A middleaged man was swallowing clouds and fog his eyes were always looking out of the window and when Lin Feng walked in he turned

The godfather of technology system teaches the host to be a father. Technology changes our life and makes life better.
Therefore, technology will always be the primary productive force and will be the world of technology in the future.
The host’s passionate speech pointed out that the theme of this conference is now awarded.
Campus science and technology competition finals award Lin Feng won the first prize with his excellent electronic circuit design. Please come to the stage to receive his honor. The voice just fell and the loudspeaker played the passionate athlete’s march. Lin Feng always had a smile on his face.
Smiling lightly, dark eyes without a trace of fluctuation, stepping on the rhythm, walked up to the podium, shook hands with the principal cordially, and then took the certificate from the principal’s hand.
The golden characters on the certificate dazzled so much that people couldn’t keep their eyes open. Certificate of honor, semiconductor major Lin Feng Winning the championship in the finals of the campus science and technology competition, Jingbei University of Science and Technology burst into loud applause, and the students present were full of amazement and shock.
It really is a genius who has just been admitted to a graduate school and can achieve such results. This alumni is too awesome. If I have such a A genius mind is fine. I envy Qie Linfeng, who majored in semiconductors.
He designed an excellent electronic circuit and was highly praised by his instructor.
Later, he became well-known in the semiconductor field and published many papers.
We are still friends. Let’s brag about him. A genius would have a friend like you.
Lin Feng, who had just received the award, was stunned for a moment, and then bursts of joy burst out.
Of course, it wasn’t because of the golden award. The award is just a piece of paper to him.
The real reason is that it has been several years. The godfather of technology, who was silent, the system issued a beep sound, and everyone above the school thought that the host was a purebred genius.
Completed the system task. The genius among the dregs rewarded the host with a set of original programming languages ​​and codes from the nut galaxy.
Feng feels relieved, since he got the technology godfather system four years ago, Lin Feng has never lived a normal life, nor slept a peaceful night. He spends every day in the library or ponders how to make everyone in the school recognize him as a genius. How difficult the task is. Naturally, one cannot do it by one’s own efforts alone.
This requires a supernatural means, that is, acting skills.
Lin Feng firmly believes that genius is deduced, not crawled out of old papers. After familiarizing himself with actors’ self-cultivation eight hundred times, Lin Feng suddenly realized With today’s scene rewarding a set of programming languages ​​and codes, Lin Feng read the extra knowledge in his mind and frowned. It took four years to complete the first task, and it was not him to give such a useless reward in the end. There are thousands of perfect programming methods on the earth, who would use a programming method that is not recognized by the world? Isn’t this a way of throwing watermelons and picking sesame seeds at a distance? At this time, an indifferent voice rang out, humble scum host, please respect the fruit The fruits of labor in the Ren galaxy, otherwise the system has the right to take back the rewards that were distributed.
Lin Feng shook his head helplessly. Even if it is useless, it has to be. got the most precious The most expensive reward is a willingness to learn and enterprising. He has already adapted to the three-point and one-line life of a laboratory librarian, and gradually feels the joy of learning. He likes learning.
If there is no system, he may not study hard, so this is the best.
Valuable reward What is the next task? Lin Feng asked with anticipation. The beep-dong host has accepted the task of cultivating the godfather of technology.
The task content is to complete the education work of ten of the most famous companies on the planet within one year and start the road to the godfather of technology. Task Points Let these ten well-known companies recognize the host’s status as the godfather of technology Task rewards Biological transformation technology from the cute galaxy Task punishment Erase the host’s IQ system Re-select the host Advertising technology godfather system Teach the host to be a father Mission content and the first task It has the same nature, it is to let others recognize a certain identity, but it took four years for the recognition in the school, so it is not ordinary for ten of the most famous companies on the earth to recognize the status of the godfather of science and technology.
It is not ordinary to call Lin Feng his father for only one year.
The punishment is as big and cruel as before. It will wipe out the IQ genius.
The most fearful thing for a genius is that he has no IQ.
Lin Feng naturally cannot bear this huge price. Facing all kinds of harsh demands, Lin Feng is not worried, but is very calm.
The tasks assigned by the system are all acceptable. What has been accomplished is that we have not yet found a breakthrough point.
Once we have a breakthrough point, no matter how difficult the task is, it will be like a retreating flood, but this time the reward feels very powerful.
Bio-transformation technology Hehe, if human beings master the bio-transformation technology, they can start the history of life. Lin Feng muttered to himself, how can I complete the task within a year? At this time, the principal, Wang Ming, who was shaking hands with Lin Feng, his face was livid. The head of the school presented certificates to the students. The students should watch to show respect to the principal, but what happened to Lin Feng who kept his head down and muttered non-stop? Could it be that he is not worthy of respect as the principal? What is Lin Feng thinking? There are so many people in the audience. Asked with a smile, Lin Feng raised his head to meet the principal’s stern eyes, was startled, and then reacted, “Actually, I’ve been thinking about the principle of semiconductor thyristors, but after thinking about it for a long time, I still can’t figure it out.” Lin Feng still showed doubts while talking. Wang Ming stared at his small eyes and was stunned for a moment, but there was a storm in his heart.
He never thought that Lin Feng would ignore him. Feeling ashamed, he quickly put on a friendly smile and said, “Go ask the professor.
If they don’t tell you, come find me. I’ll make the decision for you.” Seeing the principal slapping his chest, Lin Feng smiled lightly.