Admit Xiaoyu listen to me Xiaoding has a girlfriend in his hometown named Xu Ruyu everyone usually calls her Xiaoyu Hua Rong said it proudly

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Since then, everyone has the opportunity to become a superman and even become a god.
Countless masters and capable people ignore all laws and wantonly kill and do whatever they want. Seduced by countless beauties as the lover of his dreams Chapter Contents Begin Preface Chapter 1 Graduation Update Time This Chapter Word Count Preface Ruda lay on the table and calculated the time it would take for Sofina to fly to the Nuwa galaxy, and finally got a certainty Conclusion Seventy-five years and she’ll only have one year and nine months in the ship.
Her careless wave before boarding at the port will be the last time Ruda sees her.
Ruda knows that before she lands, she It is very likely that he is already dead.
Even if he lives long enough, he will become an old and unbearable birthday person.
The feeling of being abandoned makes him feel uncomfortable, as if he has lost his soul, so he works late every day to dilute the memory of Sofina. After lying in bed for an hour and then back to the office because he couldn’t sleep Ruda is a linguist whose current research topic comes from an alien spaceship that was buried 20,000 years ago. He is responsible for the text analysis in it.
Of interest is a stack of solid gold steles with sixteen inscriptions on which all agree that this must be extremely important information but no one has yet made a convincing translation many days and nights Ruda Silently staring at the strange characters rubbed in a daze, he tried his best to find out the connection and changes between each symbol. He was already familiar with the appearance and arrangement order of each character, but he still found nothing like the previous people engaged in this research. This morning, the sky has not completely shaken off the darkness.
Ruda wakes up early and sleeps for less than three hours. This is the forty-third day after Sofina left the earth, and he feels a little heavy in his chest.
This incident made him inexplicably irritable.
Many people in his state often do some wrong things out of impulse. Ruda suddenly wanted to drink some wine, so he poured a glass and held it in his hand to taste it alone. Soon he felt his head began Dizzy, but not as excited as he imagined, he walked into the office disheartened.
At this time, he didn’t know that he would do something famous in history. In the years to come, whenever he recalled this Everything that happened in one day made me cry and I just wanted to bang my head against the wall. On this day, April 10, A.D.
Later, people called this day Samurai Christmas. It was as if Luda had suddenly opened his eyes and saw the characters he had been studying. After understanding the relationship between them and the meaning of each word, he spent three hours translating them into Chinese, English and Spanish.
Ruda checked it several times.
This is a movie about The content of the complete plan on how to improve the human body’s potential through special training is very strange. It says that as long as you do what it says and practice hard, you can have unimaginable superpowers and even become omnipotent in the end. The god-like existence, Ruda, didn’t think much of it, but somehow he sat down in front of the computer and sent these research results to several major portals through the Internet.
He didn’t understand why he did this, and then Ruda went back to the room, collapsed and fell asleep. It wasn’t until sixteen o’clock in the afternoon that the director of the research institute broke into the door and didn’t wake up. At this time, no one had thought of the upheaval that was about to happen.
The director’s anger was only because Lu Da arbitrarily disclosed the research results that should have been handed over to Lu Da to the public. Da was kicked out of the institute and he disappeared into the crowd with his luggage.
Many people saw Ruda’s research results on the Internet, and some of them who were more boring began to train themselves as described in it.
After a few months, they found themselves It really has some super powers.
The progress of human development has changed so far. One year later, all countries and governments have lost control of their people. People all over the world are training themselves according to Ruda’s research results. Hundreds of millions of people died. Due to unregulated jousting and dueling laws no one cares about morality is being reshaped the global economy has completely collapsed more people died of starvation than were killed and this continued for a full twenty years until the new year AD Order has only been established.
Chapter 1 Graduation This is a deserted town.