A roar mixed with violent mental shock came from him A group of dolphins in front of him were instantly covered in embarrassment and I

The first chapter of my big orange king is stuck in a stiff orange braised pork ribs large plate chicken Chongqing small noodles cumin mutton egg fried rice spicy chicken feet small steamed buns pork trotters chopped pepper fish head hot and sour noodles hot dry noodles lamb skewers oyster fried sashimi Garlic scallops Zuo Chen spread out in the corner of the prison cell, the feeble voice reverberated in the dark cell like the wailing of a starving ghost Brother, please stop reading, I am about to drown in my own saliva, beside him Li Zhe Also limp on the ground, staring at the ceiling, moaning and saying that the long-term hunger and malnutrition have tortured them so thin and bony, and at first glance, they look like two corpses. A graduate student at Xiangji Academy, if it wasn’t for the outbreak of Resident Evil, I’d be a top chef now.
Zuo Chen lazily said, You said you are a liberal arts student at Yancheng University, what kind of chef’s cooking skills are you? I can’t find it. Now it’s not like eating shit every day.
Li Zhe rolls his eyes to the ceiling.
When the iron door of the prison opens a small hole, two finger-sized energy bars and two cups of water are thrown in.
The two look at each other and slowly climb up.
In the past, I divided the food equally and had to eat excrement again. The food is tasteless. Zuo Chen sighed and threw the energy bar into his mouth, chewing. This energy bar comes from the biological cycle equipment. It doesn’t taste good, but it’s still a bit disgusting when you think about it. Can you stop saying such disgusting things when eating? Li Zhe complained, I said Jianguo hasn’t been here for a few days, nothing will happen, don’t worry, don’t look at Jianguo being so fat and flexible Well, these zombies can’t catch him, it doesn’t matter if he comes or not, as long as he lives well, Zuo Chen is leaning against the corner of the wall, chewing slowly, while looking out the window, a little worried The orange cat crawled in from the window with a bag of sausages in its mouth Li Jianguo Zuo Chen raised his hand and hugged the orange cat in his arms and rubbed it up vigorously, where have you been these few days, you kid? Come and eat by yourself, meow? The orange cat let out a look of disgust, and stretched Zuo Chen away with its paws, then jumped to the ground and kicked the bag of sausages in front of the two of them.
It looked like a benefactor who gave alms to beggars. Who is this orange cat? When I got into the cell by accident a month ago, I was injured all over my body and was dying of hunger. Zuo Chen and Li Zhe fed all their rations for the day to the orange cat and took care of them for a few weeks before they came back to life completely. A dead roommate named Li Jianguo Li Jianguo began to repay his kindness after recovering from his injuries.
He went out every now and then and when he came back, he would bring back some food that he didn’t know where he found it.
It’s all because of these two that they have survived until now. Otherwise, Eating energy bars every day has long since caused malnutrition.
The two teenagers saw nothing strange.
First, they carefully opened the package and sucked deeply the aroma of the sausages. They were intoxicated by it, and then each of them gnawed on two sausages as if they were eating some delicious delicacy. in the last days Before, this food was just the most common food, but now it is a supreme delicacy.
After eating this food, the two regained their strength and slowly stood up against the wall, holding onto the window lattice made of steel bars and looking outside. It is a street like the ruins of hell. Zombies are staggering aimlessly, and the blood from their mouths flows to the ground from time to time. After several years of wind and rain, the clothes of the zombies have become tattered and can even be seen. The layer of fat leaking from the torn muscles is what the world looks like now.
Three years ago when the Resident Evil broke out, they hid in the gymnasium of Yancheng University for a year. They ran out of food, but unexpectedly they were caught on this coast.
The first level of the biological research institute with research as a cover is two years. All the companions have been arrested for experiments and they are the only ones left. At this moment, there are orderly footsteps in the corridor outside the cell. Li Jianguo immediately jumped up and hid behind the door. The door of the cell was suddenly opened, and a few men in white coats and gas masks walked in. They couldn’t help but drag Zuo Chen out, did they die at home? I’m leaving, take good care of the Jianguo grass, your uncle let go of Chenzi, you have the guts to take me there, Li Zhe suddenly erupted and rushed towards several white coats, but he just ran two steps A white coat immediately took out an electric baton The ground stabbed him on the body, Li Zhe let out a scream, twitched and fell down, he could only watch Zuo Chen unwillingly being dragged away.
The iron door of the cell was closed again heavily. Bind their hands and feet on a bed and push them to the other side of the corridor. These captors are people from this biological research institute. For more than a year, they have watched their original dozen or so companions being taken away to do medical work. The test and never came back. Now it’s finally his turn.
The gurney made a creaking sound. Zuo Chen went through several disinfections and glass doors and was pushed into a place similar to an operating room. The room was filled with the smell of disinfectant. With more than a dozen white test beds covered with white cloth, you can vaguely see the outline of a person.
A middle-aged man who looks like a doctor wearing gold-rimmed glasses walked in front of Zuo Chen with a warm smile. Some people suspect that he is a doctor with wonderful hands, rejuvenation, and noble medical ethics. Little classmate Zuo Chen, we met again.
You look good these few days.
It’s okay. Fortunately, I met a relative recently. I’m happier.
Zuo Chen squinted his eyes and said with a smile, Song Tianqiao It is the director of the research institute who is behind all the manipulators. Song Tianqiao raises an eyebrow. What kind of kiss? Your father told me in a dream that I don’t want you as an unfilial son. It’s hard to let you be my son, but you can change your name now.