After chewing halfway seeing the mans virtue Yao An almost vomited she frowned and said coldly sister lets go back its late mother has to

Yao An took the towel, wiped his forehead and said with a smile that he was a child. In the evening, he asked my aunt to invite me to a restaurant for a meal.
Father Yao smiled and asked Yao An to sing and listen. Transportation was hard work.
Yao An’s aunt the first two Nian borrowed money to buy two trucks to run a short distance from Lishan Town to Nanjiang City, and then checked the goods and handed them over to the driver of another line. He left at 12 o’clock at noon and returned at dawn in the early morning. Not many people turned day and night Willing to be Aunt Yao’s salary is normal price, hired three drivers, each with a monthly salary of 4,000 years, the final dividend is big, but there are still drivers who are noisy, think the salary is low and go on strike, and they don’t want to bend at home, so Yao An has no choice but to come to help sit in the deputy The driver was so busy answering the phone, receiving the goods and paying the bills that he turned around to the freight point in Lishan Town. Father Yao looked around and saw someone.
After seeing someone, he jumped out of the car and handed the other person a cigarette, laughed and chatted for a few words, then picked up the business. The truck stopped. Although there are regular customers, no one will feel that money is lacking, and they will come to grab business when there is a gap.
Father Yao is honest and well-known in this area. Everyone is more willing to cooperate with him.
After a while, the truck is full of goods. Yao An jumped out of the car to help her, she couldn’t do it, and she couldn’t bear her father’s hard work carrying the goods alone. She looked around and saw someone, she ran to discuss the price, gave him 30 yuan, and called him to help Yao’s father. With one arm, he looked at Yao An in surprise and smiled helplessly At the front of the car, Father Yao ran to the faucet by the wall to take a shower, pouring the coolness on his body. He let out a soothing breath and hurried back into the car.
The most vulgar online song was playing in the car. I like these songs the most and hummed along in a good mood. When we reached Lishan Middle Road, he slowed down the speed of the car and looked at the two ends uneasy. He was relieved when he saw the gate of the freight company on the side of the road closed tightly. Yao An was puzzled, Dad, you Father Yao beckoned what he was looking at and signaled Yao An to look towards the shipping company, just as he was about to speak, a few strong men rushed out in front of him, holding a few three-foot-long iron bars and rubbing the ground.
The iron bars rubbed against the asphalt road. Braving sparks, under the scorching sun, twisting the dotted line vaguely, father of Yao slammed on the brakes, hurriedly told Yao An, and then he opened the car door with fear, the brawny men with their arms bare, led by the man joked, oh, today I also changed the driver and took a little beauty. Father Yao took out a cigarette with a smile and handed it to the other party.
It was my daughter who came to smoke.
If you bring a beautiful woman out, you should pay a protection fee, otherwise, if there is something wrong with this section of the road, we can’t help you, Jiao Didi’s little girl. It’s a pity.
Father Yao’s forehead is sweating, and he tremblingly said, let’s be accommodating.
We are all small businesses. If you don’t make much money, you have to support your family. The man smiled and pointed at the door of the freight company. He said with a playful smile. We are also a small business and we need to support our family. You said that your car surnamed Yao robbed Li Shan of his business. Pay some protection money. still hungry You, he suddenly smiled and said that even if the belt is tightened, the protection fee will have to be paid to me. Yao An sat in the car and watched the situation outside nervously. She looked down when she saw the other party. She could smell it through the thick glass.
In the tense atmosphere, she couldn’t help raising her heart, gritted her teeth, and jumped out of the car. The man on the opposite side whistled. Father Yao turned his head, looked back, and hurriedly shouted back.
Seeing the iron rod in his eyes, he nodded calmly at the opposite person and smiled.
Brother, I don’t know what’s the matter.
We’re rushing to deliver the goods, and it’s so hot under the sun.
Someday, I will go to your bedroom in the middle of the night to talk about the people behind, roaring with laughter, echoing Yao An’s thin skin, who can’t stand the other party’s shameless jokes, scoffed sullenly, and was about to speak, but the freight company on the side pulled away the iron The sound of brakes and engines came from a gray jeep scraping the mud with a whizzing sound, an arrow flew over, braked and stopped within the boundary of the asphalt road, a tough face poked out, sword eyebrows slightly raised, thick lips, heavy lips, here Why did you get in the car and follow me to the Nanjiang River? That man hastened to bend down and help the window.
Brother, what’s the matter? Let me go in the trunk.
Seeing this, Yao An pulled Father Yao back a few steps, heaved a sigh of relief, but Jiang Na suddenly turned his gaze to her with a sharp blade.
Sticking to the sweat-stained cheeks and neck, there are still drops of sweat hanging densely, and the chest is drenched. The thin shirt is transparent and soaked, and the arc is engraved.
Wanting to appear on this road, he said, he stepped on the accelerator, and as soon as his men got into the jeep, they rushed straight out and brushed past Yao An’s feet, blowing a gust of gasoline-smelling wind, which made Yao An take a few steps back and stared at him in astonishment.
The car left in the dust, Jiang Na looked in the rearview mirror and saw the little girl in the mirror with her eyes widened. The man standing on the side stretched out his hand to pull her, and she didn’t want to leave. Jiang Na couldn’t help but smiled and scolded Xu at the side Zhou Wei couldn’t get even a little money for useless things, Xu Zhou flattered and said, “Aren’t you afraid to kill people? This kind of brain-testing work still needs to be done with brother Jiang Na coldly snorted.
I came here, he skipped this topic and explained to Xu Zhouwei. After Xu Zhouwei quietly listened to the busy orders, he took out his mobile phone to call his brothers, and after a while, ten cars gathered at the gate of the toll booth, honking their horns and facing Nanjiang tacitly. Driving towards the other end, Yao An was sullen for a while, glanced sideways at Father Yao, frowned and asked Dad what was going on.