After a while he sighed and continued to say I was wrong Ren Xin I was wrong you forgive me okay But what do you

An abnormal meeting at ten o’clock in the morning.
The sun in Jiangcheng brought the morning heat to the bustling high-end office building in the urban area.
There were four women in black suits sitting opposite a conference table, with ponytails and slightly frowning brows, carefully reading the terms of the agreement. The man on the opposite side leaned back and clasped his hands on his lap. The silver-rimmed glasses were on the bridge of his nose, and the corners of his mouth were raised slightly, looking confident. Xiong Jiajia looked at Ren Xin and then at the man opposite him.
Some cold sweat broke out on her forehead. Rubbing his hands, he asked the new sister in a low voice if he had any questions. Ren Xin put down the agreement, cleared his throat, raised his head, looked up at the man, and quickly moved away, saying, Lawyer Qi, you are an overlord clause. In the case of the investigation of the source of the incident, my client was not the person in charge of the incident, but during the spread of this incident, the client, who was a lawyer, could not help but did not stop it, but instead made the matter develop and grow. The adverse effects caused seriously affected my client’s normal life. The routine of life has also put a lot of pressure on the spirit of my client. I think that lawyer Ren can still understand the professional psychological testimonials. The lawyer’s client is more responsible than the manufacturer. Qi Yu pushed down his glasses to see Ren.
Xin bit his lower lip and kept silent, smiled and continued, this agreement is already the biggest concession for my client.
If Ms. Xiong and Lawyer Ren find it unacceptable, we can only meet him in court. With tears rolling in her eyes, she pulled Ren Xin’s sleeves and said aggrievedly, forget it, or I will sign it.
Ren Xin raised his volume and looked at Qi Yu’s face With a smug expression, she gritted her teeth and asked in a low voice, are you sure? It said that the compensation costs totaled 150,000 yuan, and your salary is not enough for 150,000 yuan a year without eating or drinking. How long do you plan to pay? If I don’t sign the court and lose my job, no website will dare to hire me, let alone 150,000 yuan. On the opposite side, the two women who were whispering in front of his face, the reflection of the lens could not see his eyes, only saw the corners of his mouth raised, he slowly opened his mouth and said, how is the two of you discussing, I have other appointments today, I just want to ask Ren Xin As soon as I opened my mouth, Xiong Jiajia took the first step to sign.
I signed.
Xiong Jiajia picked up a pen and swiped to sign her name on the document.
Before Ren Xin had time to grab her hand, she saw the three big characters of Xiong Jiajia written in black and white. She sighed, she was not afraid. Opponents like gods are afraid of teammates like pigs.
If she meets such a witness in court, she probably won’t have to work as a lawyer.
Qi Yu took over the agreement and put on a happy smile, saying that Miss Xiong couldn’t help it. Pretty and very sensible Xiong Jiajia’s cheeks were slightly red, she lowered her head and said shyly, Lawyer Qi Qi, I don’t have that much money now, can I tell Mr.
Zhong to repay the loan in installments? Frowning, Xiong Jiajia looked at him with big watery eyes, and he continued with some embarrassment in his tone.
I will tell Mr.
Zhong truthfully that Mr. Zhong is a reasonable person. For specific matters, my secretary Bai Shan will contact you. Thank you Lawyer Qi Xiong Jiajiaju With a bow, Ren Xin stood next to her with a briefcase and snorted dissatisfiedly. Qi Yu walked over and reached out to say that Lawyer Ren had a good cooperation.
Back to Dao, Lawyer Qi was polite. This kind of bullying ordinary people must be a piece of cake for Lawyer Qi. She stretched her hand halfway and wanted to retract it, but Qi Yu took the initiative to hold her hand, and the temperature came to his palm.
It seems that the legendary Qi Yu is nothing more than that.
Ren Xin raised his head and looked at him, feeling that his hand seemed to rub against his palm twice, and he couldn’t help shivering. This man hasn’t seen him for so many years.
Big but also getting thinner and thinner, Ren Xin stared at Qi Yu with a calm look on the surface, and shook his hands vigorously.
Lawyer Qi, please respect yourself.
Qi Yu came back to his senses, pushed his glasses and smiled. Lawyer Ren, why not leave a contact information, we will often contact Ren Xin in the future, snorted and said to contact me, just call my office The clean business card in the book has Ren Xin’s name printed in the middle on the front, and the firm’s name and a series of phone numbers on the back. It seems that she doesn’t want to have too much to do with him. The lawyer is staring at the business card, and his heartbeat seems to be a little faster.
Lawyer Qi, do you want to contact Mr.
Zhong? I will contact him.
Just put the things on my desk. Let me keep the lawyer’s business card for you.
Qi Yu glanced at the business card in his hand and put it neatly in the middle of the wallet, and said no need for it.
The car was blowing cold wind.
Xiong Jiajia still fanned her with her hands.
You shivered, Xinjie, you are angry, Ren Xin didn’t answer, both hands clenched the steering wheel, knuckles were a little white, Xiong Jiajia saw that she didn’t speak, and continued to ask, Xinjie, do you know Lawyer Qi? I think he seems to know you very well, can you? Do you know him? Ren Xin couldn’t help but see Qi Yu’s bland expression again.
The warmth of his fingertips seemed to still be on her hand.
She pressed the horn vigorously.
Of course they knew each other and had been enemies for four years. It’s impossible to know him without seeing him for seven years.
His human skin is getting more refined and thicker.
Xiong Jiajia grabbed his seat belt and said palely, new sister.