A small ceramic watch muttered in a low voice Ye Feng why is it so slow so slow Ye Feng was stunned why did this

Sunny sky, blue lotus, hair like snow, every song he sang is popular all over the world, ghosts blowing lights, tomb robbers notes, things about the Ming Dynasty, every novel he writes makes countless fans want to stop Time Magazine commented on Ye Feng, the human world cannot do without Ye Feng It is the new God who will lead us into the first chapter. I am the entertainment king of the future. Tonight is Jianghan University’s welcome party. The joyful and anticipating faces of many male and female students in the seats at the venue are very warm. Please invite the next work to be performed, which is a wonderful song brought to you by our sophomore senior Ye Feng. The host is enthusiastic on stage. Speaking of everyone applauding to welcome the scene, there was a burst of applause, not because they were looking forward to Ye Feng’s performance, but because of the atmosphere.
To be honest, many people don’t even know who Ye Feng is.
Backstage, Ye Feng, what are you doing? It’s your turn to play A beautiful girl pushed Ye Feng, who was in a daze, and said strangely, the girl is the host of this welcome party, her name is Qin Shi, her name is very beautiful, she is even more beautiful than her name, there are many suitors in school, but Ye Feng doesn’t pay attention at all Instead, she looked around with a trace of doubt in her eyes.
Where is this? Ye Feng remembered that he was sleeping on the bed, why did he wake up here, and at the same time, a pile of memories suddenly flooded out in Ye Feng’s mind? After a while, Ye Feng was dumbfounded.
I have traveled through another Ye Feng who inherited the memory of Ye Feng. At this time, Ye Feng already knows that he is no longer on the original earth. This is another parallel plane that is similar to the earth but has many differences from the earth. Why are you standing there, come on stage, Qin Seeing that Ye Feng was still in a daze, Shi became anxious and hurriedly pushed Ye Feng onto the stage.
He was busy processing the complicated information in his head.
Ye Feng was so confused that Qin Shi pushed him onto the stage.
When he finally recovered, damn it, Ye Feng I was taken aback by the scene in front of me.
Why are so many people asking me to sing? Ye Feng suddenly scolded her in his heart.
It was he who signed up himself, he scolded himself alive, grabbed the microphone that the host gave him, Ye Feng became embarrassed, let’s be honest, I can’t make the audience feel uncomfortable, no, everyone is about to apologize When Ye Feng heard his own voice suddenly I was stunned for a moment, is this my own voice? Why is it so nice? If I had such a magnetic and nice voice, how could I be a single dog? Request binding Note After binding, the system can help you become the king of entertainment Entertainment king system what the hell Ye Feng sneered hehehe I look stupid How could I click for a second Ye Feng instantly clicked OK to help you achieve entertainment Tianwang Entertainment Tianwang, although I don’t understand what it means, but it sounds awesome.
Have you just successfully bound? The system suddenly popped up a window in Ye Feng’s mind. The system has detected whether the small concert is on Concert Mode Concert Mode Ye Fengyi I was stunned, then looked at the crowds of people in the venue, and suddenly understood, turned on Ye Feng without hesitation, the next second, Ye Feng suddenly felt that his whole body was suddenly full of power, a lot of Ye Feng, who had never appeared in this plane, suddenly poured into his mind. The beautiful melody lingered in Ye Feng’s mind, as if he could sing all of them as long as he opened his mouth. At this time, the freshmen in the venue were already impatient.
Who is that guy? This kid won’t be confused, right? Qin Shi in the backstage also looked worriedly at Ye Feng on the stage.
He was doing well during the rehearsal. Why did this happen? The male host next to him wondered about the psychological quality of that kid Ye Feng.
It was impossible at first, a boy looked at Ye Feng and Qin Shi in a daze on the stage with disdain on his face, you hurry up and go to the next show and replace him, the teacher in charge of the backstage was shocked when he saw this scene, and he was in a cold sweat. But there are many teachers and leaders and guests outside the school watching.
If there is such a major mistake, it will be over. Qin Shi hesitated for a while.
Just as she was about to go up, Ye Feng on the stage suddenly spoke. I’m sorry, everyone, forgive me for not singing.
Ye Feng took it. The microphone showed a sunny smiling face and said to the audience of thousands of people because I have been hesitating whether I should sing an original song for everyone. Now I have decided that since I am on this stage, I must present the most exciting song.
This is what Ye Feng is thinking at this time, since he has come to this plane, he must do a wonderful job and use all his skills to exchange for the applause of the world When Qin Shi in the backstage saw this, his eyes lit up and he quickly searched for a guitar in the backstage and gave it to Ye Feng.
What are you doing? Shiningly staring at Ye Feng on the stage, with the guitar in his hand, Ye Feng suddenly felt confident, grabbed the microphone, and said to everyone, those flowers are for everyone, regardless of the doubtful eyes of the freshmen and teachers in the audience Ye Feng Playing and singing by myself, the laughter reminds me of my flowers blooming quietly for me in every corner of my life They are all old, where are they la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la miss her la la la la la la la la