A piece of cake is so big and one person is a sin not to mention that this person seems to have the ability to

Unable to bear the pressure of life, Jiang Fengyang chose to jump from the roof to end his miserable life, but he accidentally traveled to Jiang Fengyang, who was a waste thousands of years later. After a thousand years, the earth’s spiritual power recovered.
Jiang Fengyang, who was originally a waste both internally and externally, suddenly discovered that he had a mysterious dragon in his body with terrifying powers of clairvoyance and replication. However, his newly married fiancee was kidnapped by a mysterious person. Jiang Fengyang was not willing to let it go, so he pretended to be brilliant.
The first chapter of his life began.
There is a tiger wife in the house, the water is lingering, the lights are bright, this is the bathroom, haha, it’s so big. When Jiang Fengyang opened his eyes, what he saw was a beautiful girl with a red fruit.
When he touched it, it turned out to be a nosebleed. Do you want to be shameless and peeping every day is something you should do as a manly man? In what life did I, Jinyao, commit crimes and want to marry you, this useless bastard with a clear and sweet voice, I deserve ninety points, but such a violent tigress should be deducted eighty points Jiang Fengyang fell to the ground and looked at the beautiful girl who was so angry that she stood naked in front of a man and didn’t even care about it. It’s inhumane to do this.
Do you know that Jiang Fengyang curled up on the floor? Do you know how bad you are? Then a little bit is enough to make me lose my children and grandchildren. How dare you talk back today? The woman named Jinyao was furious and kicked Jiang Fengyang out of the door, so she fell to the floor of the first floor with her head down and one foot back.
Whispering on the stairs so embarrassing, I said Fengyang Jinyao will be yours sooner or later, why are you so anxious? An old man squatted down and looked at the indecent Jiang Fengyang, how about dad helping you? Seeing the world turned upside down, staring at the old man with a sloppy face squatting in front of him in flip flops, you are my father.
Put him on the ground like a paparazzi, even his father doesn’t know me, I want to be quiet Jiang Fengyang stared blankly at the environment in front of him, feeling like he was dreaming, and immediately slapped him on the face without hesitation, Jinyao is really a kid This time I was really stunned, I can’t help it, the old man looked at Jiang Fengyang like this, he just walked away and muttered something while looking at the old man’s back, Jiang Fengyang suddenly popped out some data in his head Jiang Tianfang, 27 years old Stunt skill Collapsing mountain strength, what the hell is this? What the hell is going to school with a schoolbag? Jiang Fengyang hasn’t come to his senses. If you don’t go, next month’s living expenses will be settled by yourself! Jiang Fengyang, the four characters of Nan Xuefu, finally knew that he had really time-traveled to a scumbag named Jiang Fengyang.
He is not only a scumbag but also a lecherous person, isn’t this Fengyang? I was beaten again by your father and slapped Jiang Fengyang on the shoulder to bring Jiang Fengyang back to his senses. Zhen Xinkuan is fifteen years old.
There is also this kind of fierce person, but then I know from the memory of the original owner of this body that this guy is one of his iron gang. Compared with Zhen Xinkuan, he also has an iron gang called He Hehe Zhenkuan hehehe Jiang Fengyang suddenly looked forward to this Another iron party appeared. These parents who named them are so lenient and strong. I said, why don’t you go in after the two arrive at the school gate? Why wait for the tigress to clean up? Jiang Fengyang brushed past Jiang Fengyang, only saw a black shadow, and there was no trace of the other party. What the hell? Jiang Fengyang looked at Zhen Xinkuan, who else could there be? The tigress that you miss so much, the tigress Jiang Fengyang searches for this memory about the tigress in his mind.
The beauty of the childlike class flower is willing to bah bah bah if she touches it, she will lose ten years of life. Jiang Fengyang is really not a good thing. Ten years less lifespan, if you die immediately, then you have to agree with Zhenshui Jiang Fengyang, when he despised the original owner of this body 10,000 times, he had already seen the fastest man in the world at the top of the stairs.
I don’t know if Feng’s name was there for three seconds.
Jiang Fengyang couldn’t wait to look at He Hehe.
Sure enough, a message about He Hehe appeared in his mind. He Hehe is fifteen years old.
I didn’t expect that He Hehe was a blood warrior like his cheap daddy, and he was also a high-level bloodline, etc.
He suddenly thought of something, looked at Zhen Xinkuan again, Zhen Xinkuan was fifteen years old, a mortal with special skills, playing truant, Zhen Xinkuan has no bloodline in the column of bloodlines Ordinary people, could it be that just when Jiang Fengyang was thinking, another extremely pleasant voice came He Hehe Zhen Xinkuan Jiang Fengyang, do you know that you will be late if you are one minute away? If you are late, it will be the thirty-fifth time you are late this semester. Jiang Fengyang raised his head and stabbed With a single ponytail and oval face, wearing a set of extremely slim jeans, the pretty girl with perfect bulge and back curl appeared in front of the three of them. Zhen Xinkuan, no matter how rich your father is, you still have to cherish this opportunity to enter Tiannan Academy, do you know the three of you? One person dragged our whole class back, the beautiful girl stared angrily at Jiang Fengyang and the three of them, Tongyan, fifteen years old, low-level stunt master, when he saw the word Xueba, Jiang Fengyang’s heart twitched in the column of stunt It turned out that Xueba couldn’t afford to offend the three of them and quickly returned to their positions