After a while he raised his eyes slowly and looked at Yun Dongbai again followed by raising his hand and sent the dragoncarved jade cup

The Miracle of Yuan Mi breaks through the ground and sets off a bloody storm in the Three Realms.
In order to prevent this catastrophe, Feng Shuzhu, a scholar with a mysterious background, resolutely stepped forward and started a battle of wits with the magic way hidden in the dark. Chu Qing, the descendant of the Nine-Tailed Fox of the Shan Family, the future lord of the Water Moon Palace, Shui Lingyue, the sole heir of the Demon Cult in the Western Regions, Mo Boyiyi, begins a story of fairy tales with twists and turns.
There is no routine fighting method, but relying on the protagonist’s wit and adaptability to narrowly win. It can be described as dangerous and exciting. The prologue time should be a long, long time ago.
The beauty of the sun, the moon, the mountains and the rivers is peerless, lonely and lovesick.
The promise is comforting, but it is the reincarnation of the wind and the moon. The fragrance and dust are over. There must be evil in righteousness, but demons want to dominate the world for their own selfishness, so they constantly seek power, enhance their cultivation, and use all means to poison living beings, harming heaven and harmony, so there are righteous sword immortals born to eliminate demons and protect the way to save the common people.
The two ways of fighting each other. Like water and fire, after several battles, the demonic way gradually declined, then died down, and disappeared for a time The strength of life and cultivation is constantly increasing, and the group of demons is looking forward to it. For a time, they wanted to unify the three realms and dominate the world, causing disasters for three hundred years. Under the leadership of the three sects of swordsmen, they gathered the power of the right way in the world and wiped out the body of Shadow Huo in Cangqing Mountain through a fierce battle.
However, his primordial spirit escaped by chance and infiltrated into the Yuanmin Miracle. In order to find the traces of the demon sect’s primordial spirit, the righteous and the demons launched an intrigue and intrigue, in which there is no lack of open guns and hidden arrows, and there is no lack of love for children, so a heart-stirring story that falls to ups and downs begins.
Chapter 1 First Encounter Two hundred years later, our story starts again from Cangqing Mountain.
Cangqing Mountain is located in the southwest of Huaxia Shenzhou. The mountains are towering and majestic, stretching for hundreds of miles. Although the surrounding peaks in the mountains are dangerous and precipitous, they are closely surrounded by this peak, like a pilgrimage. In the south of the mountain, there is a vast river that goes straight to the horizon. It is said that the top of Yuantiao Mountain is shrouded in clouds all the year round. It looks like a fairyland on earth. At the southern foot of Cangqing Mountain, there is a town called Shimen Town on the north bank of the river.
Hualou Street is the two main streets in the town. Front Street Jiangti Street is mainly for shops and workshops.
It is also a hawker market and common people’s activities on weekdays.
The reason is that juggling, divination, fortune-telling, three teachings and nine streams are omnipresent.
The back street Hualou Street is mostly high-end restaurants, theater gardens and brothels. On this day, the sky is clear, clear and the wind is warm.
Boats on the river go to and from the shore, pink willows and green rivers, and the market is full of tourists. Among the crowd, there is a young scholar wearing an indigo blue shirt and a scarf. He has a tall figure and a handsome face.
A pair of eyes are as bright as the stars, with a clear smile on his face, he slowly walks over, young master, please stop. Suddenly, someone beside him stopped the scholar. The scholar turned his head slightly, and saw an old man wearing a long gray robe with three long beards under his chin. His eyes were too white. Young Master Hei’s eyes were flickering, and he was holding a bamboo pole in his right hand, on which was hung a square flag with the words “forecasting things like gods” in his heart, and he immediately understood that this was a fortune teller. Ge Fengrun will be in high school in the future, the fortune-teller finished speaking, his eyes flickered, but seeing that the scholar did not answer, he continued, Daoran, there is a faint blackness in front of his eyes, and he sees that the young man must have disasters in the near future.
The scholar heard about it Yan smiled slightly and asked, sir, how to seek good luck and avoid evil? Seeing the scholar’s accusation, the old man’s eyes rolled a little bit, and he said that he still needs the young master to present his birth date and wait for the old man to do a careful calculation. The scholar stretched out his hand and asked for a pen and paper. Take out a fine tube pen from the bag and a piece of rice paper, the scholar picks up the pen and draws on the rice paper without any haste The crowd on Jiangti Street suddenly gathered in front of a jewelry shop. The scholar stopped his pen and looked at the jewelry shop not far away. Things need to go down and have a look.
After finishing talking, the old man has already walked out.
The old man took the paper and pen before he looked at it carefully. He was afraid that the scholar would go away. Turning around, the corners of his mouth slightly raised with a hint of a smile, and said lightly, Mr.
Why don’t you make a conclusion based on the horoscope? After finishing speaking, he walked towards the crowd.
Hearing this, the old man looked very puzzled, lowered his head and opened the rice paper, but saw that it said not to be near I couldn’t understand the word water, so I showed disdain, snorted, crumpled the rice paper and threw it to the side of the road, propped up the bamboo pole square flag in my hand, walked forward, and shouted while walking Divination, fortune-telling, guidance, maze, look at complexion, good or bad luck in fleeting years, criticizing horoscopes to determine the prosperity and decline of a lifetime, the old man walked while yelling