Abigail spoke up before Aiden reacted to this matter Harbinis please wait there for a while dont interrupt your business Chichimora also said that you

Chapter 1 This is my escape route In the middle of the night, in the grove a hundred meters outside the Rose Iron Prison in the City of Silver, a slender and pale hand suddenly broke through the rock and soil, protruding from the ground, dug through hahaha, finally dug through the old lady’s escape A pale woman came out, dug a hole in the ground, desperately got out of the soil, ignoring that her prison uniform was covered with mud, Aiden, you mentally retarded, you still want to lock up this old lady, this is the old lady’s escape route. Ophelia Rose, Prince of Blood, Leia, one of the top criminals that the Iron Prison focuses on, has been secretly digging for two full years under the condition of being sealed, and finally sees the light of day again today.
Full moon, this is the free air outside the prison, breaking away from the seal barrier of the Rose Iron Prison, the power belonging to the family of the night once again filled her whole body, Ophelia stood under the night sky, took a deep breath, joyfully opened her arms and raised her head to the sky The full moon let out joyful cheers, and she didn’t run far away, so she made such a big noise, I’m afraid I won’t find you, the lazy male voice came from behind her unexpectedly, you guys who escaped from prison are really not as good as the next one, Ophelia Leah was so frightened that she hurriedly turned around.
There was a crackling sound, and the white flash hurt Ophelia’s eyes. She closed her eyes subconsciously. When she opened them again, she saw a young man in uniform under the moonlight.
Kneeling on the ground, holding a camera in your hand, facing her, you came out really slowly, after waiting for you for a long time, the young man greeted her calmly, you, you, you, you, Aiden, Ophelia screamed in horror Call me the warden. It’s been two years since I was transferred here from the Bureau of Inquisition. I still can’t remember the rules. The young man got up unhurriedly and patted the dust on his pants. Why are you here, you bastard? Well, this is my job, Ophelia, you still have ninety-eight years in prison, Aiden replied with a straight face, why did you find out that I escaped? Ophelia’s eyes widened in disbelief Aiden Smiling, this is actually two years ago when you first started secretly digging this tunnel under the toilet in your room. We already knew about your escape plan and have been monitoring your digging progress. It’s impossible, please use your brain.
Okay, you, a vampire, don’t need to go to the toilet at all, but you still stay in the toilet cubicle for more than two hours every day, aren’t you digging a tunnel? How can we not suspect you if you eat supper in it? When throwing out the rubble, we will all go to your house to see where your tunnel has been dug, so why did you delay to catch it now? I learned the truth that my two full years of hard work were in vain Ofili Ya feels a bit broken. First, of course, it’s for your memory.
Second, it’s just for fun. Aiden has a dark smile on his face. He shakes the camera in his hand and looks at Ophelia. The blood prince looks like a dirt dial The appearance of digging a hole in the ground like a mouse and covering the whole body with mud is really amazing bastard I want to kill you Ophelia was so excited that she was so ashamed and annoyed that she killed majesticly Meaning burst out from her scarlet eyes, the escape plan has been revealed, do you still want to force a breakthrough? Aiden narrowed his eyes slightly, don’t forget who caught you. The moment is deeply rooted in Ophelia’s memory.
The fear everywhere was awakened. Once upon a time, it was this man who single-handedly caught her and threw her into this formidable and terrifying rose iron prison. When she was shaking, a large-caliber flintlock gun was silently blocked from behind.
Ofelia’s head Only then did Ophelia realize that there was a person standing behind her. She turned her head slightly and saw a petite girl standing behind her with a slender left hand firmly grasping a deadly firearm that was completely out of proportion to her.
In the other hand is a scimitar, the eyes are as still as a pool of stagnant water, no emotion can be reflected, you are not Evasa, Ophelia was taken aback, she recognized the girl’s dirty blood, Evasa’s prisoner number Like her is a red top criminal who used to be the number one genius killer in the underground world arrested and jailed for murder what are you doing here why are you helping this man Ophelia feels a bit confused I didn’t speak, but Aiden answered for her. I selected some capable people from among the criminals and won them a certain degree of amnesty as a price.
They gave me hands to help me maintain order in this prison. Ophelia, looking around, suddenly felt a chill down her spine. The witch, Daly, the necromancer, Arsenna, including Evansa, the three female prisoners are red alert-level dangerous criminals with heads and faces in the Rose Iron Prison. Why do you guys die? If you want to be this man’s lackeys, are you willing to stay in this prison for the rest of your life? Ophelia yelled, if you still have a little self-esteem as a strong man, you can join me in killing this man and regaining freedom, but no one Response She ended up talking up Aiden Don’t waste your time They each volunteered to sign a devil’s pact with me If anyone tries to break out I can kill her on the spot with the flick of a finger Instead I can keep them in prison if I do the work for me The treatment of Ophelia is dumbfounded, so what is your choice? Should the vampire go back to his cell obediently? Aiden stared at Ophelia and asked, or is he going to fight with us? A female prisoner whose strength is not inferior to her own breaks out, and at the same time she has to deal with the man in front of her who has beaten her to pieces in her heyday.
The possibility of success is very slim, but submitting to this man’s lust is tantamount to throwing away one’s dignity as a blood prince. Throwing into the stinky ditch, giving up the freedom that is right in front of me, succumbing to the prison of human beings and becoming a prisoner, how can she swallow this breath? Not free