After coming over I asked again why did you come out so early in the morning today After picking up the belongings Gu Yi ran

Yuan Ou, who had just experienced her mother running away and being beaten by her father, got a space where she could only grow. She wanted to live her life in such a low-key and coquettish manner, but the world’s largest entertainment company suddenly moved to the only There is a street across the street, so Yuanou’s peaceful life was completely broken. A certain singer, girl, girl, I didn’t bring my wallet. Yuanou went to the store to perform as a performer to pay off debts. The fruit juice in this store never adds sugar, so this is the story of the little boss of the pastry shop and the stars flying like dogs and dogs Don’t come to see a happy fight. The full text of the author’s IQ and mediocrity. Su Susu, who cares about it, should be cautious. The author’s consistent emotional drama is incompetent. The style is almost the whole article. The supporting role is Ke Jiang, Song Ge, Manwan, other entertainment circles, food circle editors comment on the things in the world, only food and love can’t live up to it. Yuan Ou, the small owner of the pastry shop in Huai Qi Space, had to end her low-key and boring life. She decided to use Gourmet food has captured this group of big stars.
As for one of them being captured too thoroughly and mentally sinking or something, it is definitely an accident. The advantages of late-night gourmet literature are the best weapon to destroy the world’s weight loss plans.
When food encounters the entertainment industry, it will definitely be painful and sweet.
Intertwined Chapter 1 No one except Yuan Ou knows that she has a magical space that only appears in novels The space is not big, there is no boundless huge area, there is nothing to drink the spiritual spring that cures all diseases, and there are no animals It is also raised and even does not allow any living or non-living things to enter, but it is enough to plant a hundred trees in it.
It grows very fast, and it does not need to be watered or fertilized.
The taste is excellent and the output is stable.
She can even randomly get the seeds of some precious plants.
I went to pastry school with the money from selling fruit at a stall, and then bravely sold two ginseng plants produced in the space. I used a small part of the money to open a pastry house on a not so prosperous street corner in this bustling city. Not only selling pastry, but also occasionally displaying extra fruit for sale, because her fruit looks good and tastes good, so the business is good. One year later, Yuan Ou took the initiative to contact the landlord to extend the contract with all his savings and the remaining money from selling ginseng.
After three years, but just when she was almost penniless but full of confidence and prepared to continue to live the rest of her life in such a low-key and aggressive way, a major event that shook the entire Hua Kingdom completely disrupted her life. In the morning, Yuan Ou was completely different from usual. Suddenly, he saw a lot of news on the Internet.
I heard that Tang was about to move.
I heard that Tang is an entertainment company that everyone knows in Huaguo.
It has stood in the entertainment industry for decades. It is the sacred place in the minds of countless people and the ultimate fortress in the eyes of thousands of people. In the first few minutes of seeing this news, Yuan Ou insisted that she must have read it wrong because the more she watched it, the more she watched it. The more I get familiar with the new address, the more I think about it, the more I feel that the holy land and the fortress will be moved to the opposite side of the street from my pastry house next month. However, people in the industry are not surprised because they heard that Tang’s current headquarters is still three. The building built ten years ago, no matter how advanced the design was at the time, has already felt the cruelty of the development of the times.
The building has been unable to keep up with the development of the company in terms of scale and hardware facilities.
However, due to various reasons, the plan has not been able to take place, and it has been delayed until now, so the merchants on the whole street are rushing to share their joy and encouragement. However, Yuan Ou only thinks that the five thunders have smashed an entire entertainment company.
What does this mean? There are countless stars whose eyes are higher than the top. Countless paparazzi and thousands of fans mean that her peaceful life will be completely broken, and her secret will also face a hundred times more exposure than in the past. Perhaps why did she take the initiative to ask for a delay in a moment of heat? The contract, if I propose to cancel the lease at this time, the landlord will definitely think I am crazy, because just yesterday the other party told me that I made a profit through the phone, because the rent in the vicinity has already shown that I am sitting on a rocket. Of course, Yuan Ou doesn’t care if the other party laughs or not.
What she cares about is that when the contract was first signed, the bloody liquidated damages were twice the sum of the rent, a total of 2.4 million RMB. Of course, she can get it together in a short time. sum of money