A handsome green onion like looking in a mirror Ji Tangtang paused for a moment after all he was tired Yue Feng I fell asleep

The author Weiyu copywriting A string of wind chimes that can only be struck by the resentment of the dead A wandering journey that will never see the end Others on the road Preface I usually don’t have any other hobbies. In my spare time, I like to travel far alone with a bag on my back. I’ve even traveled around half of China. When I’m free, I’m looking through the photos and travel notes of my trip. I’m fond of the sparsely populated remote west. In addition to the unique scenery, the strange people and strange things I met there always make me never forget, so I really want to write their stories, even if I can’t describe them, I especially want to record the wandering life on the road.
Sunning outside a book bar and looking at the disturbing crowd in front of me, I suddenly wondered whether on the surface everyone looks the same as ordinary travelers, but under the ordinary faces, there might be one or two people who are engaged in something for a special reason. A special kind of industry wandering away from real life, always tossing and turning on the road, I thought it was very interesting, so I wrote this chapter to entertain others and entertain myself, that’s all.
The land is endless and desolate. After getting off the plane, Ji Tangtang checked the strategy before arriving in downtown Lanzhou. There should be more than half an hour before arriving in downtown Lanzhou. There was a dark-skinned man sitting next to him.
When the conductor came to collect the money, Ji Tangtang heard him and The conductor’s answer was in the local dialect, China’s voice is different from ten miles away, and it’s reasonable to not understand what he said.
Ji Tangtang slightly tilted his head and prepared to take a nap. The man picked up on you. This is your bag. Maybe you know she’s from out of town. When talking to her, she turned into slightly blunt Mandarin.
Ji Tangtang looked in the direction of his fingers, it was his stuffed 60-liter backpack, with a moisture-proof pad hanging outside, and a pair of trekking poles buckled next to it.
Well, that backpacker man, hehe Laughing at his smile made Ji Tangtang feel a little uncomfortable, she turned her head to the side and didn’t want to pay attention to him, he was traveling alone, the man asked if it was Ji Tangtang, she was not going to be verbose, she quickly closed her eyes, the man didn’t speak anymore, but Ji Tangtang could still feel it He was looking at how much his undisguised staring made her a little uncomfortable. She didn’t open her eyes and frowned, but she didn’t know how long it took. Next Ji Tangtang got up quickly, the man asked her to look up, as if he wanted to say something to her, Ji Tangtang deliberately ignored the bearded man who picked up the 60-liter bag and quickly got out of the back seat of the car, he laughed and patted the man The shoulders are so hard to soak, the man really didn’t care, he laughed and got up and took his bag from the luggage rack. When he glanced out of the window, Ji Tangtang was getting into a green taxi. Ji Tangtang stopped at the entrance of the guest house hotel, paid the fare and went in to the front desk.
The young man with a sunny face smiled at her, Hello Miss, do you have a reservation? Ji Tangtang shook his head and took out his ID card and three red bills from his wallet. The young man in the single room took the money and returned one of them to her. Not much to laugh, please help me book a ticket to Xiahe tomorrow morning The young man was stunned for a moment and subconsciously glanced at her backpack to go there for a trip.
The young man was surprised that Ji Tangtang was not as wary as before. The young man said nothing and bowed his head to choose a house for her.
After making the bill, hand her the change and the room card.
On the third floor, Ji Tangtang bowed his head and stuffed the change into his wallet.
The young man hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help but call her Miss Ji. Ji Tangtang looked up.
If possible, try not to travel there alone, young man I was a bit hesitant to say that, that end is already a Tibetan area, why are the Tibetans unfriendly? Ji Tangtang smiled, or it’s just that he’s not used to it, and he’s prone to conflicts.
When he said this, the young man looked up at her, blushing a little, and then quickly lowered his head.
Ji Tangtang nodded me. Got it, she didn’t say if she would change her plan or not, and went upstairs with her bag in her hand.
The young man stared blankly at her back. Suddenly, someone punched her on the back. What did Dalin look at? From the sound, he knew it was Wang Shao Dalin who was also at the front desk.
She pouted in the direction where Ji Tangtang disappeared, that girl went to Xiahe tomorrow morning and asked the ticket office to help book an early bus ticket I came to Beijing, a good city, and I can’t stay here. If I have to go to these places where the birds don’t shit, I think everyone is safe at the feet of the emperor.
Wang Shao muttered for a while, and suddenly approached Dalin mysteriously.
I haven’t found it in Xiahe yet. Ling Xiaowan is a tenant who stayed at the guest house last month. When I left Lanzhou, I booked a room in the hotel for the third day, saying that I only went to Xiahe for two days.
On the third day, I didn’t return to the fourth and fifth. She left some of her luggage at the hotel and everyone didn’t take it seriously until she received a phone call from Ling Xiaowan’s family and found out that Ling Xiaowan was missing.
Later, when she found out that Ling Xiaowan got off the bus to Xiahe, she said I chartered a car with the donkey friend I met in the car to go to some scenic spot, and there was no news of it. Dalin worked as the front desk in the guest house for three years. The case of missing tourists, at least to say, I saw four or five times. Gentle life, no one, no dead, no dead, no, no, no, Ji Tangtang’s long face, Shan Dalin thought she was very kind, and didn’t want her to take risks, although he said that there was a chance of accidents.
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