A person from the Tang Sect appears Qing Yang is very disheveled gets sent out Luo Yu has no time to knock him out don’t

Help me talk about Huanxi Yuan, water color, go to the left, Die Wu, take a small step forward, You Yi, you are too far ahead, the rest of you are not allowed to move, whoever moves, who will I shoot, who will help chat with Yu Xifei, watermelon, hurry up and shoot, my legs are still stiff Let me talk about Huan Xiyuan, you are a big-headed ghost, this is a game, okay? Shadow, I am also watching, I am still helping to chat about the delay of the water color ripple system.
I see that there is no watermelon.
You should organize the team first.
The baby problem will be solved naturally. Let’s talk about Fantasia.
Add everything up Fireworks prepare roses I said Feng Niu took a photo Let’s set off fireworks together Let’s talk about Fantasia Xiyuan Just after the voice fell, I saw roses falling from the sky Countless fireworks rose from the bottom of the feet to complement each other It’s really beautiful But almost at the same time a puff of green smoke Also mixed in among them, the unsuspecting people saw that their health had gone crazy, and they instinctively dodged away. The scene was suddenly chaotic, helping the optimists to slaughter someone. I saw a man in a blue short robe and holding a long iron gun for no reason. When it appeared on the screen, there were no gangs, no titles, only bare names.
June’s Christmas was Luo Yu Qingyin.
The red-clothed girl raised her long sword and waved three ice-blue sword lights when she saw this. Everyone responded almost at the same time. Add status minus status to help one person make up a knife or add a sword, just want to single out others and help one person to treat us as dead. This is the voice of everyone present.
With a scream, the Christmas in June fell to the ground in an instant and there was no chance to fight back.
Everyone didn’t even have time to reduce his stats or something.
I thought it was awesome.
Let’s talk about Le Tian Pai Luo Niu’s second-killing eyes. Seeing the Christmas light disappear in June, everyone immediately disdains him.
It’s really courting death and killing the opponent neatly.
Luo Yu only felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong, and then a message that surprised her appeared before her eyes, let’s talk about the fragrance of gardenia, I’m sorry, I forgot to switch modes, and I clicked the wrong shortcut key just now A girl named Gardenia She grimaced helplessly and hurriedly switched from massacre mode to peace mode. She swore she really didn’t do it on purpose to help chat with Huan Xiyuan Gardenia, I hate you. The formation was the one everyone had put on for more than half an hour. The focus right now is obviously not about the formation. The person who helped chat with Fengyi just released his skills was Zhizi, and the one who helped talk about Dongfenggu Sanae just now helped talk about the cod.
Although Luo Yu’s attack value is very high, he is the one who walks as Jian’e.
It’s not a high-attack route. If it’s a player of the same level, at least a few tricks are required. On that Christmas day in June, he didn’t seem to be able to sustain a single trick.
Thinking about his equipment, the blue cloth robe, it was clearly the attire of a low-level player. It was so sudden that everyone didn’t have time to take a closer look, maybe they saw it, and they just thought it was a high-level player wearing low-level equipment for fun. Whether it is Luo Yu or the crowd, there is a group fight Lushan Waterfall Khan Before Luo Yu can say anything, the public chat message has already made her name known to the world.
The Christmas in June, Luo Yu Qingyin, you are a monster, I recruit If you see someone, I will kill you, I will draw a circle and curse you, you will be unlucky for a whole day of public chat Christmas in June, Luo Yu Qingyin, you are a monster, I recruit you, I will kill you when I see someone, I will draw a circle and curse you, unlucky for you, the public chat has been swiping the screen all day, and one message after another is displayed The sufferer is obviously in a state of extreme indignation Mr.
Zhonggong chatted with you in June last year, brother, why did you provoke that tigress, Ami Tofu, please ask for more blessings, please let me chat with you about the doomsday legend. Why did you curse the whole day? Talking about Yungu Lei Feng, why is he looking at the kind of shrew that no one wants, and he can chat with people who will never be short of instigating the flames.
These people may not be the masters of suffering, at least Luo Yu’s memory.
It is difficult to be a famous woman, it is even more difficult to be a famous woman in the game. In the last martial arts league, she was the No.
1 in Emei in this district. Even if she wants to live a peaceful life in a low-key way, as long as her name is mentioned, a group of people who don’t know the so-called will join in and chat about Luo Yu Qingyin’s Christmas in June. You apologize for killing you. I was wrong.
As for other people who want to kill, Jiang Jin is always waiting for the big driver to chat with each other and kill each other, and find Luo Yu to scold him.
Our lords teach every day that you are not allowed to litter, I have already thrown you into the trash bin, why should optimists bother with this kind of thing that swapped places with the placenta at birth? Even if their family threw away the baby and only brought back three placentas to raise them, they are not allowed to insult our baby casually.
Let’s talk about the fragrance of gardenia. Please show sympathy for the mentally handicapped.
It should be treated equally. If you want to be scolded, you have to be scolded.
Treating them differently is discrimination against everyone.
The public chat of your sentence and me is quickly occupied by Weiyang Palace. After Luo Yu sent a message of apology, he has been waiting for Christmas in June. Yue’s Christmas has not been answered, it seems that this person is not a narrow-minded person, Luo Yu thinks so, maybe maybe it’s like this, who knows?