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In order to squeeze the precious resources at the core of the earth, various energy companies have started crazy deep mining. A group of Asian companies headed by China Energy Group are backed by strong economic and political forces.
First of all, the mining of the earth’s core began, and large energy groups such as the United States and Canada Energy Company Oulian Group and the Royal Exploration Alliance in the Far East also tried their best to start digging deep in their own sites.
Unbelievable forms of energy have emerged from minerals.
Thane can become the most dazzling energy nova.
It is liquefied and channeled into extremely strong transistors that can be used in all energy-consuming devices. This weird green liquid exists in the core of the earth. Among them, scientists call it the blood of the earth.
At the same time, some scholars pointed out that this kind of crazy blood pumping will cause abnormalities in the core components of the earth and even cause the entire operation to collapse. The scaremongering of scholars, in order to eliminate the influence of this speech among the public, and to silence the mouths of those crazy environmentalists, more than a dozen large companies have spent a lot of money to jointly carry out the propaganda of the Eye of God all over the world, claiming that this thick alkane can be The super-perfect energy that God bestows on human beings will not pollute, will not be exhausted, can be recycled, and can be used endlessly. Since then, thick alkane can be known as God’s tears, abbreviated as the source of mercy. The cruel nature of resource plundering has been covered with a layer of religion.
Then a year later, the overall ecological environment of the earth has undergone strange changes. A large number of birds have died, amphibians have transformed into parthenogenesis, and many plants have gradually appeared rusty and iron-colored spots. Finally, one day, astronomy enthusiasts panicked and discovered that the moon has changed.
When they got older, experts from various countries began to deduce that no one thought about the relationship between these phenomena and the source of divine mercy.
After years of development, the entire human race has become a baby parasitic on thick alkane energy. Because it is not polluting, mining is cheap, so it generates electricity and heats metallurgy.
Flying, animal husbandry and farming are parasitic on this energy. Human beings have lost the ability to run in the cold winter. They have lost the ability to chop firewood, build houses, weave nets, and fish. All kinds of machinery powered by thick alkane will take care of human beings in every possible way.
Experts deduce that the disorder of the earth’s core energy has changed the gravitational attraction, and all human beings have finally realized that the source of mercy has become the source of evil.
The collection of thick alkane energy must be reduced.
The core countries began to argue and even resorted to force just for the sake of it. Struggle for the final mining rights. Amid the endless debates among human beings, the moon is approaching the earth step by step. It has been a month since the observation confirmed that it is true.
The plan has finally been filed in the secret bases of the military of various countries. In the year of AD, the moon is already hovering in the outer orbit of the earth as far as the eye can see, like a huge bomb that will explode at any time.
The mining has finally been reduced to a pitiful range. All kinds of mainstream industries relying on thick alkane energy have collapsed. The economy has fallen into an unprecedented crisis. Blowing up the moon became the only option. At the exact moment of the year, the moon almost swallowed all outer space bases.
The moon was attacked by a nuclear bomb at the same time. The human-dominated world disappeared on that day. The surviving human beings who came out saw the hell they built by themselves. All the buildings were destroyed by the nuclear storm that erupted in an instant. All the power grids, track communication links, all abandoned plants disappeared, not even the powder left. Most of the seeds kept in the ground also lost their planting value. Shallow sea fish disappeared Most of the birds disappeared The only time I could see the sky was a huge scarlet moon Since then there has been no more months in the time unit Organizational structure So the military organizations of various countries set up their own gathering places to accommodate the Chinese troops gathered from all over the country, and became the highest authority representing the country where they were located.
It was an era of howling and running around in the nuclear storm.
All kinds of mutant humans and mutant beasts were here. The cruel environment devours the opponent.
The wisdom and civilization of human beings are completely enclosed in the reserved area, and all the survivors outside the reserved area are called abandoned people by the nobles in the reserved area.
The existence of the army brought a glimmer of hope to the abandoned people at that time. Soldiers from various countries lead anti-radiation convoys to collect civilians within their capabilities.
If the lucky abandoned people are not completely melted by nuclear particles and struggle to reach the gathering place, they can survive. But if they encounter powerful mutant beasts attacking them on the way People either die or are destroyed by nuclear radiation and those who survive will become monster-like refugees.
Facts have proved that the adaptability of human beings is no worse than that of cockroaches.
Nearly 10 billion people have survived such a death battle, and 100 million people have survived. One billion people can only shrink within one ten-thousandth of the original earth’s area, leaving the gathering place only to die, so each gathering place is overcrowded and overcrowded, and most of the surviving human beings are lingering in the gathering place where civilization has regressed for years. In the face of the reality of extreme scarcity of supplies, the standard army was disorganized. Those who maintained order first became robbers, and most of them later became mercenaries.