After a while he asked coldly who that person was Qin Yi retracted his hand without any trace and ignored the prince of Xihuang dragged

But in the end, I found out that there is a fairy first.
There is a person next to the immortal road.
It is bitter and cold. You and I embrace each other to keep warm. It is even more peculiar among the red clouds. It is said that there are immortals in the mountains. Of course, no one has ever found half a fairy hair. It’s no different from ordinary hills. Midnight boy slowly climbed up the hilltop and stood on the pile of rubble. He’s not a fairy seeker, but a villager at the foot of the mountain.
The strange thing is that since he turned sixteen this year, he often has a strange impulse, as if there is something in the mountain. What is waiting for him? Every time he can’t restrain himself, he comes to the top of the mountain in a daze, but he never finds anything.
The rocks on the top of the mountain are very rough, and there are some very old textures on them, but they are just messy and disorganized.
I don’t have such a feeling either.
I don’t know if it has something to do with my parents.
I asked Uncle Xu and they all said that I was dreaming.
The young man looked up at the stars and the moon and the moon in the sky.
Through the red clouds and mists, the moon looks strangely bright. There are some traces of red in the rubble at this moment, but there is a sudden voice coming from the pile of rocks.
It is really unlucky. Xiao Taohong, who has come all the way to this Poshan Yihong Courtyard, doesn’t know which bastard took the lead first, and someone responded, shut up. Following the words, the two people came out of the pile of rocks, seeing the young man, they were startled at the same time, the man swallowed half of what he said, and then turned into a grim smile, stabbing at the young man with two long swords at the same time. Less often, I have seen some fairy seekers who are very polite to their local residents. He never thought that these people would kill without saying a word when they met, until they were pierced by two long swords. He didn’t know why.
The man smiled and walked away. The young man was lying in the middle of the rocks, with blood gurgling on his chest. He stared at the direction the two were leaving.
On the verge of death, he wanted to ask why the two underestimated the young man’s vitality and thought he was bound to die.
In fact, the young man himself did too.
If he had practiced martial arts since he was young, if he hadn’t been too undefended, it wouldn’t have been so easy for them to kill him Under the color, a faint blue light slowly flashed, mixed with the bright red blood, which was strange and unusual, and then the light seemed to be contagious.
The surrounding rocks also began to flash blue light, and within a short while, the rocks on the top of the mountain were almost The boy who was lying on the ground and dying suddenly disappeared, his eyes were distorted, and then there was a vast expanse of blood red, like a blood-stained world with no end and no boundary Stele fragments, various blade fragments, hilts and blades scattered in a mess, in the surrounding red mist, there seemed to be countless faces twisting, roaring and wailing.
Is this hell? Nian himself did not realize that in this special area, there seems to be a special kind of aura that is gradually repairing his body.
His body, which should have lost blood to death, is slowly recovering.
Unfortunately, his soul is too weak, his consciousness has been slackened, and he cannot survive. A vague voice suddenly sounded from the roaring and howling in the depths, this blood is no wonder it can come here, blood, you are dying, the voice seems to be happy, such a weak soul just so happens that the young man has no time to react. The young man can only feel a horrible grimace in the depths of his soul, grinning and rushing towards the boundless darkness, engulfing him.
This is the last consciousness of the young man. Unlucky to get home, he was killed first and then Forget about being taken away, anyway, the young man’s soul let out a final roar, occupying my body, so I went to ask the national teacher why at this moment, a soul of unknown origin suddenly broke into this distorted time and space, as if feeling the pain of just losing his soul The young man drove the shell and dragged the soul into it blankly. The grimace in the seized house seemed to be a little unexpected. Immediately, he sensed that the new soul was not strong, so he just kept doing nothing, and even swallowed the new soul. Trying to digest, there was a huge influx of unexpected and completely incompatible information, and the grimace was overwhelmed. With a muffled grunt, the new soul was completely repelled by it. It seemed that the frustration was fatal this time. Unable to form, like a tidal wave, he was repulsed back and left the body. The young man expelled the shell, and only a new soul remained entrenched. The young man opened his eyes and was at a loss. It turns out that there is hell after death. This is how hell is. After a moment of silence There is a voice floating faintly. What is the video novel on your computer and mobile phone that is full of soul? You are young, you have been in hell for so many years, don’t you know these things? It was a bit of a sarcasm, I learned from the soul you just devoured that the person who is possessed by you seems to be called Qin Yi.
Hearing this, the young man immediately became alert. This is not hell. Who are you? You can call me Tassel, the voice said slowly. Hell is hell, do you want to go out? How do you go out and pick me up? If you can go out and pick it up, you have a mace in your hand that is obliquely inserted into the ground, and that is me, Qin Yi.
The moment Qin Yi pulls out the mace, the space distorts the whole film The area suddenly disappeared, eyes opened, and the moon was on the top of the mountain, and stars were shrouded in red clouds. At the same time, an old farmer in a small village at the foot of the mountain sat up from the kang, and the woodcutter opened the door to look at the moon. The yellow dog at the entrance of the village turned his head to look at the top of the mountain.
I’m guarding the door and you’re guarding the tomb. Actually, I don’t want to guard the tomb.