A wall of skills is already in place Xiao Jues black pupils burst into a bright light the fingers hovering on the keyboard quickly pressed

The crisis came, and in the middle of the night, there was only the sound of bang bang bang bang bang bang bang, faintly echoing in Xiao Jue’s ears, and the itchy touch made Xiao Jue’s brows slightly frowned, and he opened his eyes in a daze. What caught his eyes was his sister’s playful smile. The big clear eyes are extraordinarily touching. Elder brother, big slob, Xiao Xue retracted the ends of her hair into her hands, half coquettish and half reproachful, Xiao Jue smiled dotingly, noticing the coat draped over his shoulders, stretched out his hand to hold Xiao Xue coldly Xiao Xue turned her palm over in Xiao Jue’s hand and then raised a beautiful and pure smile.
I have a cold, isn’t my brother still there? My brother has a cold, but I can’t carry it Xiao In an instant, Jue stretched out his hand and rubbed Xiao Xue’s hair, nodded her nose, sighed, “You have a reason, the train keeps beeping, the speed is gradually slowing down, right, brother, I promised me before I graduate from high school next year, we will create it.” The team then started from our town and then entered the city competition to sweep away.
Speaking of the League of Legends, Xiao Xue’s small face immediately showed vigorous vitality. Her delicate and gentle voice added a bit of excitement.
Patting Xiao Xue’s little head helplessly said to you, a girl is so obsessed with e-sports, huh, brother, won’t you go back on your word? Is it okay to listen to you? Xiao Jue smiled helplessly.
His younger sister has been weird since she was a child. I don’t know how she would like the game League of Legends.
The diamond in the Telecom District 1, but this is terrible Xiao Jue Although Xiao Jue is not a hard-working student, he really deserves the word “Xueba”, but his talent for games is not as good as learning, especially when the game first came out.
Xiao Jue was preparing for the college entrance examination and hadn’t touched it, but he couldn’t stand his younger sister’s soft-headedness and went on the road of no return.
Speaking of it, he was ashamed that he, a boy, had been playing for nearly half a year. Jin Jin and his sister are so far apart. With his skills, how could he possibly enter? However, the existence of China’s highest competition, which is in line with the world-class League of Legends competition, wants to enter. It’s like an idiotic dream. Out of his thoughts, his eyes suddenly became a little dazed, his tone was stagnant, brother, do you think my dream is a fantasy? How can it be? I can’t bear to see my sister’s dejected look. Xiao Jue waved his hand quickly.
Actually, I know it even if you don’t tell me. My idea is indeed somewhat unrealistic, but I just can’t help it. Whenever I enter the League of Legends, it seems that an invisible force is calling me. There are the most thrilling contests, the most perfect fingertip micromanagement, and the most reliable partners.
Just like a comrade-in-arms, maybe you can’t understand, but this is my dream, just like football, basketball, any competition, it’s worth chasing for a lifetime, Xiao Xue’s eyes suddenly brightened at this point The dazzing, fiery light seemed to compare with the rising sun. Xiao Jue was silent. Xiao Xue was just like this.
Whenever he talked about the League of Legends, he fell into a state of frenzy.
Brother, will you support me? Xiao Xue’s tone suddenly stopped Dun looked at Xiao Jue pitifully, Xiao Jue stretched out his hand, touched Xiao Xue’s head and smiled, “Of course, Xiao Xue showed a sweet and satisfied smile, suddenly turned her dark eyes, pouted and asked fiercely, “Let you practice as a werewolf.” How are you practicing? When I get back to my hometown, I will take you to score points. When you use the werewolf jungler to cooperate with me, I will definitely take you to the platinum werewolf in minutes. Xiao Jue said with a distressed expression. It’s really not suitable for your brother’s elegant and handsome image. Come on, Xiao Xue rolled her eyes and pouted, humming, brother said that he should protect me well. Such a point-and-control hero should save me. If you don’t practice well, brother Humph, looking at Xiao Xue’s little pink fist raised, Xiao Jue laughed and said, “Brother girl, you will definitely protect you.” At this moment, the train beeped for a long time. The second train from Nanjing City to Yunlin Town is about to arrive at the station.
Passengers who got off at the station, get ready and finally arrived home. Xiao Xue stretched her waist and said to Xiao Jue. There was a bang, an earth-shattering noise, and the slowly decelerating train suddenly vibrated violently.
Caught off guard, what’s going on, what happened? Everyone exclaimed, and the car was already in a mess.
The people screamed while struggling, followed by another loud noise like a thunder that shook everyone’s eardrums.
The whole train car suddenly tilted violently. The vibration was so violent that it was as if the whole train was flying. Everyone exclaimed in horror.
A little girl in the aisle on Xiao Jue’s right flew straight across.
Getting up, under the huge impact force, one head hit the glass of the car compartment, immediately dazzling blood splashed out, mixed with white brain matter, this end just hit the window next to Xiao Jue with a crash, and under the huge impact force, the car window also followed.
It shattered with a bang, and there was an unusual sound in Xiao Jue’s ear, it seemed that something flew out, but under the current situation, Xiao Jue couldn’t protect himself, and the whole person hit the back seat, his forehead was dripping with blood, and it was too late to be fine.
Just thinking about it, I heard a shrill and familiar scream.
The sound seemed to be gradually getting smaller with the distance. Xue Er, Xiao Jue’s face instantly showed an expression of extreme horror, and even his body trembled crazily. Could it be that he just flew away? It was this thought that made him feel suffocated with extreme fear and anxiety