Across the shoulders is always like a quacking duck on its back constantly spreading doubts and negative energy then Gao Han asked with a smile

Alpine Fuenlabrada is located in a small city in the southwest of the Spanish capital Madrid. It is a famous Chinese gathering place. At this time, the second round of the Madrid Community Invitational Tournament is going on in the Pistas Football Stadium in the western suburbs of the city. The home team is from Fuenlabrada.
An amateur team composed entirely of Chinese players. Standing in front of the coach of the main team is a 23-year-old young Chinese man wearing a very simple red training uniform.
The unfavorable situation of the player being crushed by the opponent on the field makes the young man’s eyebrows locked, but his expression reveals a stubborn stubbornness.
His name is Gao Han. Gao Han was born in the rural areas of southern China.
But he was not born to play football, so becoming a professional head coach is his biggest dream in this life. Since junior high school, Gao Han has used his spare time to learn the professional knowledge of professional coaches and applied to a professional team in Beijing as a volunteer for long-term observation.
Studying the training of a professional team During college, he was the head coach of the school team and led the team, which has been weak for many years, to win the inter-school cup championship for three consecutive years and become a fearsome and strong team in order to better realize his dream. After graduating from university, Gao Han resolutely chose to study abroad at his own expense.
He went to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​one of the three famous European football universities, to study for a year and had the honor to practice in La Liga giants Barcelona. Graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​eager to develop in professional football in Europe. Unexpectedly, from Barcelona to Valencia and then to the alpine cold in Madrid, no team in Spain is willing to give a little-known player who even played in the World Cup.
A rookie coach from a weak football country who can’t make it even the mere head coach of the youth team didn’t give it a chance.
In this way, Gao Han became the coach of this amateur team. Although the Madrid Community Invitational Tournament is an amateur cup, there will also be many professional teams or youth teams from professional teams in the surrounding areas of Madrid participating, so it also attracts people. Many professionals and media attention.
If you can stand out in this event, you may not have the chance to be selected by a professional team. Therefore, Gao Han will devote all his energy to the Chinatown team and succeed. Led the team to defeat the amateur opponents in the first knockout round and advanced to the second round. Unexpectedly, in the second round, they were unlucky to draw the head coach of the professional team Getafe’s second team, Chinatown. They played well.
They played well. They were well-organized and organized, but the strength of the team was not good. The team was formed not long ago, and it was composed of some amateur Chinese youths. They didn’t even have formal football training.
The overall strength is not even compared with professional teams. Compared with amateur teams, it is also far inferior. Not many amateur teams, although they are amateurs But the players are all regular professional teams who have been eliminated from the youth training.
The strength of these players is definitely not comparable to that of the Chinatown team.
Without the young head coach, the Chinatown team may not even be able to qualify for the first round, but this team is afraid. It stopped at the second round.
Although the second team of Getafe is a team in the fourth level of the Spanish League, it is a professional team after all. The regular youth training strength is much higher than that of the Chinatown team. Emiro is also around Madrid. The well-known coach Chinatown has no chance. The biggest suspense in this game is how many goals Getafe’s second team can win. Oh, Emiro also said in an interview before the game that the biggest competitor is Fuenlafra Atlético d’Athletic II also has Real Madrid II and Atlético de Madrid II which are stronger in overall strength.
No one will care about Chinatown, an amateur team. That’s for sure. Gao Han stands on the sidelines and listens. The comments from the fans around were very reconciled to the professional vs. amateur. There is no doubt that the former has a crushing advantage in strength. From the beginning of the game, Getafe’s second team firmly controlled the game situation and began to bombard the Chinatown team indiscriminately. The amateur opponents had to hide in the penalty area without any power to fight back.
This one-sided crazy situation also stimulated the Spanish fans who surrounded the stadium, all cheering and cheering like chicken blood.
Between the Spanish team and the Chinese team, they undoubtedly chose the former. Anyone can see that for the Getafe second team, this game is no longer a question of whether they can win, but how many courts they are going to win. Some Spanish fans called out to win ten goals, which shows how amazing the away team’s advantage is.
As the head coach of the Chinatown team, Gao Han frowned and was still thinking about the matchup strategy. This is the first team he coached. He doesn’t want to lose and can’t lose in the knockout round. No matter how strong the opponent is, no matter how bad the situation is, as long as there is even a little bit of hope, he will try his best to win.
I have tried everything I can to come to Europe from China.
My dream was ridiculed by so many people and rejected by so many teams. The Community Invitational is my last chance. I must not lose. I must not lose. At this moment, a strange voice suddenly came out of Gao Han’s mind.
The belief value reached the standard and the system was successfully activated. Please wait a moment and then A gray window popped up in his mind, what’s going on? Gao Han was taken aback, then looked around and he was the only one who was talking.
In his mind, the original gray window suddenly lit up, and the sound rang again. After the data collection is complete, welcome to use the Chinese Dream coaching system, which is specially designed to revitalize Chinese football. The system starts and enters the rookie teaching mode.