Ability to risk Half a day later the Red Mist fighters from Yangcheng Lair boarded the departing train most of them chose to go to

Chapter 1 He Mu, He Feng, He Mu’s thoughts were interrupted by a crisp doorbell on the first floor of Unit 3, Nancheng Military District After trembling for a while, he replied in a somewhat hoarse voice. After all, he lightly pressed a button on the wheelchair, and there was an electronic sound, and the door rang, and a soldier came in with a medium-sized bag.
Suitcase Seeing the somewhat familiar suitcase, He Mu’s pupils kept shrinking, and it became difficult to breathe at this moment. My brother, my brother, He Feng, the guardian of Tianmen District, Lingzhou City, has unfortunately died. These are his relics.
Please sign for the soldier. After paying a military salute, he handed a list and a pen to He Mu. Looking at the list, He Mu couldn’t help but be surprised that today is his 18th birthday. If in previous years, there would be a birthday cake and birthday gift customized by his brother at this time. It was delivered to my door, but today it was my brother He Feng’s relic. Although I had some guesses in my heart because I couldn’t get in touch with him, I still couldn’t accept it. After all, my brother is his last relative in this world.
How did my brother die? He Mu took the list with trembling hands.
The reason for his trembling hands was firstly because of his mood swings and secondly because he was severely injured when he was young, and his whole body was almost paralyzed. It was hard for the soldier to wrinkle slightly when he heard the words, and it took a while before he replied. I can’t go into details, but the news will report it.
I know. Those who become guardians are all strong, and there are no bones left in the battle between the strong. He seems that the soldier in front of him may have taken into account his feelings, so he didn’t say it clearly.
He signed the form with difficulty. He Mu returned the form.
Is there any other explanation besides this? Sorry, no.
The soldier gave He Mu an apologetic look, then carefully placed the box next to the wheelchair, finally saluted the military, turned and left the room, and waited for him to leave.
He Mu looked at him again. That familiar suitcase was filled with a feeling of bewilderment for a moment, he traveled to this parallel world for eighteen years, and in the end he was the only one left. I don’t know how much time has passed. After searching for related news, he found a few news that just came out. Three days ago, Tianmen District of Lingzhou City was attacked by a giant monster. The number of victims has reached 732 people, including He Feng, the guardian of Tianmen District, and the famous Gene. Professor Liu Zhen, an expert in science and technology, attached some videos to the news. He Mu took a deep breath and clicked to play.
This video is composed of several street surveillance clips. The first clip is ordinary street pedestrians and vehicles, but after a few seconds, the situation suddenly changed.
A monster tens of meters high descended from the sky and directly trampled the road into two pieces.
Under the powerful impact, people and cars all around were blown away.
A kind of monster, the giant claw beast, has good comprehensive combat power and good eyesight. Hearing is good.
Weakness is located in the middle of the belly thread. It can only bear the attack of combat power. Its giant pincers have strong attack power and can burst out an attack exceeding 1000 combat power.
Seeing that monster, He Mu muttered to himself like a conditioned reflex.
This information comes from the monster.
Illustrated Book Monster Illustrated Book used to be a compulsory subject for students, but later it was removed as the number of recorded monsters increased. The Red Mist Warrior has been tempered in the army for five years. Even if he is not in good condition and loses to this giant claw beast, he will not die in the hands of the giant claw beast.
Are there other monsters? He Mu is a little puzzled.
What made him even more incomprehensible was a familiar figure running wildly under the chasing of the giant claw beast.
The direction of the escape was the Biological Research Institute, and then the giant claw beast smashed down the screen.
He Mu subconsciously stopped. Shaking his head, his eyes are full of disbelief, impossible, absolutely impossible, even if my brother loses, he would not choose to run away, and he would not take the monster to the biological research institute, but he would not admit that it was his brother He Feng, but how could it be? He Mu glanced at the comments under the video and felt a burst of worry.
Countless people accused his brother of fleeing in battle, and there were some ugly insults mixed in. At this moment, He Mu understood why the soldier just now was unwilling to explain the cause of his brother’s death face to face. So He Mu put down his phone. It’s extremely complicated, and my mind is even more confused