Adams apple slides up and down the sound is a bit imperceptible and obscure Where do you want to go Back to my world Sheng

Lu Zeling gently turned over to be the person beside him and tucked in the corner of the quilt. The thin coral fleece quilt she just changed is very light and soft, but he didn’t notice that the light in the room was not turned on, only the gap in the curtains came in.
The sporadic light spots reflected the shallow outline of the furnishings in the house. With the faint light, Lu Zeling carefully identified the silhouette of the man beside him.
It was the same as every day in the past. After the rough intimacy, he used the back of his head to face her so clearly and silently. Announcing his world to her, she could never reach it in her whole life Looking at the hazy shadow in the dark Lu Zeling was a little dazed, so close but felt so far away, so familiar but always felt strange, she couldn’t even imagine that she had already lived with this man like this In the past three years, the best years of a woman’s life have been quietly turned over like the pages of a book.
Sheng Yechen doesn’t know how much she loves him. Everyone scolds her and says she is crazy. Maybe it’s because she loves him.
She loves so much that she has lost herself. She was originally a madman.
She knew that he would never marry her. She didn’t dare to ask for more.
She just wanted to be with him like this, even if it meant making enemies of the whole world.
She quietly got closer.
After making sure that he was breathing steadily and indeed fell asleep, she moved a little closer to his side and stretched out her arms to wrap his arms around his thin waist. She wanted to get close to his skin, but she was afraid that such an overreach would wake him up. In the end, she just stopped. About a few centimeters away from his skin, imagining that she is holding him at this moment, very close, very close, as if he is really hers, and this is enough to satisfy her, she tilts her head, and the soft hair sticks against his Just as her back was about to get closer to the sleeping Sheng Yechen, she suddenly moved. She quickly withdrew her hand, so frightened that she even forgot to breathe. In the darkness, everything in front of her seemed to be blurred. I don’t know how long it took before Sheng Yechen’s steady breathing came again.
Then Lu Zeling realized that he wasn’t awake but turned over in his sleep. She let out a breath and wiped off the sweat from her forehead. She didn’t dare to approach the corner of the bed silently and moved around. She closed her arms and forced herself to sleep. This situation has happened countless times in the past few years.
She couldn’t help laughing at herself. She was afraid of offending him. She didn’t even dare to hug him without his permission. She is humble and pitiful, but all of this is her own choice, she got it by any means, she must be happy, Lu Zeling wakes up according to the biological clock in the morning, tidies up quickly, goes into the kitchen, scours millet, cooks some porridge, and quickly stir-fries the side dishes The side dishes of porridge were placed on the table, after everything was done, he took out the medicine, poured warm water and returned to the room.
Sheng Yechen hadn’t gotten up yet. Lu Zeling touched Sheng Yechen’s shoulder lightly. This was the only time when Lu Zeling touched Sheng Yechen, he wouldn’t get angry.
Sheng Yechen moved slightly. In the morning, he woke up from a light sleep. After a while, he slowly sat up, his brows frowned, and he got up in a rage. Lu Zeling handed him two pills and warm water to watch. After he finished taking the medicine, he took the water and put it on the table. Lu Zeling silently put the slippers by Sheng Yechen’s feet. He heard the sound and moved, and then stepped on the slippers. After putting them on, he groped for the bathroom without looking back. Very familiar, but Lu Zeling was still worried, picked up the water glass and tiptoed behind him, watched him wash and brush his teeth and walked into the dining room, and then he was relieved to push the already warm porridge in front of him, without saying a single word, in silence. It looks like a machine. Sheng Yechen took a spoon and just took two mouthfuls of porridge, his expression was a little bit wrong. He frowned, his eyes were obviously not bright, but it could still make people see the anger.
Seeing him like this, Lu Zeling clenched his fists nervously. Waiting for his next words without saying a word, I saw Sheng Yechen throwing the spoon away, he couldn’t see it, so the spoon was thrown into the dish, and the soup splashed onto the back of Lu Zeling’s hand. You want to scald me to death, do you really think you are a young mistress and don’t want to do little things, or are you saying that I am blind now that you look down on me and deliberately deal with me? Lu Zeling’s voice is a little hoarse and he hasn’t opened his mouth to defend himself. Sheng Yechen has no patience. Just interrupt, hearing your voice makes me sick to my stomach.
Although Lu Zeling is used to his cold sarcasm, she still can’t help but feel sad.
She stood up gently, picked up the porridge in front of Sheng Yechen, and said carefully, “I’ll go.” Let me cool you down, no need to eat enough for yourself Sheng Yechen turned around and brought my clothes over. Lu Zeling looked at what he wanted to say, but in the end he didn’t say anything.
Wipe the back of his hands and go back to the room, took out his clothes and waited for him to change them. Afterwards, the driver also went upstairs. Sheng Yechen followed the driver and left without looking back. Lu Zeling would not ignore his disgusted expression before he left.
The room regained its calm, it should not be said to be dead silent, it seemed that even the sound of her breathing could be heard in the empty house. Hui Yin seemed to be laughing at her pathetic eyes, and her eyes got wet before she knew it. She raised her head and forcefully forced her back.
Quietly and stubbornly, she ate Sheng Yechen’s unfinished porridge one bite at a time.
Lu Zeling didn’t feel hot at all, but felt cold in her heart. Swallowing hard, telling myself in my heart that I can only be sad for a while, after eating the porridge, I will drive away all these negative emotions.
She shouldn’t be too desperate.
Even if his attitude is not good, at least he will come back every day. Although his words are not good, at least he will She will still talk to him, even if his actions are rude, at least she can still feel that he still has needs for her body, that’s enough, isn’t it enough? People who are too greedy will get nothing.
Lu Zeling said to herself like this Lu Zeling is shopping Baobao chooses fresh ingredients in the market five stops away. She has a lot of research on cooking. Sheng Yechen has a tricky taste.