After all she only knew that Jiangnan was good at mathematics and physics but did not know Jiangnan She is also good at Chinese as

With a shout of anger, the chalk tip that was broken into seven or eight pieces went straight towards the sleeping Jiangnan, whistling, and Jiangnan was Jiangnan again. He dared to sleep even the proctor of the murderous female devil was really an old birthday star who was impatient with eating arsenic. Now he is sure. When it was over, many children’s shoes gloated and thought that Jiangnan must be smashed into a dog’s head this time, but in the next second, the audience was stunned to see that Jiangnan suddenly stretched out his hand and slapped his chalk head lightly, but his head was still lying on the ground.
He continued to sleep on the table, as expected of Nanshen, without even opening his eyelids, he was able to easily fend off the devil’s nine lightning bolts, it was awesome, it was more than three to five times stronger than Zhou Xingxing I didn’t even accept the wall, so I accepted Nanshen’s surrounding children’s shoes and couldn’t help but exclaimed when I saw it, okay, you heard that the beautiful class teacher Hu Yifei was so angry that she rushed to Jiangnan and slapped Jiangnan twice hard on the table, you give me Jiangnan finally woke up with a lot of strength, rubbed the fishy pine tree, looked at Hu Yifei, who had a pretty face and was angry with her sleepy eyes, and said lazily, “Teacher, the exam is over?” Hu Yifei was speechless for a moment. You should laugh as much as possible to control your anger, she patiently persuaded Jiangnan, you can’t give me a good exam Is it okay to pass? Jiangnan yawned and answered casually Hu Yifei seemed to have heard a big joke from the sky Le Dao Jiangnan looks like you are very confident, why don’t we make a bet if you can pass this exam, then I will sleep no matter what you do in the future It doesn’t matter but if you don’t pass the exam, you have to study hard and you can’t sleep during breaks. Jiang Nan’s heart fluttered instantly and he looked at Teacher Hu Yifei with burning eyes. Are you sure that as long as I pass the exam this time, you won’t care about sleeping in class? It’s absolutely true. Hu Yifei said very affirmatively, that’s it, it’s settled, Jiangnan smiled, a calm horse in her heart Hu Yifei saw that Jiangnan actually agreed, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes, don’t care about him and continue to invigilate the exam, just joking, this time Jiangnan can pass the math test to an outrageous degree The men’s soccer team won the World Cup.
After all, she knows that the difficulty of the test papers is absolutely hell for these ordinary high school students. Even Qin Yumo, the class leader who dominates the top ten in the first grade class every time, may not pass. What’s more, Hu Yifei, who is only on the other side of Jiangnan, who is only on the passing line, turned over as soon as her front foot walked Jiangnan, and then fell asleep freely on the table. He answered all the answers within a few minutes and guaranteed a score of 90. After all, he was a traverser who died suddenly on the keyboard a year ago because of too much hard work on code words.
Then he traveled to this parallel world similar to the original world and had his own. system, but this system has a trick Name Super Invincible Learning Demon Control Subsystem Ding Host Name Jiangnan Gender Male Language Grade 9 Mathematics Grade 9 Foreign Language Grade 9 Physics Grade 9 Chemistry Grade 9 Biology Grade 9 Skills Super Memory and Comprehension Effects at a glance Strength and mental strength need to rely on sleep to replenish physical fitness. The current number of lucky draws for ordinary people’s points is said to be a bit of a pitfall in this system, because the system will issue a score control task before each exam in Jiangnan, so that he must pass the exam in order to obtain a certain amount of learning magic points and improve himself. Attributes improve your own attributes, not to mention the magical points, which are awesome.
Clas can not only increase the level of his own disciplines, but also can be used to extract various items and rewards, such as mansions, villas, sports cars, cruise ships, and even airplanes and rockets. But in the past year, Jiangnan has everything. The magic learning points obtained every time are never used to draw prizes, but are all used to improve the subject level.
There is a saying, the so-called sharpening the knife and chopping firewood.
After all, the number of points rewarded by the system every time is based on his exam control. The highest score is determined by the accuracy of the score, and the lowest score is , but the process of controlling the score in the exam is not so easy. At the beginning, Jiangnan couldn’t grasp it at all, either he failed or exceeded too much, and he couldn’t get many points until he went through hundreds of games. Only by controlling the score can he control the scores of each subject within the passing line and then use the corresponding points to upgrade all his high school subjects to the perfect ninth grade.
Class, old class, you just wait to admit defeat, don’t bother me to sleep again, and all the points you get from the exam from now on can be saved for the lottery hahaha Chapter What are you talking about National Olympiad simulation questions After the exam time is over, the students in the row help to collect the test papers. As the bell rang, the homeroom teacher Hu Yifei gave an order, and the test papers were quickly collected. Why don’t you collect the papers so soon, teacher, I’m going crazy if I haven’t finished it yet. I’m going crazy. Why is this exam so difficult? I can’t even figure out those questions. Is it difficult? I think it’s quite easy.
I’ll pooh, you look like a salt soda king, of course you think it’s easy, anyway, you’re all in a mess.
Except for Zhuang Zhou Mengdie’s sleepy god like Jiangnan and the heartless schoolboy Wang Kaixuan Wang Fatzi, most of the children’s shoes look miserable. Seeing this beautiful girl, the homeroom teacher Hu Yifei felt a little sorry and quickly comforted her.
This surprise math test is just to find out, everyone, don’t be too stressed, go to the cafeteria to eat at noon.