A watering can was distributed to other members Kou Sha also took a watering can at this time some employees Zhu Bajie rushed over from

A long time ago, Master Tang Seng led three apprentices to Daleiyin Temple in Tianzhu Kingdom and obtained the scriptures. After returning to the Tang Dynasty, Master Tang Seng began to translate the scriptures and use the scriptures to teach the people to resolve hatred and make people believe in karma. It is his ideal to make people believe that only by enduring and enduring can they obtain the final salvation.
But his ideal is not reality, but reality is another scene. This is really an ideal, plump, realistic and skinny.
This fantastic story is also about their master and apprentice.
The story of the four people is just that the four of them did not live in ancient times, but traveled to the modern age, but their abilities have not diminished at all, and each of them can still ride the clouds and ride the fog.
The master held the rosary and the four of them stood on the clouds.
From ancient times to modern times, there was a modern means of transportation. A female driver drove a car. There were four heroic female drivers sitting in the car, asking, where are the masters going? Zhu Bajie replied that we are going to act chivalrously and fight against violence and peace. It seems that these heroes are still as jealous as they are.
In the air, Zhu Bajie wields a nail and a rake. There are no opponents here, although the little hooligans on the street are whining and chirping, but they are nothing when they meet Sun Wukong, and they are defeated by him. This world is too evil.
There are too many monsters and ghosts. Master Tang taught them to be kind, but this world does not allow them, so these apprentices took weapons in their hands to fight against violence.
Later, Monkey King also picked up double knives.
They charged forward and there are powerful robots on the opposite side. It seems that their opponents are getting stronger and stronger.
They used to be monsters and ghosts, but now they are robots with strong mechanical power, but Monkey King doesn’t care about them. Monkey King finally defeated the robot until noon Sun Wukong bought a lot of fruit during meal time Sun Wukong loves to eat fruit Only Zhu Bajie loves to eat steamed buns and Zhu Bajie has a big appetite. He can eat a lot of steamed buns and drink a lot of porridge after a meal. They are good at sports, but now the enemies they face are no longer demons and ghosts, but powerful robots.
The new era meets new enemies, which is also advancing with the times. Their slogan is that we are the best, and we are invincible.
Sun Wukong usually loves to learn now.
It’s all about the computer age, Monkey King keeps pace with the times, lying in front of a laptop every day, earnestly surfing the Internet, Monkey King, they travel to a big city, this big city is full of high-rise buildings, especially at night, it’s really brightly lit, and a group of strangers walk past on a street They came to a car next to this group of strangers dressed in strange shapes Some have red hair and wear big black glasses. They don’t look like good people.
They suddenly took out a stick and slammed it at the car, smashing the glass of the car, and then they put it in the car. Everything was removed, the tires were removed, and only an iron frame was left.
At this time, a middle-aged man was reading a newspaper.
There were a lot of news in the newspaper, but they all recorded crimes in the city, crimes, crimes, and crimes. This city has become a crime city. There are some Little bastards, they think they are artists, it’s okay to spray graffiti on the wall with a watering can, and no one cares about the honest citizens of their city. They dare not speak out when they are bullied.
They all have knives hidden in their hands. If they do it, these honest citizens will suffer.
So these honest citizens, when they see these gangsters, they all hide and go. The TV station reporter also made in-depth reports on the crimes in the city. It is said that the crime rate in the city is quite high now, and everyone is used to it.
Honest people are bullied by gangsters who run rampant.
These villains not only steal residents’ homes, but also steal some technology companies.
Three technology companies have been stolen one after another.
What is lost at this time? The microphone was pointed at a boss, and the boss answered two positron accelerators and two negative ion accelerators. These are high-tech products.
What are these thieves doing? They are not engaged in scientific research.
There is also a parabolic generator female reporter interviewing the boss The female reporter doesn’t understand these things.
After all, she is just a reporter. She is not a scientist. She can only ask what these scientific instruments are for, but the boss is also an amateur. He is the boss of this technology company. The boss answered this, and I don’t know. I only care about management and scientific research. It’s the business of those scientific and technological workers.
The female reporter can’t help it.
The boss doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know. It is productivity, and it is very important productivity.
It must be priceless productivity, but their method of stealing is not clever.
At this time, the screen shows that a door has been broken open, and a detective is watching inside. He tells the TV camera that there is a broken door here. It is obvious that the door was opened with a crowbar.
The detective pointed to the deep marks on the door frame. The bearded detective walked in.
He saw a security guard.
The security guard was tied to a chair with a rope and his mouth was also gagged.
He couldn’t move.
The detective immediately explained. It seems that these thieves are very clever. They first tied up the security guards and then carried out the theft. This group of thieves must be organized. They have a clear division of labor.