal with you. In exchange for those guard disciples in your mountain, I will teach two of you.” How is the captured religious disciple Yi Feng said, just like this, he stretched out his palm and slapped the shoulder of the bearded and short man, and he untied the two of them. Murong Wuhen said, Brother Yi is really willing to let us go back to your sect after we go down the mountain The disciple turned to Zhan Hengye again and said with a smile, Lord Zhan, there is no need to worry about your son’s injury. He will go to Zhanjiabao to visit Zhan Hengye in the near future. Pulling Li Feiqing to leave, Li Feiqing flipped his palms and broke free, said angrily, there is no love entanglement between you and me, why did you design to frame me, Murong Wuhen laughed softly, and it is too late to get rid of the relationship now, Li Feiqing As soon as Fei Qing’s eyes turned, she saw that everyone in the hall was looking at her with either contempt or pity, and the faces of the brothers from the same school were also full of suspicion, and their hearts sank.
They did not dare to look at Yi Feng. He just stared at Murong Wuhen hatefully. Murong Wuhen smiled and stared at her. But the young girl is indifferent.
The young girl is grateful for Shien and doesn’t want to go with me, so I have to leave it to you, but I’m afraid you will regret it.
He glanced at Zhan Hengye pointedly, turned around, beckoned, took Xuanyijiao and others to leave, and left Li behind. Fei Qing stood alone in the middle of the hall