After entering the office you just follow Brother Wolf and listen to what he tells you to do you do what you understand I said

When everything will pour into his future life, standing at a fork in the road, how should he make a choice? Is it okay to swallow your anger or let him know how ruthless you really are? Becoming his enemy, he will always be a wolf, a gray wolf, and anyone who is stared at by him will end badly With inexhaustible strength, I looked at a worn-out but clean clothes, a black leather jacket on the upper body, and a pair of washed white jeans on the lower body. I looked in the mirror, and there was a delicate and slightly handsome face in the mirror. The edges and corners are sharp, just a little bit of stubble on the face sets off the vicissitudes of the cheeks. This kind of vicissitudes does not look like what only a 28-year-old should have. I smiled at the mirror and I am quite satisfied with my image.
I patted my body sexually with my hand and once again slid my shaved head. This is the standard hairstyle in prisons, but I feel much more energetic than myself a few years ago.
Hey, why are you so stinky? Hurry up and go. A middle-aged man in a police uniform smiled at me and said that his name was Wang Haiping. He treated me fairly well in prison.
He was also kind and a little fat. Now he was looking at me with a smile on his face. I looked at him and said yes. I smiled and said thank you, Police Officer Wang, when I said this, my voice was a little hoarse, that thank you with my sincere emotions, this policeman is really kind and kind, and he takes good care of the prisoners who are in charge of the films. Everyone respects him.
At this moment, he smiled again and said to me seriously, thank you, go out and be a good person, I don’t want to see you here again, as he said, he patted my shoulder vigorously, I nodded vigorously and picked up a small The canvas bag turned around and walked out, and looked at the square where the prison was released.
Dozens of prisoners in dark blue zebra suits were watching me. These are all brothers I knew in prison.
It is difficult for ordinary people to understand. I turned around and stopped looking at them. They stretched out their right arms, waved them vigorously, and said loudly. They came out and looked for me to say goodbye silently.
I wiped away the tears in my eyes with my right hand and looked outside. The sun is striding forward and I will no longer miss this prison for five years.
I believe that the outside world is already more exciting.
I believe that I will live like a real person.
Looking at the rows of words, my heart rises Endless remorse and a sliver of self-confidence.
Who are you? Why did you come here? What do you do here? Wang Haiping at the back watched me go out. When I stepped out of the gate, he said loudly again, don’t come back. I smiled loudly and said I know.
I took another breath of the air outside. I scanned the surroundings with my eyes, but didn’t find what I longed for. that figure heart I felt a little lost, but more of it was the regret that had tormented me for five years.
I sighed, shook my head, and stopped thinking about it. Maybe she still didn’t forgive me. The bright car door opened, and there were three people. One was wearing sunglasses and was taller, wearing a casual suit.
The other two were fat and strong, and looked a bit fierce, but at the moment they were full of smiles. People are very shrewd and tactful. As soon as I saw them, the boredom in their hearts disappeared immediately. Few of them said anything and walked up to me. I hugged each of the three of them vigorously.
After the hug, the four of them laughed at the same time and beat each other.
My chest twitched, and then they all looked at me with tears in my car. After the four people sat in the car, my thoughts were still hard to calm down.
I smiled and said that the knife is good. I bought the car. The man in the driver’s seat smiled. Opened his mouth, the voice was so calm and said that the fat man on the side who just bought it hey hey joked, hey Brother Wolf, you don’t know that the face of the knife hasn’t smiled much since you entered, today is really surprising, talking press press I got out of the car window and took out a pack of cigarettes in my hand, took out four and handed them to me first, I waved my hand and smiled and said that I quit long ago and haven’t smoked in the past five years. The man in the passenger seat snatched it away, quit it, it’s harmful to your health, it’s not the little fat guy, everyone laughed, I looked at them with emotion and sighed secretly, after so many years, the brothers still haven’t changed The ones who are alive are fine, but the ones who are dead are my best brothers. These three are my best brothers. They played together when they were young.
They mixed into the society together when they grew up. They all died of each other. The driver is called Zhao Han, nicknamed Knife.
The whole person always has a straight face to everyone, but those who know him well know that he will only smile sincerely in front of his closest people But he is very kind and funny, just don’t make him angry. Once he is angry, he will be the blackest among the brothers. The one in the passenger seat is called Liu Yu, nicknamed the old man. He looks a bit wretched, but he is also the smartest and smoothest among us It’s a bit sinister, but he has the most affection for the brother he believes. Along the way, some brothers talked and laughed. Brother Wolf, our brothers, the four fat guys, know what I’m going to say, and I’ll smile heartily. Binjiang City Prison is a bit far from the city. Sitting in the car, watching the scenery outside.