A little later the help to men will not be so great so Liu Hong began to coax Lin Yueer it is impossible even if

Random reward system Ah, a cry of exclamation, his legs kicked forward, Wang Xiaofei woke up with a start, a large piece of strange memory poured into his mind like a tide, passing through Wang Xiaofei’s eyebrows tightly frowned, in the previous life, although Wang Xiaofei was born In an ordinary family, his parents have always attached great importance to his growth.
In addition to studying, his parents also paid more attention to training Wang Xiaofei’s character and ability to handle things independently.
Therefore, Wang Xiaofei’s growth was very smooth. At the age of 18, he was admitted to the highest level of the Huaxia Empire.
Yenching University, one of the institutions of higher learning, can be said to be a broad road in front of Wang Xiaofei, but why did he cross it all of a sudden, and what made Wang Xiaofei unacceptable was that the identity he crossed over was actually a beggar.
Wang Xiaofei followed before he was seven years old. Parents are considered happy.
After a period of time, they cultivated to one-star warriors.
After their parents died, they became beggars and spent their days in Sunset City.
Even though Wang Xiaofei had already cultivated a calm personality, he could only smile wryly when encountering such strange things. He has also read a lot of time-travel novels. Aren’t the people who time-travel over here all very powerful? They have a full set of cultivation skills, or they have been sealed by a strong man with evil talents, or they have a whole set of upgrade systems.
As long as you cross over, you will definitely have a domineering side leaking a sense of emperor, but what’s the matter with you? Wang Xiaofei carefully checked his whole body and found nothing abnormal, but his stomach is rumbling non-stop.
It looks like I need to plan carefully. After living in another world, Wang Xiaofei pondered and was transmigrated. He also missed his parents in his heart, but the calm Wang Xiaofei knew that it was useless to think about those things now. His most important task now is to survive.
Reward system This system randomly rewards items, rewards time, random rewards, and random rewards. A crisp sound suddenly rang out before Wang Xiaofei had time to respond. A series of crisp sounds sounded again.
Random reward items. Wang Xiaofei clenched his hands violently because he was so excited and calm, he also felt his heartbeat speeding up a lot. Sure enough, there are benefits for crossing over. Wang Xiaofei faintly feels that this random reward system will Become my own big arm, help me turn my hand, a light blue elixir appeared in Wang Xiaofei’s hand, because he inherited the memory and body of his predecessor, so he manipulated the ring, and Wang Xiaofei didn’t feel any stagnation when the Condensed Yuan Pill appeared in his hand. Some information about Condensing Yuan Pill also appeared in Wang Xiaofei’s mind. Condensing Yuan Pill, a low-grade elixir of mortal rank, can greatly improve the cultivation base of warriors after swallowing it.
It turned out to be a low-grade elixir of mortal rank. Jumping with joy, he also has some understanding of the elixir of this world. Ordinary elixir is generally given to the strong in the Wuling Realm. Very powerful. Generally speaking, a yellow-rank middle-grade pill can allow a one-star warrior to raise his cultivation level to a two-star warrior. Now such a low-grade mortal-rank medicine pill can be swallowed by himself.
It is unknown what stage his cultivation will reach. Star warrior or five-star warrior, Wang Xiaofei’s eyes flashed, he couldn’t help looking forward to it, but he wanted to see what good things this random reward system gave him.
One mouthful, Wang Xiaofei swallowed the Condensing Yuan Pill, and immediately he felt a mellow and strong medicinal power in his body.
The dantian was converted into Yuanli, and this Yuanli rushed into the meridians.
Under the impact of Yuanli, cracks began to appear in Wang Xiaofei’s meridians, and then these cracks were slowly repaired by the Yuanli behind. When the meridians were torn At that time, Wang Xiaofei almost shouted, although the medicinal power of Condensing Yuan Pill is very peaceful, but after all, the medicinal power contained in it is too huge. Wang Xiaofei is just a one-star warrior, and his immature meridian can’t bear such a huge medicinal power to tear, repair and tear.
Crack repair hissing, Wang Xiaofei kept gasping for air-conditioning, resolute as he was at this moment, he couldn’t help but clenched his steel teeth, and cold sweat kept rolling down. In this constant cycle, Wang Xiaofei could clearly feel his own strength growing rapidly. With a crackling sound, Wang Xiaofei’s cultivation has broken through to a two-star warrior.
It’s good to feel the medicinal power of the Condensing Yuan Pill, and there are many Wang Xiaofei who are looking forward to it. Maybe his strength can really be upgraded to a four-star or five-star warrior? A whole morning has passed since the ringing three-star warrior, Wang Xiaofei’s strength has surprisingly improved by five small ranks, reaching the six-star warrior. This surprise flashed across Wang Xiaofei’s eyes.
The six-star warrior was among his peers in Sunset City. It is already very powerful. If there is no strong cultivation resources to support many people, even in their 30s and 40s, they may not be able to reach this level. It seems that this random reward system is really a good thing. Standing up from the ground, Wang Xiaofei waved his hand and a yellow light suddenly appeared. The shot smashed a stone next to it. Well, Wang Xiaofei nodded. Is this the strength of a six-star warrior? Sure enough, it is much stronger than those martial arts masters in the previous life. I am coming to the Jade Dragon Continent.
The powerhouse at the pinnacle of the entire Jade Dragon Continent overlooks all living beings like ants talking and laughing. The city is wiped out in ashes while talking and laughing.
There are countless beauties in the harem. Whichever brand you want to turn over, you can turn over whichever brand you want.
Decent clothes then got a good wash somewhere looking at the ragged clothes and thick layer of grime