After explaining where is the office of the factory manager Alan waved his hand and denied the question in the middle of the conversation Its

The singer, the spirit caller, the alternation of old gods and new gods, and I just want to be an ordinary doctor. Chapter Death Song, the night has always been the cradle of mystery.
Only the rising sun can dispel the dark night, and the rising sun is so bright that it is pure white.
Fang Yuan raised his head, not knowing his surroundings Why is it because there is only a piece of light in front of his eyes, an extremely dazzling light, this light will dye everything except him into white, here is a pure white land, who am I, what happened, Fang Yuan’s consciousness is a little blurred, barefoot Walking on this pure white land, try to find traces of the past.
From time to time, trembling babbles and terrifying white monsters appear on the land.
What kind of creatures are they, tall or thin, fat or thin? Fang Yuan was frightened, he tried his best to avoid those monsters and curled up in a deep pit, a thought suddenly appeared in his head, maybe this is just A dream, as long as I close my eyes and wake up, I will return to reality. He thought so, so he did it. He opened his eyes suddenly, Fang Yuan found that his eyes were covered with blood, blinked, his vision was still blurred, raised his hand and rubbed it with his arm. Rubbing his eyelids, his vision finally became clear. The first thing Fang Yuan saw was the leather glove on his hand, the leather was smeared with some kind of greasy substance, and there were some blood stains on the edge, right? Fang Yuan opened his eyes and looked around. Fortunately, these parts are all on the limbs and torso.
He felt something dripping from his forehead, so he rubbed his arm, and a bright red mark appeared on his arm.
There was a wound on his head, and he was still bleeding.
He wanted to find something like a mirror to make sure.
However, it turned out that there were only cold iron beds around, and some dim lights set them off very strangely. A kerosene lamp was hanging not far from him, and it was trying its best to bring light to the surroundings. Fang Yuan was stunned for a moment.
Is it still a dream somewhere? A dream in a dream with your head down A rusty tripod is lying on the iron bed The tripod is covered with blood I must not wake up.
Just close your eyes and you will be able to sleep until you wake up naturally. I’m really tired and confused these few days, and I have to go to bed before twelve o’clock.
Fang Yuan’s first thought was that the dream hadn’t ended yet, wasn’t the white dream just so weird? But the next moment Fang Yuan closed his eyes, he was sure he wasn’t.
He was dreaming that his forehead was constantly tingling. This discovery made his nerves tense rapidly.
A crisp sound quickly spread in the empty environment.
It hurts very painful. Fang Yuan is sure that he is not dreaming. Everything is real. It is a feeling in a dream. Slightly squinting without pain, the blood slipping from his forehead indicated that he was experiencing something unusual. Looking around again, Fang Yuan found that this place was probably an ancient morgue with a history close to the Middle Ages.
Once he found a scene that he hadn’t noticed just now, a creeping figure was undulating slightly behind a certain iron bed. Fang Yuan cast his gaze over it. Good to see that figure jerk its head upwards, this behavior is very similar to biting, Fang Yuan, who is highly focused, is sure that it is really biting, with the help of the dim kerosene light, Fang Yuan saw the pale face and mouth. The blood-stained zombie Fang Yuan trembled in his heart. Why did this creature exist here? Focus on it.
If this scene appeared in a horror movie, it would be very in line with the aesthetics of modern audiences. But when I am in this scene, it will not be so beautiful. How can there be zombies in places where kerosene lamps are burned? Fang Yuan I am angry in my heart, which is completely unscientific, but the anger in my heart cannot change the reality. He carefully observes his surroundings. He wants to find an exit to fight.
It is impossible to fight in this life.
According to the setting of zombies, maybe they can change even if they scratch their skin.
It is the same kind, so the option of getting close is absolutely impossible. The whole room is not big, only about 30 square meters, which is larger than the living room of ordinary residences.
In some rooms, except for five iron beds, there is only a burning boiler. Maybe it can be called incineration. The existence of suspected zombies in the room is blocking the door of the room. The door is ruled out.
Fang Yuan turns his target to the window and other emergency exits.
Since it is a place where kerosene lamps are burned, the height of the house will definitely not be too high. There is still a great risk of jumping from a window and being disabled, so is it a disability or being eaten by zombies? Fang Yuan quickly made a decision to look for the window first, and then glanced around. Fang Yuan suddenly saw a narrow horizontal window of hope.
Fang Yuan didn’t need to think that he couldn’t get through it at all, even if he forced it through, there was a high probability that his stomach would get stuck in the middle of the body. I can only choose to give it a go, or choose if I find a place to hide, can it last until the zombie leaves automatically? This idea was rejected as soon as it flashed through my mind. There is no place to hide in the whole house unless it is disguised. The sculpture is the meat placed on the zombie cutting board, breathing slowly, Fang Yuan’s heart is beating powerfully, maybe he can only choose the front face, the zombie is eating, as for the food, is it a corpse or a living person like him before? Fang Yuan didn’t know that the zombie had been ups and downs and stood in a daze for a long time. Fang Yuan realized that it didn’t notice that either its concentration became poor during eating or its perception ability was not strong. The feature profile is trying to increase the winning rate by a few points. The only existing weapon is a tripod. Of course, the iron bed can also be used as a shield in an emergency.