After all how many people can still keep their hearts in the face of extreme power and status The disparity is too great he has

Outside the Taihe Palace where the emperor slept in the Forbidden City, a handsome young general wearing armor and handsome features was standing upright. He was the mighty general Hengjing who was in charge of the million-strong army of the Daxing Dynasty. At this moment, he has been standing outside the Taihe Palace for a full two hours in the afternoon. One of the guards guarding in front of the Taihe Palace looked up at the sky that was getting darker and darker, and murmured to himself, although His Majesty did not want to see this in recent years. A lord, but this lord has formed a friendship with His Majesty since he was a child.
Who doesn’t know that His Majesty was inseparable from him day and night when Prime Minister Han came back, almost making people think that this lord will be the only one to be favored by His Majesty. Unpredictable, and soon His Majesty got tired of him. In the past six years, the number of times he has been summoned to him can only be counted on the fingers of the hand.
When we meet, he only talks about the business and doesn’t even give him a straight look.
It’s really chilling, but who knows when His Majesty will read it again. What about this old man, not to mention anything else, this man is getting more and more handsome every year, but he is no worse than His Majesty’s good looks Here and there, the military exploits on that body are all his own killings from the battlefield. It is absolutely beneficial and harmless to have a good relationship with him My little one, I see that His Majesty won’t summon you today What do you want to tell His Majesty, the little one will convey it for you? The guard said while carefully watching the young general’s face, and saw his rock-solid black eyes trembling for a moment following his words, as if the originally calm and deep lake suddenly rose.
Lianyi couldn’t help feeling a little surprised, tsk tsk, and sighed, now that there is a female emperor, the ruthless drama of jealousy and jealousy in the harem still never ends, but the jealousy is replaced by a man who is eight feet tall, that’s all, a woman is the emperor It’s still no better than a man who has turned the atmosphere of the entire court in a crooked way.
The guards are just shaking their heads and sighing in spite of being weak. This kind of emotion disturbed the mind.
The words that the young general said brought a hint of hoarseness. The guard suddenly came back to his senses and subconsciously raised his eyes to look at the young general in front of him, his heart skipped a beat. The handsome and heroic face of the old stone statue was vaguely covered with a layer of haze. Looking at the closed palace door, the eyes were stained with blood and hostility, as if the next breath was about to raise a big knife and rush in directly to kill the adulterer. The guard was caught. The three words that popped out of my mind were taken aback, and I shook my head secretly, either he was crazy or General Heng was crazy, no matter how you put it, it was their Majesty, he could be jealous, but he absolutely shouldn’t be Monopolizing His Majesty’s delusion, even if he rushed in, he would only be accused of treason. The young general obviously didn’t know what the guards were thinking.
But without blinking, he looked at the palace gate in front of him and spit out every single word. When I come back, every single word weighed a thousand catties and hit people’s hearts hard. After finishing speaking, the young general turned around and left without looking back for a long time Afterwards, the guard suddenly came back to his senses and shuddered unconsciously, but he couldn’t help being a little stunned as he watched the young general’s figure gradually disappearing.
Why does the world look at this moment for no reason, giving people a sense of loneliness that seems to have lasted for thousands of years? At this time, there is a strong fragrance of incense everywhere in the Taihe Palace, which is also mixed with the pungent smell of blood. Wearing white clothes The woman with disheveled hair fell on the bed, the corner of her mouth was covered with bright red blood flowers she coughed up, and beside the bed, a stone blue woman with a bust and skirt trembled slightly, stepped back step by step, and when she suddenly shouted, her face was full of you forcing me to follow What’s the use of you as an empress without real power? Don’t think that everyone calls you Your Majesty.
You are nothing but a beggar on the side of the road.
If Prime Minister Han hadn’t brought you back, you wouldn’t have had such a good life these past few years Han Erlang You are so happy with me, I told you to give me to Mr. Han Erlang, but you pretended to be hypocritical and said that I would not have a good life in the past.
I will tell you straight up today that I was just a concubine in the past.
Stronger than you, the woman on the bed in this corner is so weak that she can’t speak, it’s just that pair of bright eyes that seem to see through everything, staring straight at the woman in front of her with a knife-like sharpness in her eyes Beside another woman in azure-colored clothes Being tied up by five flowers, at this moment, I managed to spit out the cloth in my mouth, and cursed at Qingman, you wolf-hearted thing, how did His Majesty treat you these years? Prime Minister Han married Liangzi and we have been with His Majesty since we were young.
Your Majesty never treats us as slaves, but as heart-to-heart sisters.
He also promised to find a good family for us and marry them in a good manner.
How can you, how can you be green? She looks beautiful and has been harassed by the Erlang of the Han family, Han Xiuxu, for a long time.
They thought that Han Xiuxu was just trying to get rid of His Majesty’s green vines, and she often pretended to bear the burden of humiliation to help His Majesty solve problems and commit herself to Han Xiuxu. Hooking up with Han Xiuxu, Qingman seemed to hear some joke, and laughed even more wildly. Which family can be better than the most distinguished Han family in Daxing? Days, the girl was stunned by her words, her eyes widened and she looked at her in disbelief, as if she had known this person for the first time, Qingwan let alone the girl on the bed suddenly opened her mouth weakly and sarcastically raised the corner of her mouth, it was my stupidity