A woman who is looking for happiness actually believes in a mans words which makes him really dont know how to evaluate Liu Fang so

After rebirth, he decided to live a peaceful life.
Work doesn’t need to be too decent.
Leisure is enough to make money.
It doesn’t need to be too much. It’s enough to be emotional.
That thing is sad and hurts the lungs, but who would have expected that he would meet a kid like Cao Fei? What do you think about this kid? Is it possible to live in such a miserable way? Just keep your feelings in mind and come out Xu Le spread out your hands and forget it, just be a few companions The neighbors upstairs and downstairs are all gathered downstairs, exchanging gossip, and looking at the half-open kitchen window of Lao Cao’s house from time to time to see if there is any new progress.
This factory has been working here since Grandpa Cao retired and passed it on to Father Cao. After Father Cao passed away, Cao Yuwu, the boss, took over the position.
Just like his father and grandfather, the boiler worker in the boiler room of the unit is dirty, but it’s official. Cao Yuwu is very proud of the fact that he can get one yuan a month for the job The Cao family’s ancestral grave was filled with smoke, but it’s a pity that Cao Yuwen’s grades were really good, but he was unlucky.
He went to the mountains and went to the countryside as soon as he entered high school. The books were not warm, so he carried his bedroll and went to the Northeast.
During this period, Cao Yuwu married and gave birth to Cao Yuwen But she is always single.
The old lady Cao Guo Yufen is coaxing her eldest grandson Cao Fei while thinking that her younger son is about to become the wife of Xianglin in the courtyard. Fortunately, this year Cao Yuwen finally gave a letter saying that he can come back. Guo Yufen started fighting a month ago. Zhang Luo’s food and clothing are easy to talk about, but living is a big problem. This house was allocated by Cao’s father back then. There are only two rooms and one corridor.
Usually, the older couple lives in the big house, and she takes the grandson to live in the small house. The old lady meant to let the grandson live with the eldest son, and she shared a room with the second son.
Although the eldest daughter-in-law Li Guixiang disagreed, she finally suppressed it. This house was left by Cao’s father to the two sons, which makes no sense. Besides, isn’t everyone living in this courtyard like this? They can live in one house for three generations. Compared with their family, the conditions of their family are much better. You don’t want you to go out to live.
Li Guixiang is a primary school teacher these days. Ding dong she has been working for ten years, her monthly salary is just 1 yuan, which is far worse than Cao Yuwu’s, naturally she has no confidence, watching the old lady talking and beating with a broom, then she died down, just like that, the old lady tidied up the room Meals are ready, even new slippers, towels and toothbrushes have been bought. Who knows what went wrong? Cao Yuwen didn’t come back by himself, he brought back a six or seven-year-old boy who lives upstairs Whose little things escaped the ears and eyes of the neighbors? The twenty-eight-year-old Cao Yuwen led the carrot head into the family courtyard, and they all knew about it. When they heard the old Cao’s Li Guixiang suddenly raised his voice After half a sentence, you said who he is, it’s obviously wrong.
A few people got together and killed the fan while talking about it.
You said this is not Yuwen’s, it doesn’t look like it, but it’s about the same age. Maybe it’s like my mother.
The other shakes his head. If he If you get married and have a son, can you tell his mother? Sister Guo has been in a hurry for several years. The one next to her has made a conclusion that she can bring it back.
It can’t be someone else’s upstairs. The old Cao’s house has already gone through a round of quarrels.
Cao Yuwu and Li Guixiang are pressing black monkeys. Cao Fei is sitting on the bed, Guo Yufen is sitting on the stool, Cao Yuwen is holding a handsome little boy and sitting against the wall.
Cao Fei is obviously very interested in the little boy, keeps scanning him, and then says to his mother that I want to play with him.
Cao Yuwen obviously didn’t want the children to listen, so he pushed Xu Le to go with Cao Fei.
Unexpectedly, Li Guixiang patted Cao Fei and shouted, “What’s the fun with a wild child?” Cao Yuwen froze his hands Frowning, sister-in-law, what are you talking about? What is a wild child? How can you talk like that in front of a child? Raise you and see where there is room for him in this house Do you want to drive our mother away or dare we leave? Besides, do you know how expensive it is to raise a child? Cao Yuwen, who is single and weak with his nephew, obviously didn’t expect his sister-in-law to speak so bluntly, and couldn’t help but look at his brother and mother, Lele, his father died to save me, his mother ran away, I want No one cares about this child, I owe his father a life, I have to help you all, just treat it as my son, and then he looked at his mother and his brother eagerly, in fact, Cao Yuwen had already made up his mind to raise him Xu Le’s determination, otherwise he wouldn’t bring the child back directly, he just wanted to get more consent, the child wouldn’t suffer too much grievance at home, his brother couldn’t bear his gaze, coughed, and was pinched by Li Guixiang just as he was about to speak He paused for a while before talking and then changed his head. What should he do now that he is eating and going to school? You haven’t finished your work yet when you come back.
Unmarried, buying, not having a serious job, dragging a child, who will marry you? It’s really impossible. I have an old sister who has a good way.
I begged him to find out who wants a child.
Let’s find a good one and send it out. Cao Yuwen just thinks His mouth was full of bitterness, he really didn’t expect such an attitude at home, he shook his head, no one else, and I didn’t feel at ease She stood up abruptly and said with a livid face about this matter.