After being ashamed her silver teeth almost gnawed into pieces she secretly clenched her fists but she didnt believe this believe it or not Lu

I just make fun of her, it’s really bad fun, but this golden finger is very useful The educated youth got a beret that can change everything, but he couldn’t use it freely due to the constraints of various real life. After the reform and opening up, he went into business and made a fortune and grew up slowly in the process. The style of this article is relaxed and smooth, and the writing is smooth. The heroine has a clear love and hatred, a domineering personality, and she has her own principles and clear goals. She uses reasonable means to go into business and make a fortune. The business process is full of difficulties and ups and downs. The heroine can always come up with a good idea.
The idea is to save the day.
It’s interesting to read.
Content tags Traveling through time and space Farming Text ability Cool text Search keywords Protagonist Liu Sanyue Supporting roles A bunch of people Others Shouting Liu Sanyue rubbed her empty belly, looked up at the gloomy sky, sighed, rolled up her sleeves, walked across the yard and went back to the main room. It’s really cold in winter at this time. There are two thatched huts side by side in the yard, and the main room is to the east. To the west is the bedroom. Outside the main room, a simple thatched shed was built for the kitchen. It is said that the yard is just a small area surrounded by a fence. The main room is dark and cramped, not much warmer than the outside.
It sounds so cold in my ears. The main room is about seven or eight square meters.
The walls are muddy and the roof is thatched. There is only a small old square table and a few broken stools. There are two small horse corners in the room.
There is also a broken chest of drawers in it, which looks very old.
There is a half-sized wooden basin on the table, which contains gruel made from sweet potatoes and bran. There is no clear soup of sweet potatoes and bran here.
Widowed water Liu Sanyue glanced weakly and had no appetite at all. She doesn’t belong to the kind of person who eats anything delicious when hungry.
When I didn’t come here before, my mouth was quite tricky.
Many people who don’t like food really would rather starve to death. She doesn’t want to touch sweet potatoes, but she doesn’t hate bran. Although it’s hard to swallow, she can accept it when she’s hungry. It’s just eating every day.
The pattern doesn’t change.
There’s no oil or salt.
She really can’t eat it.
When she smells it, she feels sick. Seeing more I want to vomit, pan sour water in my stomach, Liu Eryue touches Liu Sanyue’s little face flushed with cold, puts her hands under Liu Sanyue’s armpits, lifts Liu Sanyue up, puts her on the bench and picks it up Liu Sanyue put her hands in her own, covered them, rubbed them, and took a few breaths on them, nagging about what to see outside in such a cold day, unless you sit outside and don’t move around.
I said coldly, grabbed Liu Sanyue’s hand and brought it close to her. Look at it, look at it, you’ve become a fat carrot. If you get frostbite, I’ll see what you should do.
I know. Second sister, Liu Sanyue, agreed. But in my heart, there is not much difference between the temperature inside and outside the house, where to stay Not all are the same this year, her body was born in this year, she is only five years old this year, Liu Eryue is her second sister, she also has an elder sister, Liu Yiyue, who is married, she has two older brothers, it’s just the former They both died two years ago, one after another, and my father died too, before she was born.
Now there is only my mother, my second sister, and her widow, and the two girls in this family. The three weak women thought about the coming three-year famine Liu Sanyue only felt that the road ahead was bleak and there was no way for people to live Death is irritating, painless, and has no after-effects. Forget it.
If you talk too much, you will be in tears. Li Xiufen came in with a small plate the size of a palm, and put the plate on the table.
It contained a small amount of green things.
One hand is still holding a stack of three stoneware bowls and three pairs of chopsticks, hurry up and eat while it’s hot Let’s go to bed after we’re done, it’s too cold to lie down under the quilt to keep warm Liu Eryue took the bowls and put a little in each bowl It was not porridge, and then the wooden basin was drained. She put the most bowl in front of Li Xiufen, and gave the remaining bowl to Liu Sanyue, but she only left the least bowl for Li Xiufen. She frowned, the child is so sensible, she felt pain in her heart, and she was about to say something, but Liu Eryue didn’t give her this chance, she knew her mother too well, picked up the bowl and drank the soup, water, and water after a few gulps It’s clean, I’m done eating, let’s boil hot water first, throw away the bowl and run away This kid should have some wild vegetables at least, Li Xiufen rubbed the corners of her reddened eyes and said to herself, “Mom doesn’t cry, second sister doesn’t want to eat, I will eat.” Seeing that Li Xiufen was about to cry again, Liu Sanyue quickly picked up the bowl and slurped the porridge and drank the porridge, sold some wild vegetables, stuffed them in her mouth, and sent them to Li Xiufen’s mouth with chopsticks, Mom, you eat too, Li Xiufen opened her mouth and ate the wild vegetables The tears in her eyes began to fall, and she hugged Liu Sanyue tightly in her arms, crying softly, her voice was helpless and depressing, her man was gone, her two sons also went home, and there was no support for her. There is not even a person to discuss things at home. Now there is not much food. It is too early to wait for winter to pass. How can I live this day? Liu Sanyue sighed helplessly. Ever since she came here, this mother’s tears have not stopped every day.
How can my body be able to stand crying like this? My mother, who is already weak and sick, doesn’t cry, don’t cry, Sanyue, my good mother, doesn’t cry, and becomes a little kid for more than two months. While wiping Li Xiufen’s tears on tiptoe, she said obediently that there was nothing left of toilet paper and handkerchief