A strange expression appeared on the face of the middleaged man and he finally stopped his figure and said Your child Lin I think I

Not only is the mountain steep here, but there also seems to be a terrible legend circulating.
Although there is a small town called Qinghe Town not far away, generally no one dares to enter the depths of this mountain range. At this moment, it has been raining heavily for a day, and it has not stopped even after nightfall. It means that under the rainy night, the Heifeng Mountain is pitch black and nothing can be seen clearly, it is even more eerie.
A flash of lightning flashed across the sky, and then a gap was torn in that space. Before people could react, two black shadows came from that space. It rushed out from the gap, collided in mid-air, chichi, between the collision of the two black shadows, there was actually a trace of electric light emerging from the collision, and a little burst out was to hit the black iron wood as hard as iron. After shattering the fight that was hard to see with the naked eye, the two black shadows finally separated and fell down at a distance of two trees. Looking carefully, they were actually two human beings, one of them was a white-haired old man wearing a purple costume. Holding a Lingyu silver sword, he looks like a fairy, while the other big man is more embarrassed, dressed in black to cover his figure, but at this moment, it is in tatters, revealing the knotted muscles inside, old guy, do you really want it in Yuanqing Palace? Zolazole is compelling, I have been chasing tens of thousands of miles, what if I am old, your mother is panting, the man in black is obviously at a disadvantage, but his mouth is fierce and ruthless The old man on the opposite side is not in a hurry, it seems a little Not worried that the former will run away, slowly said, as long as you hand over the box, I will let you go naturally Haha, after all, you don’t want this thing, and you still pretend to be decent The man in black gave a contemptuous pooh and cursed, I don’t know what to do.
I’ll kill you, and then the old man sneered, pinching a few runes in front of his body out of thin air, and bombarding him towards the opponent Seeing this, the old man quickly caught up and was about to kill the big man in black. Wait, don’t do it. The big man stood up again and let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t know when a man appeared in his hand I’ll give you the black box, and I’ll give you the fine clothes. The old man frowned, but he didn’t continue to fight.
With his understanding of this person, it would take a lot of effort to kill him. His goal is just to get the box back, so there’s no need to make any effort to see him.
The old man who is willing to hand over something is also reaching out to take it over, but when he gets close to the other party, he feels something wrong in his heart.
He has been chased by him for so long and has not compromised. The thing I was protecting, but it was obviously too late at this time, a look of wind suddenly appeared in the eyes of the big man, and he rushed towards the opponent desperately. At the same time, a scroll appeared in the opponent’s palm, and he did not hesitate. A burst of intense light burst out from the scroll, and even the surrounding space became turbulent, with tiny space cracks constantly appearing.
This is the space turbulent flow channel. Why do you want to feel the changes around you, old man in fine clothes? Big change in complexion I want to retreat towards the back haha, old ghost, you stay with me and the big man in black laughed boldly, then stretched out his hand to grab the old man’s figure like iron pincers and squeeze the idiot tightly so that we will all die around The cracks in the space are getting stronger and stronger.
The old man in the Chinese clothes is completely panicked.
Haha, we have been fighting for so long.
That thing is left here so that no one can get it. With a loud laugh, a black box fell from the palm of the big man in black. Soon they fell into the river below, and the cracks in the space were completely formed. Amidst the laughter of the big man in black and the cursing of the old man in fine clothes, the two were quickly sucked in. This space also returned to calm. Chapter 1 Water Prison Black Box Die in, brat! In the dark cell, the sound of cursing and cursing suddenly sounded outside the door, and then the cell door was roughly kicked open.
A figure was thrown in like a sandbag.
The man quickly got up, and he was a handsome young man He was wearing a linen shirt, and his figure was a bit thin, with a bit of a scholarly air. The young man seemed unwilling to be locked, but the iron door was locked with a bang, and then a face with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks protruded from the viewing window above. If you think this water prison is connected to the underground river in the town, you can enjoy it tonight when the tide is high. Damn Fang Steward, you are too deceitful. A look of anger welled up on the face of the young man named Lin Xiang. He grabbed something in his hand and it was Throwing towards that disgusting face, the person outside the door was obviously startled and hurried away, but soon found that it was just a worn-out book, he was relieved, and then glared at the young man in the cell with some annoyance. The kid who didn’t know how to live and die dared to fight against the second young master, and he deserved to end up like this. He scolded Fang butler, but he seemed a little puzzled, and picked up the books on the floor, muttering that the two young masters of the Lin family are undoubtedly not talented. Only a trash like you reads this broken book every day.
After finishing this sentence, Butler Fang casually threw the book into the torch beside him. Seeing the flames jumping and quickly devouring the pages of the book, it started to burn. He let out a cry, but the former didn’t care about it, he flicked his sleeves and left the place, alas, the green dragon fell into the shallow abyss, chickens and dogs can be bullied, seeing that he was powerless, the young man also sat down and chanted a few words casually, then sighed, Daolin thought.
Lin thought you were angry, so he got angry and threw the book away. Why is he powerless, but vents his anger on a book? There is nothing to do, the young man sighs, looking at the clean book that has been burned in the torch, and a trace of loneliness flashes in his eyes.
This is called Lin Xiang The boy in question is a direct descendant of the Lin family in Qinghe Town.
His father, Lin Changfeng, is the eldest son of the Lin family.