Abilities vary from person to person but use the normal type to be openminded openminded persistent focused and undisturbed nervous and emotionally stable not prone

Do a good job in your personnel management. Author’s library content introduction. If you want to be unconstrained, you need to use your magic whip.
If you don’t, a magic horse will turn your head back. Effectively motivating employees’ enthusiasm for work is the magic whip of an enterprise. It will also fall to the ground and it will be difficult to achieve the goal, and the proper restraint is the rein of the enterprise. Grasp it at the right time. There is no development statement. This book is collected and produced by 80 e-books from the Internet.
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It is also necessary to raise the magic whip, but the god horse will also gnaw its head back. Effectively motivating employees’ enthusiasm for work is the magic whip of the enterprise. Of course, the god horse has to hold the reins and let it fly. The gods will also fall on their feet, and it is difficult to achieve their goals. It is appropriate. Constraints are the reins of the enterprise, grasp the reins at the right time, why worry about no development – how to improve employees’ work enthusiasm and increase the enthusiasm of members, subordinates must have some enterprising spirit in their work, so as to do their work better, but it is said that they can be consistently aggressive But it is not an easy task.
Some people are ambitious and determined to forge ahead, but once they are frustrated, they will be depressed and depressed. Some people will be complacent when they succeed for a while, but they will not want to make progress. This shows that it is really not easy to be proactive. The so-called progress is continuous struggle. The vitality of a person is also the vitality of a group.
An important aspect of a leader’s leadership ability is the morale of his subordinates.
How aggressive the spirit is and how to motivate and enterprising is the key to the success of subordinates, and the team is the key to the success of the leadership Zhang Juzheng finally It was reused by the imperial court and carried out a vigorous reform, but without the guidance and encouragement of others, there would be no future glory At that time, the governor of Huguang, Gu Xun, also happened to come here. After reading Zhang Juzheng’s article, he was also full of admiration.
Suddenly he called out to let him lose the ranking. It turned out that Gu Xun thought this way. Zhang Juzheng’s arrogance diminished after seeing the list, and he began to reflect on his mistakes and continued to forge ahead. Finally, three years later, Zhang Juzheng succeeded in Juren. It also shows the importance of progress, and this is the encouragement of his old superior, Gu Zhen. Balanced treatment and equal treatment. Subordinates always hope to be equal to other subordinates at work and be treated fairly by the leader.
Treating people in the same situation differently. Giving the same treatment to people in different situations will cause subordinates to be dissatisfied.
Problems in treating subordinates Leaders should be fair and treat people with the same ability in their respective positions.
Although differences are inevitable, they should not be too large.
Narrow down to a negligible level. As for the ability, there are high and low. Adhere to the principle of fairness.
The only purpose is to let them get what they deserve without complaining. However, it is not easy to treat subordinates fairly, no matter in the investigation.
In the questionnaires or symposiums, everyone responded unanimously that they hope that their bosses can treat people fairly and treat employees fairly.
To be fair the fact is that a great knowledge is like assigning work while talking non-stop while forcing him to show his work results or appearing to turn a blind eye to someone who has nothing to do all day while focusing something on another person or putting Allocating difficult and complex tasks to novices and asking experienced ones to help with simple tasks is an example of unfairness.
I have divided the difficulty of tasks into six levels to analyze various tasks such as experienced people. Those who are unskilled in taking on high-level work will show that the supervisor has dealt with it unfairly, and if the tasks are required to be completed in exactly the same time regardless of difficulty, it will be considered unfair in the eyes of subordinates to manage more than two tasks or finished products at the same time.
When the supervisor always pays more attention to the items he is more experienced or interested in.
At this time, another worker will find that the supervisor ignores him and does not seem to value him, so he feels unfair treatment. If you blame others If some people are scolded and others are not scolded, dissatisfaction will inevitably erupt. Similarly, just asking someone to do something or showing indifference to someone will definitely create a psychological balance of unfair treatment and subordinates.
The treatment is mainly to give opportunities for development. In terms of the attitude and treatment of people, as long as the leader handles these three aspects well, the subordinates will naturally feel that the leader is impartial to the subordinates, so they love and respect the leader and give them opportunities for development.
It means that the subordinate should do something according to the existing ability.
The leader also gives him the opportunity to promote his development.
Every subordinate hopes to find a suitable position in the work based on his own ability, because this is extremely important for personal development.
The bell is abandoned, the wake is thundering, this is actually an unfair treatment of people, why should people with no talent and no morals occupy high positions and let those rare talents do nothing? If two subordinates graduated from the same school at the same time, they understand each other deeply in terms of ability It is also hard to tell Zhongbo if the leader reuses one of them for a while and puts the other into the deep palace, this will definitely cause dissatisfaction from others In this case, although the leader did not level the bowl of water,