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Source 80 e-books uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world Time Word Count A generation of soldiers Wang Yin entered the city and lived in the basement to move bricks for a living on a construction site Once by chance, the soldier Wang Qinjie rescued the beautiful school girl Xia Yin who was bullied by gangsters and became Xia Yin’s daughter The personal bodyguard Wang returned to school and experienced a youthful, frivolous, fairy-like appearance that he once lacked.
The beautiful and lively school girl with a dark belly and a sexy cohabitation yoga instructor. The passionate police flower.
The quiet and sweet teacher. Qin Jie, the president of the company, protects them and begins a journey from grassroots to legendary The door of a basement in Xingzhong District, Lanxing City, Lanxing City, China, slowly opened a door covered with dark yellow torn newspapers.
A young man with a height of about 1.8 meters and short hair When he came out, he was wearing a very faded denim jacket, and underneath he was wearing tattered jeans and sneakers, Da Jie, hurry up, come back, don’t let this baby wait for too long, Yin Xiaoyu’s lazy voice came from the room, Qin Jie was helpless Close the door, put your hands in your pockets, and come to the ground. Blue Star City is a first-tier coastal city. The economy is developing very fast. The consumption level is even rising.
Brick movers like Qin Jie can’t afford to rent a house in the community. Even the basement is shared by Qin Jie and Yin Xiaoyu.
As soon as he came to the ground and walked a few steps, Qin Jie took out the Hongtashan in his pocket, took out one and put it in his mouth.
When he reached out to touch the lighter, he remembered his own lighter. Being snatched away by Yin Xiaoyu, Qin Jie walked into the canteen beside him in desperation. As soon as he stepped in, Liu Yun immediately yelled at Qin Jie, brat, your rent should be paid, and the two bottles of Erguotou you bought last time, a red tower mountain I haven’t even given you any money yet. Liu Yun is in her early thirties this year, Qin Jie’s landlord. This small shop was also opened by Liu Yun.
Because her husband died of illness not long after she got married, she didn’t even have children. The neighbors and folks around her called her Widow Liu, only Qin.
Jie called her Sister Yun.
In a few days, when my salary is paid, I will make it all up.
Qin Jie said with a smile, I will believe you, Sister Yun, have you noticed that your skin seems to be getting better again? Really? You don’t come every day I’ve used this set every time, and I’m tired of hearing it. Liu Yun looked at Qin Jie’s chest trembling angrily, because it’s summer, so everyone rarely wears it.
Liu Yun’s figure is plump, and her skin is very fair. She is also a rare beauty, Sister Yun, I am here to spend today, Qin Jie said seriously, I will forgive you today, remember to pay back the money next time, but this time you are not allowed to pay on credit Qin Jie just picked up a bottle of Erguotou Hearing that no credit is allowed, he put it down and went to the counter to pick up a lighter. This is one dollar, right? Smoked Qin Jie quickly ran away Going out and smashing the lighter on the back of Qin Jie’s head, you poor boy who killed a thousand knives, my sister gave it to you Qin Jie bent down to pick up the lighter and left happily. Ten dollars, so if you can save it, save it.
It’s more than seven o’clock in the evening. Qin Jie feels the cool summer evening breeze and walks leisurely on the street.
Diling has a text message to inform Qin Jie to take out his fifty yuan. He turned on his mobile phone and looked at it, and then his brows were slightly wrinkled. This expression has not appeared on Qin Jie’s face for several years, since he was driven out by the army. The relaxed and comfortable life has long since lost the demeanor of the king of soldiers, but this text message was sent from the headquarters, and it was sent by the former chief himself. Qin Jie still remembers her number and what she called himself, although he has never contacted the headquarters. But Qin Jie doesn’t think about those boring things at all, such as how the headquarters would know his contact information. For Qin Jie’s former troops, it is not too simple to check a person. Looking at the content of the information, Qin Jie couldn’t help but smiled wryly. A generation of soldier kings actually asked me to be a bodyguard.
The one I protected was such a 20-year-old little girl. I don’t know what she looks like.
What if she is a dinosaur and has a weird temper? Take a step back and say that I can bear it, but you all Don’t know how to pay some salary? Qin Jie complained alone and walked to the door of a bar without knowing it. At the same time, he also saw the last sentence of the text message.
Back in his pocket, Qin Jie casually looked at the gate of the bar.
With the colorful lights in front of the door, Qin Jie saw a young man in a white suit with a gold ring in his hand walking out.
Damn rich, although he is rich. But the appearance is so ugly that Qin Jie complained, and then Qin Jie saw two murderous young men grabbing a beautiful woman by the arm and pulling her to the door, and pulled her towards the car Qin Jie tilted his head and thought.
I wonder what the hell is this? Is it a kidnapping game? But that girl is so beautiful, help, help, the beauty suddenly yelled, Qin Jie spread his hands helplessly, the beauty of the big city really knows how to play, etc. What the hell am I thinking? Qin Jie scolded himself secretly, walked forward quickly, when he got close to the group of people, Qin Jie pointed at the beautiful woman and shouted, let go of that girl, everyone was stunned, the young man in a white suit looked at him disdainfully Qin Jie glanced at it, then sneered and said, “Why do you guys like to be a hero these days? It’s disturbing my Yaxing. Kill him. One of them, Shamat, came up to him. Brother Gui said that he was going to kill you, so bad luck for you.”