A sword of course his sword has an invincible edge this is antikilling Zhang Yangs back Zhang Yang suddenly turned around the sky was full

The crimson lightning and tumbling dark clouds seemed to have touched the ground. An indescribable sense of oppression permeated the entire land of southern Xinjiang.
A sage looked up at the sky and seemed to see a green-faced, fang-toothed monster coming from the depths of the distant starry sky. A sage listened to the voice of the earth and seemed to have heard it.
The gates of hell opened and the evil spirits were climbing towards the surface of the earth, and a scarlet lightning streaked across the dark clouds receding. The scorching sun hung high above the nine-day sky, and the sky was clear for thousands of miles. There are sages in the holy land who deduced the secrets and came to the conclusion that there is a monster who will destroy the world.
If you don’t get rid of it, you will be in danger of destroying the world. Therefore, the imperial holy lands in the northern plains, eastern regions, western deserts and middle states all sent a large number of strong men to the southern border to search and kill them.
The Mieshi Yaoren didn’t want the Mieshi Yaoren not to find the Holy Land of Heaven’s Secrets, but it turned into ruins overnight.
People concluded that this was the Holy Land of Tianji’s disclosure of the secrets, and they were punished by the heavens. Therefore, they decided even more that they would take away all the babies born on that day.
In order to kill the crisis of extermination, the most powerful Great Xia Empire in southern Xinjiang and the two holy lands have joined forces to form a demon-killing group to search every inch of southern Xinjiang. Anyone who is suspected of exterminating a demon will have a team assigned to the scarlet red From here on, the search for the place where the lightning fell began.
When the whole world was boiling, but no one knew whether it was reasonable for that red lightning to strike a young man named Zhang Yang. I stayed in the cave and was struck by lightning.
Zhang Yang was very depressed.
Rubbing his head, he walked out of the cave.
He was an orphan at the age of sixteen. At the beginning of the year, the old man who adopted him died of illness and was helpless.
He heard that Qian Leizong recruited disciples, so he wanted to try his luck. He didn’t expect to see dark clouds on the way, and he wanted to hide from the rain.
Going into the depths of the cave, I still can’t escape the lightning strikes. Is it dry? Is it raining or am I being struck by the red lightning? He passed out after talking to himself for too long.
His face changed drastically, and he looked at the gray hair in front of him on the left. The fur-fur wolf was watching him coldly.
Zhang Yang’s mind was blank, and he looked at the gray wolf in a daze.
When the gray wolf was about to pounce, Zhang Yang suddenly woke up from the fright, turned around and ran, but he was too nervous.
Stirring the garlic, he fell to the ground and the wolf roared in his ears. The gray wolf rushed over Zhang Yang was terrified, he raised his foot and kicked hard, and then he was shocked to find that the gray wolf flew out more than ten meters and hit the mountain, rolling and falling to the ground, whining. Wanting to get up but still unable to stand up, Zhang Yang looked at his kicked right foot in disbelief, he knew what was going on with him, let alone kicking a full-grown gray wolf to the ground, it would be very difficult to kick him I was surprised, but I didn’t have time to think about it, because there were bursts of roars coming from my ears, gray wolves appeared in my sight, oh my god, this is a wolf den, he was so scared that he got up and ran wildly behind him, the howling of wolves was endless.
It was so fast that it made him feel unbelievable, as if everything was flying behind him. During the run, he looked back and almost fainted from fright.
Behind him, the mountains and plains were full of wolves, gray wolves, white wolves, black wolves.
There are so many incalculable numbers, they are running wildly from the mountains and forests, roaring, it’s over, it’s over, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be the mouth of a wolf, Zhang Yang is running wildly, with only one thought in mind, running forward without looking back, and rushing forward and behind The pack of wolves howled and chased after them. Behind the pack of wolves stood several people on a hill.
The leader was a young man in his twenties dressed as a nobleman. He looked at the pack of wolves running wildly down the mountain with a look of pride on his face. Nearly 5,000 wolves let Xue Feishuang be powerful, but she would have to pay a terrible price. She went to the Blood Fox Bandit to discuss whether it was better to dig a hole and wait for Xue Feishuang to jump in, or it was safer to withdraw in advance so that she could not complete the feudal lord.
In the battle, my eldest brother will definitely win. My Yun family is a family of two princes. In the Great Xia Empire, it will be truly invaluable. The second young master seems to have someone who has followers pointing to the distance. Zhang Yang, who runs wildly in front of the wolves, is called the second young master. The young man glanced at him and said, “It doesn’t matter, sooner or later, it’s the food of the pack of wolves.
” Accelerated gradually, and faster and faster. I don’t know how many miles I have run all the way. Another horse team is coming. The wolf is coming, run! Zhang Yang running wildly on his shoulder felt oppressed by an indescribable force, he couldn’t move anymore, his legs stopped, don’t stop me, the wolf is coming, run! Zhang Yang stretched out his hand to push that hand away. The hand that came down from the horse’s back was retracted, and the delicate woman fell in front of him. Where is the wolf? Hey, what about the wolf, what about the wolf? He stared dumbfounded at the shadow of the wolf behind him. It was empty, which made him run back a few steps in disbelief. He set up a pergola, looked at it and laughed loudly.
The wolf was actually thrown away by me hahaha, I ran so fast Is it fast? You can outrun wolves.
I don’t think you have practiced martial arts.
How can you outrun wolves? Did you have a nightmare? There are so many women with thousands of heads laughing for a while, Zhang Yang was a little annoyed by the laughter, Yuluan couldn’t be rude, the crisp and sweet voice like an oriole sounded, Zhang Yang followed the sound, only felt his eyes brighten, if that Yuluan is as handsome as a star, then this one is enough But Rudangkong Haoyue is not only bright and charming, but also has a heroic temperament.
She wears a white battle suit that outlines exquisite and embossed curves. Her jet-black hair is simply tied up in a bun, revealing her swan-like neck.