A touch of sadness surfaced but soon he shook his head looked at Ye Xi with a squinting expression and said I have finished what

I have experienced a wedding where the bride died on the day of the wedding and the murderer has not been caught. That is weird.
At that time, I was just in high school.
During the summer vacation, I went back to my hometown in the countryside to catch up with a wedding.
The wedding was the son of the village chief.
The wedding was very grand, but the people who attended the wedding shook their heads one by one, because the son of the village chief is a fool.
He has been insane since he was a child, and he was a sick tuberculosis.
Who made his father the village head, as the richest man in the village, he has countless ways to find a daughter-in-law When my father and I sat at the banquet, the wedding was officially started. The wedding in the countryside was quite lively, and the bride and groom walked in amidst a flurry of whistling and beating. When I sat in the seat and looked at the bride casually, I was completely stunned. This is a beautiful face.
She is wearing a red cheongsam.
She has a classic face with a hint of sadness. Other than me, everyone was stunned.
No one would have thought that the bride was so beautiful this time, and the man next to her was disgusting His lips are drooling, and he is the son of the village chief. We all like to call him Ersha.
I didn’t expect him to marry such a beautiful daughter-in-law.
At this moment, the people next to him started whispering that the bride is so beautiful.
That’s right, he married such a beautiful daughter-in-law from the ancestral grave of his old Wang’s family. This is not a marriage, but a purchase.
What happened? Let me tell you, this bride is a college student from outside the mountain. It cost a full 50,000 yuan to buy it from the hands of the people. I was shocked when I heard their whispers in a low voice.
I didn’t expect that this bride was actually bought from the hands of human traffickers.
This is actually not a strange thing in the mountain village.
Our village It was originally an extremely remote village close to the mountains, and no one wanted to marry into the village. Many villagers could not find a daughter-in-law and had to be introduced by human traffickers. Several of them were even abducted from Vietnam. In the end, they did not obediently have children and just watched.
Seeing such a beautiful woman marrying a fool, I was still depressed for a while, I couldn’t help looking at my dad, buy me one too, I asked excitedly, get out, my dad scolded me, and then continued to smoke the pipe The abbot held the wedding ceremony, crossed the brazier, and asked for red envelopes.
It was so lively, but when it came to worshiping heaven and earth, something happened. The village head’s stupid son was trembling all the time, suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood and fell on the ground with a wow.
This scene made him unconscious. The people next to him who were yelling to pray to heaven and earth all panicked. They gathered together and hurriedly lifted the groom up, and then hurriedly found a car to take him to the hospital.
The whole scene suddenly panicked. How did the wedding become like this? The wedding broke up like this. A few people drove his son to the hospital, and the bride was guarded by several women and locked into the wedding room. I also stayed with them to take care of the bride. Some people may wonder why the bride is locked up. This involves rural weddings. Marriage in rural areas generally requires a bride price, and the number is very high. Ordinary rural families need a lifetime of savings to do so. Therefore, it is not so much a marriage as a bought wife.
Naturally, strictness is required for the bride.
Add care because there have been fraudulent marriages in many places. Brides often say they will go back to their natal home a few days after they get married, but they never return. Therefore, in order to prevent half of their life savings from being wasted, newly married brides They must be strictly guarded before she gives birth to a child, she will never be allowed to return to her natal family, and this is especially true for the bride who was kidnapped. I sat on the side of the bed and looked at the numb bride, and my heart was full of pity for her age.
It looks only a few years older than me. It should be when I first entered college, but now I am a married woman. Thinking of this, my heart is complicated, and other women next to me are chatting and discussing the bride. The village head is really wicked.
Such a beautiful daughter-in-law I want to marry a fool, yes, now the life and death of the village chief’s son is uncertain, maybe she will just become a widow, it’s a pity that she is so young, listening to their words, the bride hangs her head and doesn’t say a word, and I am also at a loss This group of people The women felt bored after discussing it for a while, and then discussed to play mahjong.
One of them asked me before leaving, and I will leave it to you, Zhang Huai.
I nodded and watched them leave. The whole room is left with me and The bride is here.
I sat next to her in embarrassment and wanted to speak, but I didn’t know what to say, so I could only sit on the edge of the bed numbly, and soon I couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere.
Just as I was about to leave the room, the bride slowed down. Slowly opened your mouth, is your name Zhang Huai? Her voice is very soft, it sounds in my ears, but it makes me feel like falling into a dream.
Yes, I turned my head to look at her beautiful face and said tremblingly, I was kidnapped, and I don’t want to get married at all.
I want to get out of here, can you help me? The bride looked at me with begging eyes and said, looking at her eyes, my heart softened, but I still shook my head and refused her. After all, it would be troublesome if I let her go and wait for the village chief to come back. Maybe I have to lose money, my family doesn’t have that much money to pay, the bride begged me hard and tried to persuade me, but I still gritted my teeth and turned around to leave the room.
At this moment, the bride sighed faintly and her eyes appeared.
A trace of cunning and then said, well, since that’s the case, I don’t force you, I just hope you promise me one thing, what, I asked